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  1. These are beautiful cars and great road cars. A local realtor had a white over red car he used well into the 90s. He said his clients were always impressed with the car. Good luck with the sale.
  2. College painter is going to have more wrapped up in transportation than he bid on the cars.
  3. Thanks Brad. I have my eye on another real gem but had to free up some funds to make it happen. Hope to catch up with you and Kellie soon.
  4. I bought the car May 1999 and showed it for the first time June 2005. I was beaten that day by a Duesenberg and a Hispano Suiza, so I didn't feel too bad about the loss. This has been a good run and I will miss having a car of this quality but will enjoy making my 1913 more drivable. Thanks to all of you for your support along the way.
  5. As of this morning this car is sold. It is going to a brand new to the hobby collector who is perhaps just as fastidious as I am with it. He wanted to know if he is too old to join the hobby at age 76. I strongly encouraged him not to look at the hobby that way and to enjoy his youth. Needless to say I am very happy with the new stewardship of this car.
  6. Well bought as the guys in Hemmings like to say!
  7. I have a 62 Lincoln convertible that is white, though that is a big improvement over the powder blue hue it was when new (yuck). So.. it could be worse!
  8. This is one that I too would jump at if I wasn't heading a different direction with another car. Oh to have unlimited resources and space...
  9. Here is an example of a top finished yesterday by Andrew Larder, Mark's son. The car is a 1911 Ford Model T Torpedo. Pretty fabulous in my opinion.
  10. I look at this car as one of those rare "sell the whole collection" cars. It would be very hard to climb into a different car if this one was sitting in your garage, ready to run.
  11. Yes, I have it advertised there and it is advertised in the Model T Times as well. I appreciate the Picasso comparison! My car was the first "black era" Model T in a generation to win the Stynoski and it won against a 1910 Town Car; a car with probably a $200000 restoration. I had to go out to my trailer for something before the show judging started and overheard a tour participant commenting about the two cars on the walk back. Seeing the two in the distance she said "this one is obvious." I thought so too as the Town Car seemed to so outclass my luttle black touring. Believe me; nobody was more surprised than me when my car came out the winner, nor was anyone else more delighted. Thanks gor your comment