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  1. There was a similar 26 sedan in Kalamazoo, MI years ago. It was an older, tired but still impressive restoration. Word on the street was that car recieved similar era Studebaker power so the owner could use the car. Something like that might be the way to go with this car, but only if authenticity is very much of a secondary concern.
  2. This looks more like a Mercedes than a Chrysler to me. Its a fantastic photo either way.
  3. I have had several very interesting cars presented to me. If all works out as it should, I think I have my car.
  4. I think I need to repaint the red flag on mine!
  5. A post by Terry Bond got me thinking. I wonder who has antique automobile themed mail boxes. My humble creation is a nod to my '29 Franklin sedan.
  6. You couldn't possibly duplicate this car, and the provenence that this car carries from a 427 "project car" for double this price. This is a deal.
  7. My thinking on a '29 Franklin is shallow perhaps, but to my eye they are the best looking Franklin. The '48 Nash is a car I have some experience with from an ownership perspective. A 40-48 Lincoln is a car I might actually be able to afford as I have seen several over the past couple years that I would certainly be interested in owning now. Some of the earlier Model L Lincolns would interest me also. In short I am wondering what is out there. As to price, that's a good question. At this point I really can't go over 50K no matter what I do, but ideally would like to stay under 35K ideally. I feel like many really good cars have passed by me over the years but you can't buy until you have money...and now I have some. Already I have heard from a couple people who have really intriguing cars. Many thanks to all of you who have replied. Eric
  8. So the subject may be broad but I am after a special car. My first two choices would be a '29 Franklin, especially an open car or a '48 Nash Ambassador Convertible, coupe or a slipstream sedan. Failing that, I would think about an open Lincoln, up to a '48 or a Packard of the same era. What have you?
  9. Oh to inherit a bunch of money from a rich uncle...I would be first in line for this one.
  10. That car looks like it was a real bargain. Maybe 5-7 K below market.
  11. Nearly turnkey. Show anywhere with pride.
  12. I worked for an upholsterer for a while who had (and still does) cars for PB, St. John's, etc. My reaction was "sleeping on the were you allowed to sleep in July?" Joking aside I know this is both a disappointment and a relief for many.
  13. That's a really great looking car. I own a '62 Lincoln and this would look perfect sitting next to it.
  14. It hasn't been parked much but has definitely been out. I have loved watching people's smiles.