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  1. I found the Mroz book and am going to try to get a used copy. Can you please list the replacement parts catalogs? I'm hoping to piece together an idea of what the driveline for these Austin powered pak-age-trucks may be. I'm hoping to build a section regarding these for my website: https://trustinrust.com/library/ as they are related to the Austin and Bantam family. Is there much information in Georgano's book? That's is a very cool statement to be able to make. Are you planning to restore it? They are neat trucks! Do you know if the Stutz club may have more information on them? They sound like they were work horses, so I can imagine there being very few around. That's a very nice looking truck! Thank you for sharing the photo.
  2. Thank you for your replies! Alsancle- google only appears to show me the later style which featured the hercules engines. I'm hoping to find an earlier vehicle. Bud= Thank you very much, I'll see what I can find. I'm interested in the Austin powered unit. I'd like to learn as much about that driveline as possible. It appears to use an independently sprung transaxle. Do your books discuss the transaxle at all? Thank you!
  3. I recently came across an old brochure from a 1933 pak-age-car and noticed a familiar power plant. Have any of these early Stutz pak-age-cars survived? Is there any good technical information on them out there? Did any of the factory drawing survive? Thanks!
  4. Hi Are you in either bantam club? Please email me at everythingbantam@gmail.com or visit everythingbantam.com and I can try to help out. Thanks
  5. There are a few roadsters on www.trustinrust.com in the cars for sale a project cars for sale section. Are you a member of the clubs?
  6. Don't forget to contact TrustInRust.com out of New York for your Bantam or Austin needs.
  7. I'm trying to gather parts for an American Austin project and an American Bantam project. Please message me with anything you may have. Thanks
  8. Looking for the oval gauges from a Hupmobile, or parts. They are stewart warner made and may interchange with some other applications. Please message me if you have something. Thanks
  9. If that is the product I think it is, it ate the paint of a set of 1918 License Plates that I was trying to lightly derustify. Later it ate through a apir of baby moons that had some light rust I wanted to clean up. What a shame that this car will succumb to such a fate.
  10. There aren't enough of us younger folk in the hobby. Although I have seen some people around my age at one of the local shows. Traditionally they are displaying a Mustang, or something similar. For the most part, I don't think I've ever seen someone my age or younger, in my area, with something older than the mid 60's. I had a friend in high school whose father had given him a model A, but nothing ever came of it. I am 21 years old now and an Engineering Student and pretty much grew up in my dad's 14 model T runabout project, and have loved cars since. I have always been a supporter of restoring cars back to stock unless the car had been hot rodded years ago, or the body was bad enough that it would have been china-bound as scrap. I started with a 56 Met when I was 14, and got slightly discouraged with that project because of an imperfect clutch I had bought that was impossible to align. I have since captured and released a couple of nice cars. I still have a 65 T-5 (German export Mustang), 65 Impala, 56 Metropolitan, 1939 Plymouth (ex drag car), and a 1915 Model T. Most of the people I know of my age demographic are most intrigued by the Model T and other old things. I don't know if my upbringing was an exception, or rule, but if it is desired to get younger people into the car hobby, they must be exposed to it, they must have a personal connection to it. For me it started with a 14 model T and the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. From about 8 years old, my dad took me to local car shows, and at around 12 we would travel further to Hershey and Carlisle. Not every child has the same opportunities I have had, but some still happen to be near an old car or related automobilia. Make the experience special, as a previous poster said talk to them about it. Try to make a personal connection so that they will remember the car, and someday something may click and they will inherit the disease that is cardom. I have a friend going to school in California who every so often gets to drive a family friend's old 40's Chrysler. He mentioned his desire to someday have something like that, but doesn't want to look now as he assumes it would just be too expensive. Make sure to indicate that these cars can be inexpensive to own and operate. Once someone finds out they can afford something, they realize a dream can become a reality.
  11. Going through a pile of scrap I noticed some parts that could be from an old car. After climbing halfway up the pile I found a Solid front axle assembly with two broken wood spoked wheels attached. The Hubcaps are maybe about 3" in diameter with GB in capital letters in the middle. I can't imagine what GB might stand for. Can you help me figure out what this, as well as figure out what may be deep within the pile. Thank you