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  1. c49er

    1940 Historical Chrysler photo

    Some more info...
  2. c49er

    Brake Drums Too Tight

    I arc my shoes to each drum with this Ammco arcing machine...
  3. c49er

    Cloth verses Plastic Wiring Covers

  4. c49er

    Fuse box

    What kind of car????? What kind of car???? come on tell us.
  5. c49er

    new owner to 1950 special deluxe

    Look at the top rear of the head where the heater hose is...it would leak down to the clutch housing as would the side core plugs...lookk em over carefully. I think if th engine has never been completely rebuilt the rear water jacket core plug is brass. You might also pull the lower clutch housing pan and look up in there.
  6. Pictures of whats in the oil pan too.
  7. Yes pictures... before and after please. We need to see this exciting purchase.
  8. c49er

    new owner to 1950 special deluxe

    Why do you really think you need to convert to 12 volt? Those plymouths with good thick cables,battery and a good starter crank over and start fast. I have a couple Plymouths and never a problem.
  9. c49er

    1950 Chrysler body

    The dome is there on all the eight cylinder and long wheel base Chrysler cars for 1949-52. Under the dome is the frame mounedt "Vacu-Ease" brake booster. On some early 1949-50 cars the dome was screwed down to the floor... later cars it is spot welded to the floor. This booster applied boost and was only used on only the long wheel base 8 passenger sedans, 6 cylinder station wagons and all eight cylinder cars except the low production 145" WB Crown Imperial Limo/ 8 pass sedans and the 1950 Town and Country hard top woodie. These low production cars used Ausco- Lambert 4 wheel disc brakes. The 1950 T&C you are working on has or originally had these 4 wheel disc brakes and no booster was used with these rare brakes even though a booster dome is still there.
  10. c49er

    Trunk Gasket Removal

    You will most likely not find the correct rubber with that little lip that just slightly rolls over the edge of the U-channel. If that trunk rubber is OE nice ... factory glued tight even at the bottom you have a very nice rust free 1949-52 Chrysler🙂 I have a couple of them. Both hardtops.
  11. c49er

    Trunk Gasket Removal

    On a C48 1950 Chrysler Club Coupe the gasket fits into the truck body groove channel NOT on the trunk lid say like on a 1946-48 Chrysler. 1949 on up the gasket stayed in the body channel not on the lid.
  12. c49er

    Best products for white walls?

    Those are both narrow white walls😁 This is a "Wide" whitewall Denman ......always cleaned with Westleys... still looks like new.
  13. Hopefully no moisture damage on the trans or rear end gears. Was it in good dry garage most of it's life? Cars that sit long periods of time in cold moist conditions can have high $ repairs because of rust pitting on gears and bearings, stuck valves etc....hopefully this is not the case here.
  14. An average is .003" to .007" looking at many makes of engines back to 1936. You might have more of an issue than the end thrust if you already have .002"+ end play as some car engines have that spec or less rear main end play.....the 1936 Cadillac