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  1. Great topic indeed. Speaking of '13 Ts... Rebuild the rear axle of the '13 Touring Rewood the wheels Install new tires On the 26 T Fordon sedan Begin disassembly and prep the body for new wood On the '37 Cadillac Get the lights working properly Repack water pump Install better turn signals On the house... New floors in the living room and dining room Finish 3 seasons bathroom remodeling That's more than plenty.
  2. 18 Months ago I entered the world of open CCCA Classic cars. I bought an old restoration of a '37 Cadillac 70 Series Fleetwood Convertible Sedan. It neither ran nor drove, had a later replacement engine and smelled like mouse. I have rectified all of that and thoroughly enjoyed driving it with the top down to work every day in the month of August. Everyone who sees it thinks it's a "perfectly" restored car. I'm just having fun with it. The car is for sale and when it goes I'll buy something else and have fun with that car too. Did I make money? No, not a dime. Am I having fun? Tons. And isn't that what this is supposed to be about? I'm betting you already know I emphatically vote yes on the '42 Continental.
  3. Awesome car. I am absolutely salivating here. Bet we could work out a deal!
  4. I was the starter of this thread. What I finally decided to do was sell both Franklins (I took a huge bath on that deal) and I bought a complete, correct, factory bodied convertible instead. No regrets. Last I heard, the beat up '29 (really rough) wound up as a parts car. The other '29 is now a complete car, albeit still a project.
  5. This still feels to me like a restoration for 50% off and a '38 Packard Coupe Roadster kit thrown in for free.
  6. I appreciate seeing these photos. Thanks for posting them.
  7. Congratulations on the purchase. I am very much with Ed and others here who are of the "no whitewalls, no junk it up" mindset. That's a beautiful car you have there. It needs no adornment.
  8. This appears to be coming together very nicely. I like everything you have done so far.
  9. This car is almost screaming at me "bid, bid bid!" I know it has a lot wrong with a, but what a car!
  10. Wow! Talk about a worthwhile project at a great price. The restoration so far is discounted 50% with the car thrown in for free.
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