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  1. While we all may be nuts, that's the fun of it, right?
  2. While the coil certainly is a likely culprit, complicit in the crime of unreliability, I think I have identified the mastermind. This is a photo of the inside of my distributor with the Petronix installed. Take a look at the ground wire, that just happens to be bare metal against an installation screw. No way the car was going to run reliably like that. Back to factory stock soon. I have to thank edinmass for convincing me to go the extra mile and pull the distributor. Likely I never would have found the problem without doing that.
  3. You are really doing some nice work Matt. I keep following along with interest. Keep up the great stuff.
  4. Hi Matt. I appreciate the advice. You have exactly identified what I am thinking. I am going to try what is in there with the new coil but otherwise will go back to the points and condenser system. I an betting against fuel system problems. After reading your adventures with the Lincoln and Ed's experiences with the White I decided to follow both of your lead and avoid any, and all, shortcuts with the fuel system. So, its completely new or refurbished from the tank to the carburetor. As such it seems hard to imagine that was the culprit. Yes, it is almost time to take a crack
  5. Here is the update on the car. I discovered some of the drivability problems that seemed to be related to fuel. I pulled the carburetor and sure enough the float was defective and had sunk. No wonder it was running rich. A re-rebuilt carburetor later and presto, the car ran great. Problem solved. Tuesday, I drove the car to work then picked up my girls at home for a daddy daughter ride. My youngest (9) promptly announced this is her favorite car in our small collection. Naturally, on cue, the car immediately sputtered and died. Again. So now what? Several people have described si
  6. I am working on sorting out the Cadillac. The problem is when it gets hot it runs rough and dies. Everything I've read leads me to a coil problem. The other important peice of information is it has a Pettonics ignition system in it. I was not convinced wih these but allowed myself to be sold on them. One more rough running drive and I'm going to switch back to points and condenser and will see if it runs better. The car sure looks great though.
  7. Hey Ed...you didn't offer to show me the secret handshake....I'm going to need to know that!
  8. Excellent choice of cars. I'll be eagerly awaiting your updates.
  9. I am guessing the Victoria will be around 1.4 million, all in. I deducted 200 K because is was rebodied and another 200 K just because the red top is ugly. The JN will be 2.1. I'm probably high but you never know.
  10. I got my '37 Cadillac 70 series out today. It won't be winning any Concours awards but is sure fun to drive.
  11. Glad the post is a joke. You would have been missed. Conversely, as one of the few believers, I actually like fruitcake...a lot. Maybe that's why I'm a psychologist?
  12. I personally like the car, and the unusual color scheme. In today's sea of gray, black and white cars, this yellow is a welcome sight.
  13. While not specifically a car movie, Into the Night had absolutely fabulous scene with a '29 Franklin 137 Sport Runabout and another with a '34 Packard Deitch Convertible Sedan.
  14. While I also like Ford vs. Ferrari, I liked Pearl Harbor with the extensive footage of the 41 Buick Convertible Sedan...though it was a bit hard to believe a couple farm kids could afford a car like that. My all time favorite though has to be Rendezvous.
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