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  1. Mercer, I have done wire transfers several times both selling an buying and there really is no security risk. You can always have your bank open up another account with just the amount for the payment if you are worried. I have never heard of anyone getting burned on a wire transfer, other then buying a bad car. I respect your concern, next time ask your banker Mr P, Now that can be high risk with a substantial amount of money, maybe for $1500 car George, Not too many people are going to take a personal check from a stranger when they sell a car, so that works both ways
  2. One would think but they did not do it that way
  3. Not even getting a group number 8.124 in the Chevy Parts book from 1949....
  4. What is the first digit of the group number?
  5. Thanks so much, He found a rebuilder here in Ocala Florida that advertised they have been in business since 1953 owned by the same family at the same location. They also state that they rebuild convertors in house, so he is going over today to see if they might be of help. More to come There was an excessive amount of play in both bushings, we set up two dowels the same diameter of the transmission and WOW they were sloppy!
  6. The Cheaper unit, I am going over there later this afternoon The middle bushing seems pretty scored up Thanks
  7. I never played with one of these fluid drive units so help is appreciated. My friend has a 49 Dodge Wayfarer Convertible. He was getting a grinding noise and thought it was the transmission. After listening to it myself and several others as well we felt it was a clutch problem. We took out the transmission and then the torque convertor/flywheel assembly. the surface on the flywheel area needs to be cut with out a doubt! There appears to be two bushings in the torque convertor, one seems to be buried at least 6" down in the convertor. Has any of you ever removed these bushings? Are they available? I will have some pictures later today. Thanks
  8. Mine started falling apart at 40,000 miles. I sold it when the third transmission started to fail. Best looking car I ever bought new, but it became a money pit...
  9. Good Luck! In 1992 I worked at the Jacob Javits Convention Center and ended up purchasing a 1992 Roadmaster Wagon the same color as yours that was a show display vehicle. One thing I remember if the cruise control stops working check the third brake light in the gate window. There are some contacts that tend to get oxidized.
  10. Theatrical lighting uses what as known as "gels" to tint lighting, and they come in many colors
  11. That makes sense, Artie sold the business before that and at that time it was being run by a few young guys. I had problems as well. I hope the new people who purchased the business are not haunted by this.
  12. Actually there were five awards, but three of them were for a local guy in Ocala who could not attend the banquet.
  13. I know at one time that was very common
  14. I thought the food was pretty good for a catered meal. The service was not the best. They brought out deserts before the salad, no plates for the bread, and I turned to speak to the person seated next to me and my plate was taken with half of my meal still on it. When I finally got the server's attention he said it was too late and asked if I wanted an extra dessert. The cocktails were very pricey for Florida, I think I paid $26 for two mixed drinks. Again none of the catering problems are in anyway the fault of the hosting regions. I know there was a wedding going on as well so the staff might have been "extras" brought in to handle the extra volume.
  15. They always do, why didn't you go into the nice air conditioned building and use the facilities? I never even saw a port-a-san at the site. Good time and a good job done by all involved John Mahoney
  16. I live in Ocala about 6 months of the year. I found a very good Italian restaurant about 1-2 miles west on RT 200 from the host hotel in the Publix shopping center. The restaurant is called Chef's of Napoli. I eat there a lot and never had a meal I did not enjoy! I will post the exact address later today
  17. John348

    center caps

    Yes it is, looks like 1953-1954 Chevy 210 and 150 models
  18. OK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..just because you made me part of you fan club, I have to ask why your Pontiac Sunbird cracking 4 bolt rim's has to do with the XLR Cadillac's or anything else in this post I really hope to meet you in Ocala next
  19. Hey Terry, I have two vehicles that apply to that "I wanted one when they were new" and they are on the newer end of my collection. A 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth and 1977 Chevrolet Monza Mirage. GM made literally millions of these H body cars and for the most part even simple parts are non existent. Common items like brake calipers, brake hoses even though the application is listed they are keyed differently and do not fit, even 13" tires were a problem until a few months ago. As I attempt to relive part of my past with a car I did not have, it has become more frustration then anything else. I have been working on this Monza for the past 10 days getting it ready for the upcoming meet here in Ocala next weekend. When those cars were new and I wanted one, I was 18 and 20 years old, and I have a connection to those cars. I might be wrong but I don't see too many young people now that might have a connection to the Cadillac XLR, that we have with the cars of our past.
  20. FYI, The weather is looking good for next week, going up to the low 80's
  21. Gossp You hit the nail on the head! It seems to be even harder for the dealer to find techs that even know Ohm's law let alone keep up with the changes on a vehicle that the dealer might only have sold one or two new. I know the heater controls in my 2015 CTS are wireless,...…. problems in the years to come, possibly and most likely probably, stuff like that is part of the built in obsolescence, and it becomes just too cost prohibitive to repair. Let alone the supply of service parts will be impossible to find, and someone who has the skills to diagnose it,