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  1. Thanks Matt for the offer! But have spoken to Ron. He is going to try and chase up the correct colour formula at the local paint supplier. If that fails, l will get back to you regarding a colour sample. When things get back to normal I might get your opinion on my bonnet repair on my 1927 chrysler roadster. Thanks Terry
  2. Hi! Matt! The engine colour looks good. I have been talking with Ron, and had many conversations about engine colours! He has sent me some info on the colour that he use, as it was very close to the colour he found on his orginal block. So I'm interested in what colour you used. I'm at present rebuilding my gearbox and having a new cluster shafts made,then repainting the motor , Hopefully to the correct colour on my Senior . So any info on the colour would be very helpful. There are a few other thing that need doing and that are on my list. Got to get ready for all the up and coming rallies.
  3. Like Ron, I have taken a couple of the cars out for a run and scrub!
  4. I spoke to him as well Matt! He was pretty pumped up about having the Senior out ! It still has a few things to do to finish it but it bloody close to beening finished. It a real credit to him. It looks fantastic. I saw it when I was over that way, plus he has sent me photos of his progress. He has also promised me a drive when I drop in again, but I don't think it will be happening soon. I think Dan's is enjoying all that power! Keep up the good work Ron ! Also I can't wait to see your Roadster finished and on the the road as well Matt!
  5. Thanks for help, but I managed to find onet that's in good condition.
  6. I'm chasing to buy a 1955 exterior mirror for my new yorker 2 door hard top coupe. The part # 160 967 is on the mirror's base Or in the parts book is #1607 967 Any leads would be helpful! Thanks
  7. It might be something simple,. like not getting full throttle. Check carby linkages.
  8. Yes, you are correct about Peter! What he doesn't know about victory six, it not worth knowing! Plus, he is a hell of a nice guy and always willing to help!
  9. Matt, Talk to Peter J, he has his motors running really sweet! He does a few mods so as to get the best out of them. Also Clive cams and ignition development can also help! Terry
  10. Matt, it is amazing that Ron has done so much on his Senior including parts that he has reproduced for it! Because every time I talk with Ron he is doing somethings else like repainting the house interior wood work or working on other people cars. It doesn't give him much Senior time. But there is one thing for certain he has done a great job ! Can't wait to see it finish, which won't be long now. I'm looking forward to go for a tour around the block with him plus a couple of beers when I'm next over there! But there is one thing for sure! I will definitely pick up a few tips f
  11. Matt ,You have to be happy with the colour choice! It looks absolutely great! I might have to get you to do my roadster, after seeing the job you are doing on yours. Terry
  12. Thanks for the thought! But I'm not after any cowl lights Thanks
  13. I'm located in north of Melbourne, Australia. My car is work in progess, Have most of the body parts are ready to bolt on. But I'm always chasing minor parts like top iron support brackets that are need before the final assembly. I'm still working on the wood work also fitting panels and doors to check gaps and alignment.
  14. I go with your choice Matt ,they look close to period colours and should present the victory well! You have spent a heap of hours and money on the restoration so it is your choice. Job well done! Plus as you stated the next care taker can easily change it if they like! Which I sure will be a long time away! Keep the good work up! Terry
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