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  1. Try asking at this MoPar website....http://p15-d24.com/forum/6-mopar-flathead-truck-forum/
  2. Some of the old copper brass radiators are a real piece of art to look at and can last 75 years or more....modern aluminum .... doubt it.
  3. Now how long will an aluminum radiator last compared to a copper radiator assuming average cooling system care is done? Will a replacement aluminum core be available in 10 years for those who keep their cars?
  4. 30-1/2" X 9" wide. Same as the 281,306,331 and 377 ci engines.
  5. Use a governor downshift ground out button to control when the trans will upshift. Drive it like a four speed. All my Chrysler cars are set up so I control upshift and down shifting the way i want it.
  6. I parted out a 1953 Imperial 2 dr hardtop over 40 years ago for the regulators and motor assemblies.. Give me a week and I'll let you know if I still have all four of them. 1953 -54 Chrysler's should all be the same...hdtp and convertible only. Shown is a 53-54 Seat actuator....I'll look to see if I can help on that too...
  7. Engine probably shifted because of bagged out motor mounts. Simple adjustment on the one adjustable lever (side cover of trans) or top of reverse rod at steering column rod.
  8. I use a thin 9/16" 3/8" drive six point socket on a wobbly extension and also sometimes loosen the four intake to exhaust manifold bolts for a little more access. Some 9/16" thin wall flex sockets will fit in there too.
  9. The OP got so depressed reading all the advice and probably committed suicide­čś×
  10. Ray Reis was a big 5th Ave owner with his Blue 3 pass S10 cpe and S10 convert.
  11. Some factory Honda radio's have a radio theft security code that needs to be reset if the battery has been disconnected. No secret code to re-enter... no radio operation. I'd leave the cables connected.
  12. There should be up to 2-1/2 ounces of non contaminated good quality NGLI 2 grease in your D24 front brake drum hubs. Read your owners manual or Service shop manual. Follow the factory recommended procedure. They will recommend short or medium fiber grease. Of course Use better modern greases.
  13. It's true there was a long and short (primary/secondary) lining set put out by Chrysler Corp. in 1946. Good luck finding one of those sets. They were not used on all models and were discontinued sometime around 1950? All linings today unless custom ordered will be full length...modern linings which IMO are too hard do not work as good as the original now mostly obsolete asbestos linings.
  14. The front and rear brake shoe sets are the same. They (shoes) should be arced to fit each drum to do the brake job right.... read the shop manual and search MoPar/ Lockheed brakes on line...this will show you whats needed to fit the shoes to the drums for quicker wear in and a high firm safe pedal.