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    1915 Ford Model T Touring; The new car!
    1926 Ford Model T Fordor (Original)
    1929 Franklin 137 7-passenger Sedan (Disaster)
    1929 Franklin 137 7-passenger Sedan (under restoration)
    1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible Sedan (restoration project)

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  1. I have watched this thread in its entirety and have come to the conclusion that this is the best scale model of any car anywhere in the world. I too am a little sad to see it end.
  2. ericmac

    1926 Ford Model T Huckster

    Looks like a pretty neat car. Best of luck with it.
  3. ericmac

    1937 Rolls Royce

    Very good observations. This one, as my wife would say, was unfortunate.
  4. ericmac

    1937 Rolls Royce

    From the front 3/4 it's really not bad looking. Unfortunately, from the rear it looks like a garbage truck. The primer gray color in and out does the styling no favors either. Maybe a little softer on the 30K firm would help too.
  5. ericmac

    1962 Lincoln convertible

    Oh if were only that easy. There are but three bolts holding the adapter to the engine. Remove and replace. Actually getting a wrench on those three bolts is a completely different story. And that, as the old joke goes, is where the fight started!
  6. ericmac

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    Damn Lincolns are cursed aren't they? I feel your pain.
  7. ericmac

    1962 Lincoln convertible

    I continue to be stuck on the same problem I have had for a while now. Reading Matt Harwood's posts are beginning to make me wonder if all these Lincolns are cursed. My problem is I just can't get a wrench on the top two bolts of the adapter bracket. I can't even see them. So...the only thing I know to do is get stuff out of the way. Right now it looks like the power steering pump, air conditioning compressor and bottom water hose all will have to come off. I will post some pics as I progress.
  8. ericmac

    1930 Chrysler Crown Sedan

    That is a beautiful car. Whole some may take pause with the price, you couldn't build an equivalent Ford or Chevy for that, let alone a Chrysler. Best of luck with the sale. Someone is going to get a very nice car.
  9. ericmac

    New to the Forum

    You have a great start on that speedster. I like it.
  10. ericmac

    New years resolutions, anyone???

    So is the 62 Lincoln.
  11. ericmac

    New years resolutions, anyone???

    My own resolution is to get all of my cars to a point where I can turn the key (or crank as the case may be) and reliably drive them at a moments notice. The 13 Ford below is included in this resolution.
  12. One more shot to share. This is the same group, minus my dad at dad's memorial service last year.
  13. In 1952 my dad together with his brother bought a 1926 Ford Model T Fordor Sedan in bushell baskets, literally a basket case. Over the summer they assembled the car and drove it through high school. The car was sold when my dad went to England in 1957 but he was able to get it back in 1969. We've had the car ever since. I inherited it last year after dad succumbed to Parkinson's disease. Here it is as it looked in 1974 (dad behind the wheel) and as it is today.
  14. ericmac

    Can I interest you in a 30 Caddy roadster ?

    Oh. I'm let me check my lottery ticket.