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  1. I am very much of a purist myself but when I looked at this one I found myself thinking "if I ever was into streetrods..." And I was off to the races. For a car that likely will never return from the Dark Side, this one is not too bad.
  2. I agree. This thing looks pretty good.
  3. It was absolutely stunning in every way. My congratulations to Mr. Landow.
  4. I do not know the owner but this is a lousy shot of the car, a '31 Buick 90 series Roadster painted "oh wow blue."
  5. I had not shown the car I took yesterday in perhaps 7 years. I realized how much I missed showing it only moments after I arrived. This was a great meet all around. I really appreciate all the work that went into this event, from the national staff to the exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable judges and especially all the people who made us comfortable through the day. Many thanks to all for a very special day.
  6. I have been to this event and the Auburn fall event many times in the past. It's hard to believe space could ever be a problem there. I am confident this meet will be both massive and fun at the same time. I really appreciate all the effort that is going into it.
  7. Wow. Nothing not to like here. This looks like a really wonderful car for tours.
  8. I too like the gray. In fact I like whole car. It seems like a good buy for the price.
  9. Well...gotta start somewhere. Unfortunately, I think that car is a parts car.
  10. Absolutely nothing on this car not to like. I agree with Matt, if you were going to own only one car, this one pushes just about every button there is. I even like it as a coupe.
  11. Thia one would be hard. While the seller said the paint has a nice patina, you couldn't really redo part of the car then leave the rest original. There is no way you could make this car into a well restored car for 20K, thus what this car needs is someone who truly enjoys the process of restoration and can tolerate being financially upside down while owning a great automobile. It would truly be a great car done.
  12. Cant buy a new Escalade for the asking price.
  13. If someone wanted a nearly automatic invitation to Old Car Festival or many of the non-A list concours events, this car done would be the ticket. Neat machine.