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  1. I got that message too. Dough74 probably has a lot of really cool stuff! I just need to get a hold of him somehow. Scammers be scamming.
  2. I forgot to mention. I bought rockers, sills and floor board pieces from The Plymouth Doctor. I haven't taken them out of the packages yet but he was the only one I found making new sheet metal. I think you can find him online but if you have trouble getting a hold of him I can dig up his email address.
  3. I still have never seen a door that wasn't cracked or anybody offering them. I'm trying to get a good one (or even a few cracked ones) to bring to a shop that does repro auto plastic. I'm hoping to make a few of them. By the end of the year is my goal. I'm thinking of doing a couple speaker grilles to see how they turn out.
  4. No, sorry, certainly stainless steel. Thanks for catching that.
  5. 16" chrome trim rings with an 11" inner diameter. They're a bit beat up, I have no idea what they came from but I know it doesn't fit my car. Free to a good home (for shipping charges). I'm also happy to take advice: please let me know if you think these are too tore up to be useful and if they're more suited for the trash. Thanks. -Christian
  6. I know this is a very old thread but after re-reading this, I went to check some of the info quoted and I found something interesting that I didn't realize previously. There were two editions of the "Owner's Manual." There are minor differences between the two that are mostly related to changes in dipstick marks, location of certain instruments (starter switch, high-beam indicators vs. turn signal indicators, etc), oil pressure ratings @30mph, Chrysler products highlighted in the care section and some of the words regarding when/how to check your oil and air cleaner oil. The other difference is the information regarding tires. The second edition seems to update information that matches the 1949 version of the Parts Book that updated the wheels and tires for late 1947 and1948 models to the wider wheel sizes. See below for examples of differences. Note that one set shows that there was a second edition of the Owner's Manual.
  7. That's terrible news! But thanks for helping to manage expectations. Here's to hoping somebody has one somewhere. I'm looking for this one too, ever seen one of these? It supposed to be 55 pages of salesman info.
  8. Looking for anybody that has one of these either hardcopy or electronic. Please let me know if you know where I could get a copy. This is the only picture I have, found it here: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1946-1947-1948-chrysler-mopar-138461784. Thanks.
  9. Dan, Are you still looking for information about your card? I can help a little. I know how to read the punches to show the numbers on the top line. Did FCA give you any other info or just the card? Christian
  10. I always like original but I'll be happy with a reproduction if there is a source. Is anybody else interested in a reproduction? I'm in contact with a car restoration shop that has experience with making custom plastic parts. Message me if interested so I can get an idea of how many might want one. Price seems reasonable. If anybody has one that isn't cracked that I can use as a model, that would very helpful. I wouldn't need to keep it. I'm going to gather some samples and draft the dimensions. I have a samples of blue and red plastic for color but any other color would need to be matched. First step is getting a good master made for the mold so if interested, please message me. If this works out well I'm going to look at doing the door lock knobs and ashtray and maybe a few other parts.
  11. I'm looking for a new glove box door (the plastic covering portion only), looking for blue. I'm hoping somebody has a source or solution for a replacement. Thank you.
  12. Keith, Thank you for making this and posting. This looks seriously helpful and effective. I'll reach out on email. There's a brake drum measuring tool that also measures to the shoes. Its basically a caliper that has inside and outside measurements that you set the distance and match both the inside and outside. It won't check concentric-ness though. It might help to further refine the fit after using your tool if needed. Do you think that it could be helpful or did you find that the "adjust until the shoe touches the drum" method worked well enough? Attached is an example of the tool. All I did was search for "drum brake tool measuring" and there were multiple options that come up. I haven't used one of these yet so I'm not sure how well it works. Christian
  13. Does anybody know what color the heaters were on the 46-48 Model 53 and 54 heaters? I've seen from pictures a "tan" or "gold" color likely similar to the carpets and headliner. A paint code would be super helpful. Also the red circles on the motor covers. Does anybody have a code for that or a close up of what it looks like?
  14. Marcarpa, Cool video. You mentioned you got the replacement harness in the 80s...what's it been doing in the box for so long?? Are you bringing your project back to life. Coincidentally you mentioned that the boot covers were impossible to get. I just got replacements from Dennis Bickford for my '48 Chrysler. I'm assuming a ton of parts were interchangable. They look exactly alike with the exception of the "tab" on yours but I think they would be functionally identical I should say I think the "tab" is missing but I would have to take a closer look at what I received. RI Wiring has harnesses for Desotos too in case you need something additional. I have my original wiring harness that I"m keeping for reference as well.
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