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  1. 4-1/2 hours too far from me... been there a few times though
  2. You won't find an OE factory mat. Buy the one from Bernbaum as listed above... close as you will get. I've looked for 40 years.
  3. Did you call Olson's ..... I would call them.. not accept what the online catalog shows...
  4. The chrome is only some what valuable if near perfect... no pits and very smooth and shiny... 1949-52 Chrysler's not highly sought after.
  5. It seems now days don't expect your newly purchased vintage tires to last more than five years even if low low miles and kept out of the sun 90% of the time...
  6. Startix was used on Cords too. Not sure on the vacuum switch.
  7. Vacuum shifted M4 Chrysler/ DeSoto transmissions. Late 40's early 50's Mopar vacuum operated cigarette lighter...
  8. My distributor is offset in my Dodge truck engine... one way only will it drop into the intermediate shaft.
  9. Nothing wrong with a good quality operating single master cylinder.
  10. What about the one off 1949 T&C hardtop supposedly made? Where is that car.... I thought I had a lead on it back in the mid seventies....yea right! Or the T&C six cylinder roadster ......never was produced... but John Slusar and Loyd Mayes built one and it's been around the auction market a few rounds making a lot of money.
  11. There is only one T&C cpe in existance... the "David Wallace" car. The first 2 dr hardtop. Loyd Mayes owned it for awhile as have a few others... a very nice original car with a few minor touch ups over the years. Supposedly seven were made .... no others besides the Wallace car have ever been located.
  12. Turn the car upside down,. no need to jack it up.
  13. The 1946-48 8 cylinder Saratoga, NewYorker and Imperial cars use the larger threaded bolt pin A-Arms. Sedan, cpe, and convert all the same arms upper and lower. Six cylinder car A-Arms won't fit. Smaller threaded bolt pins.
  14. I have one too... excellent quality charger unlike the DIY'er chargers today.
  15. How many MoPar woodies do you have now?