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  1. I downloaded the picture into my IPhone pictures. Then I opened the downloaded picture on my IPhone and opened the edit feature. In the edit mode is a feature to rotate the picture. Once the picture rotation was correct I re-saved the picture and posted it right side up.
  2. I always find it amusing when a car like this Lincoln is described as in “perfect condition “ then later in the description the seller states the “AC doesn’t work but all the parts are there.” I love the looks of this Lincoln based on the pictures but would not trust the sellers hype.
  3. I recognize that running a large organization, like the CCCA, is a massive juggling act. The cars that are admitted into the club is only one piece of the puzzle. I am a past member of the CCCA. Therefore, my views are from someone who has been a member of the CCCA and I am looking back as to why I left. If the CCCA board takes the time to listen to those who left the club they might have a more clear vision in how to move forward. The collector car that I own is a recognized CCCA Full Classic. I have heard it referred to within the CCCA organization as a “less
  4. I don’t see how Studebaker’s design was improved with the addition of a Continental kit on this car. For comparison a similar example (not the same year) without the added Continental kit.
  5. Is this a Twelve or an Eight? The price seems optimistic either way.
  6. 58L-Y8, Thank you for posting this one. These are very good drivers and reliable transportation. In the mid to late 70s I had several different 1964 Valiant’s including a Barracuda version (slant 6 with a 4 speed). They were easy to work on a unbelievably reliable. I was still driving a slant 6 Valiant as a second family car into the mid 90s. This one is a real bargain and worth considering.
  7. I ran across this picture and my first reaction was “This can’t be real.” My second thought was it could be, and if it is, the culprit behind this brilliant use of jack stands better have up-to-date life insurance.
  8. By the size of the opening, lack of a step plate on the right rear fender, and the remains of the hinges at the front of the opening it looks like it would have been a trunk opening not a rumble seat opening.
  9. I really like this car and wish I had room for it in the garage. However, my eyes got stuck on that trunk full of junk. My first thought was what is that pile of junk trying to hide regarding the condition of the trunk. I can’t understand the mentality of sellers who take pictures of cars for sale with piles of junk still in or on a car. It makes me wonder what else their lazy nature is hiding.
  10. The MT car is a 1928 Commander. They share a similar color combination. I would not mind having a Studebaker like that.
  11. One of my friends has a 1929 Studebaker Dictator Cabriolet that he fully restored from the frame up. Beautiful job. When he has his Studebaker at a car show he puts out a full display of tools etc. in front of his car. Occasionally, when he is in the right mood, he will include in the tool display this massively large wrench that he acquired when he previously worked for Southern Pacific railroad. This is an old locomotive wrench. The wrench is nearly as long as his car is wide. Inevitably, someone will point to the massive wrench and ask what that is for. My friend will reply "It is
  12. The only person I have heard about who has a Doble is Jay Leno. Word on the street is he buys anything and everything old car related. Of course, they said the same thing about Bill Harrah.
  13. Yesterday, I had my garage door open while dealing with a technician working on my HVAC system. A couple of young teenagers are riding down the street, on bicycles, and as they pass my house I hear one boy loudly call out to the other one “Look at that old car! It must be from the 50s.” My car is a 1929 Studebaker. I never realized that while parked in the garage that the back end looked like a car from the 1950s.
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