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  1. Finally, I couldn't sell this one to buy the Cadillac. It's my original HPOF 1913 Ford Model T Touring. This has become one of my 4-5 favorite cars on the planet.
  2. The '26 Touring was sold to help bankroll the purchase of my most recent acquisition, a 1937 Cadillac 70 Series Fleetwood convertible sedan.
  3. I replaced the '46 Nash (a car I would buy back in a heartbeat) to buy my 1926 Ford Model T Touring, a car that got to the Stynoski and AACA Senior Grand National level.
  4. I really appreciate all the help and advice. I owe a couple phone calls to some of you so I'll be reaching out soon. I thought by now I'd be posting a triumphant first drive video similar to what Ed has done with the White. Alas the master cylinder I recieved from a parts vendor was faulty so I am waiting for another to arrive tomorrow. Maybe a first drive this weekend? Thanks again to everyone who has offered help.
  5. I've posted this elsewhere but it's worth reposting here. This is a circa 1955 photo of my dad's (and later my) 1929 137 7-passenger sedan Unfortunately by the time I bought it back in 2011 it was little more than a parts car.
  6. I think the historical nature of this car does kick up the value, by a lot. One can buy some of the best restored 60s Lincoln convertibles in the world for 75-90 K. This pulled in 375K. That's huge money for it, especially given that it is painted the most common color and upholstery is just so-so. At least it's an air conditioned car.
  7. It runs! Really well too. Now...can it drive?
  8. This is just wrong. Hilarious, but wrong. You're my kind of guy Ed.
  9. I just checked and my fan is a 4 blade. I sent a message to Robert and we'll see what he has. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  10. I am a member of "the continually amazed" fans of your work. One thing that strikes me is just how carefully you must look at a car to achieve this level of detail. To be sure, you must become intimately familiar with every component as you build. While I am stunned by your model building skills I am equally impressed by your ability to carefully observe your subject matter.
  11. He seems to like cars with disc wheels.
  12. I got the fuel tank sending unit in the mail. Likely by the end of the week I'll have a runner.
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