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  1. 1/2" and 7/16" open ends. Easy to adjust. I have always used regular length wrenches...not tappet wrenches.
  2. What's up with the fan blade?!!!!💣
  3. Sometimes the floating oil pickup adjustment tangs are out of calibration. Even though the oil level reads full the pickup float is sucking some air. I recently fixed this on a 50 chrysler 8 having fluctuating oil pressure at the full mark....added a quart of oil to figure it out.
  4. I'm glad I still have a couple of those 46-48 radiators. Your core is a 3" too I suppose. I think 10 g's is too high and wait time tooling but what do I know. You have excellent drawings to get quotes....interesting to see what comes up....not too many shops left to do this type of work. Maybe you will get lucky on price and turn around time. Australia also has a great radiator restoration company...shipping though would be expensive.
  5. Buy the correct front engine harness from Y and Z or Rhode Island Wiring....make it right...make it easy. I have done several complete 1946-48 Chrysler harness jobs that way and over the years. I have also spliced in new cloth wire on certain old but good repairable Chrysler harnesses too. It's hard to do unless you are real good at it...I've done this type of work for forty plus years so it's easy either way for me...
  6. I sold a couple radiator shop cleaned and checked 1946-48 radiators in the late 70's for $100.00 each !!!!
  7. The 1946-48 Chrylser eight cylinder radiator measurements... Top to Bottom...27" add 1-1/4" for rad neck Overall width... edgeto edge of rt/left mounting flanges...34-1/2" Centerline to centerline width of mounting bolt holes..33-1/4"...three each on mounting flanges Core thickness...3" Top tank thickness front to rear....7" Part#1155287
  8. Dave.....I'll get those dimensions this weekend! Three years and up to 10 grand....OMG! The price of my rads just went up big time...ha ha....I better keep them for my cars for sure now.
  9. "Bob, do you know the max width, height and thickness of the '46-'48 straight-8 radiators? I have a feeling, although they look really similar to the '41, that they are a bit squatter, and possibly wider. The mounting bolt holes are definitely in the wrong places, but the interesting thing is that they both have that oddly angled bottom tank, which is the same shape as the support. Maybe I need to send my radiator out to your guy..." This weekend I could go to my parts and measure one up (1946-48 eight cyl radiator) with pictures if you want... Bob
  10. I'd spend the money and do it right.. Copper recore. I have a couple 1946-48 eight cylinder Chryslers that have that same shape Or very close to the same ...tube and fin radiator. They where never honeycomb type. I spent over $1800.00 to have a local guy do my old 4 ton Dodge truck radiator...he did a beautiful job and it's the real deal.... looks and cools right. He hesitated to do it...but I got him to do it. I was very thankful as I dreaded going long distance for a huge heavy rad record job. Should last at least another 50 years. Aluminum no way....
  11. 343 ft lbs of torque on a 413 six..! .
  12. Sawzall with a six tooth blade. That ought to do it. Kidding of course. I being in the car biz have cut hundreds and hundreds of hoses using a quality made hose cutter...they come in two sizes.. smaller heater hose size and the larger radiator size. Wet the cut area on the hose with water/antifreeze ...rotate and cut the hose. Perfect square and smooth looking cut hose. This if you care about beautiful cut hose work.😄
  13. 160 to 180 is typical. Little higher in hot summer weather...190 max. The lower block soft plugs and water tube might have to be removed. This to check for plugging or rusting of tube and to also flush sludge out of the lower part of cylinder block.
  14. Let's see a picture of the date code and of the tires...
  15. Thanks Jon for your great informational reply! I have not seen those two pages you posted in any of my three Carter books.🤔 I work on lots of mid thirties to late 50's MoPars. I will copy those Carter service sheets if I need to reference them in the future. You always give excellent advice.
  16. I'm kinda shocked you say the B&B carbs are one of the worst produced. I've run EV1's, D6H2's, E9G1's etc. Simple to rebuild if needed. I run them on cars and trucks I have owned for over 40 years trouble free. As for Stromberg one and two barrels have had issues with those..side levers, worn pivots.
  17. I've seen the nasty under carriages of cars and trucks from back east. More than brake and fuel lines to worry about for sure. Glad we don't have to deal with that here on the west coast.
  18. I prefer steel and stainless tube. 3/16" , 1/4" or even bigger. With knowledge and quality tools there is no issue when flaring and bending tuning. Cunifer is so soft...too soft for me. JMO.
  19. The tool will not work on your 57 Dodge Center Plane brakes. The shoes are self centering. They are much easier to adjust than the Lockheed brakes. There is a upper and lower 7/16" hex bolt used to adjust the front shoes and two even spaced hex bolts on the rear backing plates adjusting the rear shoes. It's always smart to read the service manual to safely repair brakes.
  20. This...https://www.amazon.com/Millers-Oils-5256TB-Classic-Grease/dp/B00JFF4Y44. And another..https://www.lubriplate.com/Products/Grease/Multi-Purpose-Greases/100-Series/NO-115/No-115-Water-Pump-Lubricant-16-oz-Tub/
  21. You Might take a careful look at the connecting rod cotter pins for looseness or missing ends too. They should not be loose and flopping around as the ends camera and fall off. Such a wonderful car!
  22. I bought my first car for $5.00 in 1967...a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook. Six months later a 52 Cranbrook and I'm not even 70 yet! Both were sitting...got one running took the OD out of the other to put in my brothers 51 Cranbrook... Front and back yards looked like the picture shown above....dad wasn't too happy.
  23. The shroud is the upper third of the radiator... There are two pieces to it. Brackets on the sides of the radiator attach it in place. I drove this car over 80,000 miles.
  24. I will check today...was going to look yesterday...sorry..