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  1. You Might take a careful look at the connecting rod cotter pins for looseness or missing ends too. They should not be loose and flopping around as the ends camera and fall off. Such a wonderful car!
  2. I bought my first car for $5.00 in 1967...a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook. Six months later a 52 Cranbrook and I'm not even 70 yet! Both were sitting...got one running took the OD out of the other to put in my brothers 51 Cranbrook... Front and back yards looked like the picture shown above....dad wasn't too happy.
  3. The shroud is the upper third of the radiator... There are two pieces to it. Brackets on the sides of the radiator attach it in place. I drove this car over 80,000 miles.
  4. I will check today...was going to look yesterday...sorry..
  5. Looks like modern day MoPar material...Probably 60's/ 70's.
  6. I have a 53 Plymouth Savoy wagon...a parts car..I'll have to look. As I recall a shroud is used on it.
  7. That's a great quality repairable old bottle jack. Unlike Harbor Freight low quality import bottle jacks. A usable tool more than a collector tool. Doesn't look like it was used a lot as the screw top pad is hardly worn unlike my bottle Jack's I use a lot.
  8. Good to hear you used your like new old linings that are asbestos. They will feel right and not be grabby. I use NOS MoPar or types like Greylock asbestos linings. Modern linings on the old Lockheed's and later MoPar Center Plane brakes don't work right...can be grabby cold and soft and weak hot no matter what grade of linings used.
  9. As a daily driver which would be scary ...maybe even once in awhile antique insurance would be tough to buy.
  10. Low 40 lbs compression on #6 cylinder . Popping up through the carb is a serious problem that needs to be fixed...most likely a intake valve sealing problem. There could be a broken or weak intake valve spring ...causing the popping through the intake. I have seen one split intake valve on a 47 Chrysler convert I did for a customer. .
  11. Maybe the seller would not want the general public to know his very high asking price. Possibly the seller thinks his price is more than he would even offer to pay. I don't like it when the seller says...make me a fair offer! Well ...what's a fair offer...jeez I know late 50's Chrysler restored steering wheels can cost easily over $2500.00.
  12. A 1948 Chrysler rear axle housing mailbox..
  13. Try using a pressure oil tank screwed into the oil galley...pressure it up to 25lbs or more... priming all the oil lines/ galleys. It should fill and prime the oil pump too. Then try priming with the oil pump. Oil pumps drained of oil can be at times hard to prime.
  14. c49er

    41 Buick Shifting

    Sometimes the oil in the rear end gets so high it leaks out worn axle seals and lubes up the brake linings... Not good.
  15. c49er

    41 Buick Shifting

    Now....where is the oil leaking to....not into the torque tube🤯