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  1. The only way to get one is used. No one will have a new complete floor pan. I removed a "complete floor" from a 47 Windsor coupe years ago...was a lot of work.
  2. MMaybe some more complete help pics... I know you don't have the tool...but just to show a close up of it.
  3. Check and adjust free play and other issue is the O/C spring adjustment. I use the factory tool to adjust these springs.
  4. With Evan's coolant if you have the slightest leak or over flow you sure will smell it. And smell it more and more and more in your garage or shop. A smell you will always remember.
  5. It would be worth it to see the car just to meet Eleanor! Do it!
  6. I too sold a ton of Atlas parts at an Enco station in N. Seattle. Used to know the application for a lot of the part #'s.....not anymore! Better search ebay for a cheap Atlas parts book. If that's a possibility on ebay anymore.
  7. Glad to hear Eleanor is still in great health! I Last saw her and the car at the Greenwood car show. She told me she was digging up the main water line feeding the house to replace it......this herself !!!!!🤯 She's a ball of fire! I first met her in 1980 or 81 to tune the 392 up for her.
  8. c49er

    1947 Chrysler

    No check valve in the tank. There is a pancake looking permanent oilite fuel filter in the tank... not serviceable. It can plug up...easy enough to check that. Also there is a special 1/2" long brass bushing that goes into the tank fuel line fitting before the steel line is screwed to the fuel tank. It seals the external line to the internal fuel tank line. With out it you will have a partial suction leak and the pump cannot suck fuel out of the tank to capacity...IE fuel starvation.
  9. To be honest...the wheel is for fat people. "Fat man steering wheel". PC is over used and out the window with me. It is what it is.....😆
  10. c49er

    1947 Chrysler

    There is a "oilite" tank filter. Not accessible. Some run a stiff wire thru it to bust it open. Others tank the tank to a pro to have the tank cleaned and the filter removed.
  11. Wow! I better look this one up on All Data.
  12. Yep! Typical 51-52 Plymouth carb.
  13. "I ended up using tdh tractor fluid iso32" You didn't really put this fluid in the rear axle?
  14. On some B and B carbs that had no Squirt I pull the carb top off. Then make sure the fuel bowl is full of gas. Then grab the very top of the pump plunger and pull it up and release it watching for any signs of fuel bubbling up around the pump plunger leather cup ...if so meaning the pump leather cup has shrunk up. There is a small coil spring behind that leather cup which helps keep it expanded. I have many times used a pen point to re-flare outward the leather cup to temporarily fix a no squirt accelerator pump problem. Another very common reason for weak or no squirt is the pu
  15. The carb should be a Carter Ball and Ball D6H2. ***The accelerator pump leather possibly has shrunk up.. ***The accelerator pump jet located behind the aluminum plug is blocked with debris ***Or one of the check balls is stuck or missing. Simple carb to rebuild if you have done carbs before.
  16. The fill plug for the 10W transmission oil is accessed from below the car on the passenger side of the car. You will see a metal tag on the trans that says use 10 W only.. The fill plug is right by the tag.
  17. Certain Ramblers and if course Mustangs were cars I hated putting gas into when I was a kid working at the gas station. Slow and blow back. Awful .
  18. I have been watching this thread for a long time... I thank you for your answer. I am the original poster. I have learned plenty from this thread.👍
  19. Some new copper washers are way too hard. In that care heat them up dull red and let them cool. Then the softer copper washer will seal much better.
  20. I am more than interested...I want to buy this kit. Please PM me if still available. Thanks.
  21. Seems like you might need to find a car more to your liking. Too many things to remove and replace with non original parts. A twin stick Rambler would be nice.
  22. Look at that "PATINA "!! My goodness that alone makes that DeSoto worth 5 g's... But....not to me. Patina needs to be painted over🤣
  23. Shown is the 1952 Plymouth external brake band...used on all 1946-54 Plymouth 3 speed transmissions including the R10 OD . The brake stop light switch is located on the inside edge of the frame up behind the drivers side rear tire. Look under the car behind the drivers side tire on the inside wall of the frame. The switch is mounted on a small frame bracket.
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