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    1915 Ford Model T Touring; The new car!
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    1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible Sedan (restoration project)

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  1. ericmac

    Ford Country Squire

    On the other side of the argument, if you had a rock solid body of a 66 Country Squire or Country Sedan, this would make a heck of a parts car.
  2. Yes, yes it is. I have often wondered if this survived. Seems like if you wanted to go to Pebble Beach and win with an American car, this would give you one heck of a shot at the podium.
  3. I agree, though I notice his cars simply look right, every time.
  4. ericmac

    What year is this LaSalle? - Now Franklin

    I'm with the Franklin guys. I suspect it is a 1929 135 Sedan.
  5. ericmac

    1931 Packard Series 826 4 Door 5-Passenger Sedan

    Looks like a really beautiful start. Agreed regarding Greg's point.
  6. ericmac

    1930 Graham Standard Six

    Interesting (to me at least) the name of the towing company. AUTOMACLEOD.COM Scotland? Great car there! Good luck with it, Eric Macleod
  7. I agree that the 32 Packard 12 Dietrich Phaeton was as good as an automobile ever got. Simply beautiful.
  8. Ed, I am aware of a couple cars that are, say, of questionable origin. I used to work for a shop where we were scheduled to do some extensive work on a '32 Cadillac 341 B Convertible Coupe. When the car arrived it turned out to be a 452 V-16 B Convertible Coupe. I was confused and blurted out "what happened to the other car?" The transporter only replied, "you mean the 341 Sedan we sold a couple months back?" One pure V-16 gone I guess. Naturally the pedigree of the Convertible Coupe was relegated to the nod-nod, wink-wink category. This is the Franklin I wondered about. Sorry for the so-so image. This one appeared in the excellent Olympian Cars in the Franklin section.
  9. I too have thoroughly enjoyed every word and every photo in this thread. Thanks everyone for making it happen. I have one I am curious about. I'll get the photo up soon.
  10. ericmac

    Custon Coachwork of the 1930's

    That is a Graber (from Switzerland) bodied car owned by Sam and Emily Mann. It was a finalist a Pebble Beach a couple years ago. In person, the car is absolutely fabulous.
  11. ericmac

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    And a couple more.
  12. ericmac

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    And here are a few more of my photos.
  13. ericmac

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    The Gilmore Car Museum is in Hickory Corners MI about equidistant between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.
  14. ericmac

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    Yes. That's the car. More photos below.
  15. I finally got to the Gimore Car Museum (only 20 miles from my house) to check out the Duesenberg exhibit. Folks, it is absolutely stunning. While I have seen many of these cars before, many I have not. There were 17 Duesenbergs on display and every one of them was fabulous. The exhibition was well worth the trip. Here is just a small hint of what is there.