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  1. Thanks for the input! Will have to check it out and see what is available.
  2. I know Glen, and his carbies are good! But the cost is a little more than I want to spend at present. Furthermore I'm really on the look out for a ux2. Also some books state that it should have a ux3,but the stud spacing on a 1928 model Senior manifold is to small for the ux3 So for now I will try and get this carby apart in one piece and see want parts are good and go from there.
  3. Just picked up a stromberg u-2 carby at a swap. The carby is all locked up and shafts won't move. I don't want to force them as the carby is made from pot melt. Has anyone have any suggestions how to free it up without damaging it? Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  4. I'm also sorry that he had a stroke! Plus I would not like to wish anybody harm! But I'm out of pocket and do not have any parts! So it doesn't matter which way you look at it , we are both losers. Maybe it is only a mild stroke and he can fulfill his orders.
  5. Just been down that road! I was after a horn ring myself. They are a very rare item! And are very costly if in one piece. There is one on ebay at present for $1600.00 US. New old stock! I was fortunately luckily that Jack had one hung up in his shed. It was broken but I was able to repair it. See attached photo. Good luck in your hunt for the parts
  6. Do you have a good driver side vent window frame. My frame is damaged and I am on the look out for a replacement.
  7. Just wondering how you went with the rear main oil seal carrier? They are made with pot metal and just fall apart!
  8. Yes ! You are correct. But because it is an American forum I thought it might be better to use an overseas listing for Australia. But the facts remain George laurie is taking money and doesn't delivery! He should write a book , titled 101 excuses! But in all seriousness I don't have my parts!
  9. Well , I have rang 61754853697 so many times! no answer! Short of driving a few thousand miles to 93 Ringtail creek rd. Ringtail Creek Qlds, I think I have done my dough!!!!!!!!!! SO MY ADVISE STAY AWAY FROM GEORGE LAURIE!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. It might be ok for george! but I would like to enjoy my complete car now. Not wait months,years . I'm not getting any younger.
  11. The more I search , the more I find a lot of bad reports, It seems alot of people wished that had never seen his site. I did get a email stating that he was a nice guy just takes forever and doesn't answer emails.
  12. Thanks Spinneyhill The last contact with George was in October. He said that he had mucked up order and my order would be done ASAP. Since then there has been no replies to my emails . And I have read the imperial forum plus left add a respond. If I could find a contact phone number or address I would ring him or go and see him myself !!!!!!!!! NOT HAPPY
  13. Has anyone had any dealing with george laurie (australia) for reproduction lenses? I have ordered some from him! And are having trouble! Non delivery!! Am I the only one with is prolbem?
  14. To all Do you think it might be possible to put a metal inline filter to keep the muck from cloging up the auto choke ? Terry
  15. Thanks for the replys! I have removed the pipe from the carby end and it appear to have exhaust gas coming out ! I have also trace the pipe to where it enters the manifold. I tried to remove the pipe but it wouldn't move. I don't want to force to much because I'm not sure how it fits. I can not see whether the pipe exist the manifold? I am also not sure want I should be looking for! as it is different from what I've seen before. Terry