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  1. Add .002" cold....That's what I do on all the MoPar new flathead rebuilds... Then...adjust them HOT... Depending on year/model .008",.010" intake .010",.012" or .020" They must be adjusted hot as a final adjustment..
  2. I'll check back in a year for progress.
  3. The vacuum tank is a large reserve tank to supply extra needed vacuum for the frame mount brake booster and wipers when under a heavy load. Leave it. The booster might have it's own fresh filter air intake or use the air cleaner for filtering intake air to the booster. The frame mount booster requires both fresh intake air and full checked intake manifold vacuum. Leave the oil bath air cleaner as it is good at filtering air but also acts as a carb air intake silencer. Drive that bus for a bit without the air cleaner and you will see how loud the carb sucking noise is going up a hill!!!! Really loud. Get a factory service manual for your bus if you really want to understand how and why it operates.
  4. Great addition to this thread^^^^^
  5. You need new pistons and rings and a valve job.
  6. That radiator # 1494469 is for a 1953 to 54 MoPar V8 car. Reason is that 1494....came.out in 1953 and comes close to matching the numbers in the MoPar parts books. I found your rad # was updated to 1494643 in the 1961 MoPar Superceded parts.list book. That's all I can find on it. I think it's for a 53-54 chrysler V8 car myself. A lot of times the number on the part last few numbers never matches the parts books numbers..off by three.
  7. No total thickness specified but shows each asbestos plate thickness as .133" This for a 9-1/4" 1937 Ply clutch. National Data Service Book1948
  8. It's almost zero access to get to the plugs and yes those manifolds must be dealt with care.
  9. The biggest problem is access to the plug...remove the manifolds as an assembly. Then full access to the core plug.
  10. High tech modern chargers suck big time. Old time Transformer chargers for wet cell batteries are the way to go.
  11. Wow a lot of money back in 1918. 1018? Just havin fun. ^^^^^^
  12. The shop has changed hands 2-3 times..was in Seattle....then off to Ellensburg, Wash.....small time operation Owner operator...Buzz Raz...
  13. Ray Reis in Seattle had both a 5th Ave three pass S10 cpe...blue.. went to Sweden and a red 42 5th Ave S10 convert. He sold it after many years..went down south..Texas? Ray was extremely knowledgeable about all 42 sota's. He possibly still might have something as for parts...
  14. c49er

    Fluidrive interchange?

    Should bolt in fine.
  15. I have one of the Franklin Mint 1950 Chrysler Town and Country's.
  16. Not a very popular 1946-48 chrysler grille part... But good Grille wrap arounds or horizontal bars..tons of excited interestđŸ˜€
  17. If needed and always is on a quality brake job reline and new hydraulics.. Reline the shoes using lining material...... .180"thickness up to .030" oversize drums....... .200" for up to .060" over size drums ( too thick of lining on .030" and under drums and you won't get the drum on! The shoes have to fit even to the drum or the shoes twist....low pedal! Arc each set (2) of shoes to fit match each drum...find someone to do it... a big truck shop or brake rebuilder. Do this step! Move the shoes up/down to center them in the drum using the lower anchor bolts ....and them adjust them outward to lightly rub the drums for the last adjustment ( 1-1/16" hex bolt) in the middle of the backing plate. one for each shoe. READ your factory shop manual !!! Pictures showing arcing of MoPar shoes and doing a major adjustments with the ammco 1750 and the miller factory tool set.... pictures showing shoes that the linings don't match the drum at all. Also the tools to do the job quickly and correctly. But not available. Others can chime in on other cheater ways to get the shoes to fit the drums enough for wear in.
  18. I have have the same happen to my MoPar inline sixes and eights. Not too often but only when sitting. All with the rubber tipped needles. I just lightly rap the nose of the carb hearing the float drop. This never used to happen...might be the ethanol. I live with it. I have other things needing attention.
  19. Shipping has turned into a real killer in the instance you just posted...those sellers are real asses for not understanding your situation and will lose a possible new loyal customer.
  20. I have purchased those horse shoe clips (Brake "C" clip washers) off Ebay and from Napa. Also might try Robert's Mopar, AMS, Bernbaums, Vintage Power Wagon just to name a few. You could if you must use a "E" clip or external snap ring. I have plenty of used ones if you cannot find them. One or two hits with the hammer and the wrench positioned firmly and equally on the clip legs normally won't damage the clip. The same clips are also used on all eight wheel cylinder anchor bolts too.
  21. How many EV cars will end up dead on the roads running low on charge? Owners trying so hard saying I think I can make it... A new huge market for EV tow trucks.
  22. Was the K car a reliable well built car? Not in my opinion... But when running ok and not leaking oil they drive ok. Used to work on them back when they were relatively new. JMO