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  1. Also valve clearance adjustment might be in order. Do a compression test hot too.
  2. We never had "the tool" back in the 60's and 70's. We just put new shoes on...adjusted them out against the drum Drove the car a couple weeks every day....back then it was your every day driver....then did another wind the shoes outward against the drum adjustment. Did that two to three times. The pedal came up high and rock hard. No magic brake tool used. Just wear in of the shoe lining to the drum. Always leave the anchor arrows at the factory pointing position. These Lockheed brake system cars stop excellent ...at least back in the days using the good asbestos shoe linings. Today's modern all you can get drum linings do not perform predictably and safely IMO. I now only use old stock asbestos linings. Safe proper feel of stopping power.
  3. Ballston has saved my butt a few times... Straight 8 heat risers ....nothing else worked including acetone/ATF, Kroil etc.
  4. Those convert regulators have a delicate narrow rack gear. Most people do not take out the heavy cast iron pivot bracket, clean it and lube it so it pivots freely. Also that lower curved guide needs to be cleaned adjusted and lubed. Then that 1/4 window regulator after also cleaning and lubing can be installed. Give me a week if you are interested and I will look to see if I still have one of those drivers side regulators.
  5. I'd say the by-pass oil filter and oil should have been changed more frequently.
  6. A 1949-50 Chrysler 8 cylinder shroud won't fit the 1946-8 8 cylinder cars.
  7. There is small spring in the T/S switch on your Chrysler if missing ....the T/S canceler won't operate correctly. Leaving the lights blinking.
  8. Push rod to piston problem. Use the shorter push rods. Chinese cylinders are also a hope they work problem.
  9. To polarize your Plymouth Autolite generator Just use a short piece of say 16ga. jumper wire... Connect the "B" and "A" (battery and armature) terminals on the regulator for just a quick second of a flash...done.
  10. Make sure to clean the pick up screen too...
  11. I love making brake lines...I have many benders and different types of flaring tools including the hydraulic type. I really like making stainless lines....looking so pretty and lasting forever.
  12. Like Joe posted...this is what you will find...the actual original factory engine # stamped right into the left rear frame... The engine # shown D24-205.. designates a 1946-48 Dodge. The number portion will set the year of production. Easy to locate with some effort.
  13. I just R&R'd a 1946 Chrysler master cylinder from underneath the floor. Two hours including bleeding. Otherwise you need to remove the complete front floor....this if you cannot figure out how to do it from underneath. ...removing the whole front floor panel is a major job. I have done hundreds of these jobs over the last 45 years and learned how to get that master cylinder out fast and easy. It is if you do enough of them. Installing the left front and right front brake lines are difficult because of the fender panel and junction block location.
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