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  1. I had a similar reaction to the car. My thought was leave it as is and drive the wheels off the car. Of course I need to have the money first!
  2. I agree with the others. This is one heck of a car for the money.
  3. I have a friend who collects Mustang memorabilia. He has a basement full of all sorts of Mustang items from models to posters and it is a stunning collection to behold. As fascinating as his collection may be, there is one item missing, a 1:24 scale model of the 1963 Mustang II Concept. Thanks to Automodello that hole can now be neatly filled with a model that is as beautiful as it is unusual. The model in question represents the Mustang II Concept in one of two versions; in Wimbleton white with blue stripes or Rangoon red with white stripes. Both are stunning, but this author happens to like Mustangs in red just a little better than white. Either way the paint is applied to absolute perfection with a mirror smooth finish that is remarkable for its depth and uniformity. Paint quality is something Automodello does particularly well, but it is remarkable because so much of it is perfect, even the lower extremities and reverse angles. While the exterior is exceptional, where this model really shines is in the interior. If I may, let me introduce you to the door lock buttons. They are rendered perhaps slightly out of scale, but they work perfectly in the setting. Diameters of things like the steering wheel rim and thickness of the gear shifters are pet peeves of mine. No problem exists with this example as these items are represented in such a way to look very believable. The steering wheel is a multi-media part using both photo-etched metal and plastic bits. The iconic Mustang in the center cap of the steering wheel is immediately recognizable. As has become typical of Automodello offerings, the gauges are legible, and the window and knobs are all in perfect scale. I invite you to look at the photo of the ventilation controls and the radio; both beautifully engraved with the AM stations appearing as if one could tune in the oldies. The interior is finished in a two-tone white and blue on my example, with lines between the two colors being razor sharp. Carpeting is represented using a convincing material that mimics the look of factory carpet material. Owners of the Mustang II Concept have the option of displaying the model either top up, with a correctly contoured removable hardtop or with the top off. The top itself mates seamlessly with both the windshield and the decklid and features a crystal-clear glass rear window. This part clearly demonstrates the lineage between the Mustang II Concept and the production Mustang. While the top is a truly well fashioned part, this author would hesitate to install it because it tends to obscure the beautiful interior, the part of the model that is irresistible. If one has gathered that this author likes this model a lot, you would be correct. Typically, when reviewing a model I take it out of the box, photograph it and seal it back up for safe keeping. In the case of the Mustang II Concept I keep going back to it sitting in my work area, exploring detail after detail. I suspect you will do the same if you choose to add this splendid model to your collection. I would strongly recommend this model, even if it were “just another” Mustang. It is not. It is a magnificent rendition of a rare subject that has been well overdue. Buy from Automodello Tribute edition in red: $ 349.95 Standard edition in white $ 249.95 Respectfully submitted, Eric Macleod
  4. If I were to win the lottery you would be the first person I would call. This car is absolutely fabulous.
  5. While it does look like a nice car, I have to agree that he probably hurt the value of the car with those wheels.
  6. I too saw this on ebay and my heart skipped a beat or two. While I would love to own the car, I am a guy of pretty average means, thus the car would almost certainly exceed my ability to bankroll the necessary restoration. Bummer.
  7. That is a good idea. I am more than willing to run down to the local Harbor Freight to buy a couple "throw aways" to get the job done. Thanks!
  8. Yes...but I can't get a straight shot at them with a wrench. I tried a universal joint style swivel to no avail. I'm betting if anyone would know how to get into a tight spot it would be you!
  9. I have watched this thread in its entirety and have come to the conclusion that this is the best scale model of any car anywhere in the world. I too am a little sad to see it end.
  10. Looks like a pretty neat car. Best of luck with it.
  11. Very good observations. This one, as my wife would say, was unfortunate.
  12. From the front 3/4 it's really not bad looking. Unfortunately, from the rear it looks like a garbage truck. The primer gray color in and out does the styling no favors either. Maybe a little softer on the 30K firm would help too.
  13. Oh if were only that easy. There are but three bolts holding the adapter to the engine. Remove and replace. Actually getting a wrench on those three bolts is a completely different story. And that, as the old joke goes, is where the fight started!
  14. Damn Lincolns are cursed aren't they? I feel your pain.
  15. I continue to be stuck on the same problem I have had for a while now. Reading Matt Harwood's posts are beginning to make me wonder if all these Lincolns are cursed. My problem is I just can't get a wrench on the top two bolts of the adapter bracket. I can't even see them. So...the only thing I know to do is get stuff out of the way. Right now it looks like the power steering pump, air conditioning compressor and bottom water hose all will have to come off. I will post some pics as I progress.