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  1. Just got the box back together! Took my time, checking everything I could! All seems good , won't know for sure until I do a road test . I just cross my fingers! !!! Must thank everyone for the help!! With a extra big thanks to spinneyhill! !! Thanks Terry
  2. You are right , they do look similar! I will have a closer look tomorrow and see if it would work on mine. Thanks
  3. I have a 1955 two door hardtop New Yorker. I have painted the car and now putting it back together! The front door rubbers were missing before I started. I have no idea what they look like or where they fit on this model! Was hoping for some help, maybe some photos would be good . Thanks Terry
  4. Will start to assemble the overdrive box tomorrow! But will take my time , and hopefully get it right! I was lucky enough to find all the parts. But the only question I have is how to adjust the clutch unit.
  5. Thanks for the help! You are right my 1937 did not have an overdrive,I fit one that I brought from a bloke which was a complete unit as per the photo. He said that it was out of a Chrysler. The numbers you have are correct R-6 O/D & T86-1P box
  6. Have pull apart a r-6 borg warner overdrive, now it is time to re assemble! Don't want to make a mistake ! Could be very costly! Any diagrams or instructions would be a great help! Found info on the R- 10 but the R-6 is fully mechanical, no electrics. If you can help, thanks
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I have located all the parts I required! But now I'm in need of information on how to put it back together! Any diagrams and instructions on a R-6 overdrive would be a great help! It might just stop me in making a mistake in assembly. I did look on the Internet, but only found stuff on R-10 (electric) The R- 6 is mechanical only. So please help! Terry
  8. The sun gear looks fine. I think damage / cracks was done when it chewed up the bronze gears and metal springs! Will try to find a replacement in better condition. Surely someone has one laying around!
  9. I will measure it up tomorrow. But they look pretty close. I pulled apart the planetary unit and got a price on new gears . Spoke to a mate , he said that he could make new shafts. But the housing is in bad shape it has multiple cracks and badly worn. In the photo I have marked the cracks in white . I will keep getting more info on the unit and make up my mind which way to head.
  10. Not having any luck finding any planetary gears for a C-6 I did come across a C-9 set but I don't known if there any difference or if they can be modified to fit?
  11. Do you have a email address for George Asche?
  12. In answer to the comments, what wrong with it. Is has chewed up the three bronze gears and springs plus the gear's teeths are pretty well rusted beyond use! The cage itself is well worn (stuffed) where the end of the pins rub. Other than that it looks good!
  13. I have unfortunately had a overdrive failure in my 1937. So I'm' looking for a replacement planetary unit or gears to suit a R-6 overdrive. Any help or suggestions would be gratefully accepted! I was hoping to have it fixed before the next rally in 5 weeks time, but I maybe to ambitious! I might have to look for a replacement overdrive to suit my 1937 dodge instead? Thanks Terry
  14. I have unfortunately had a overdrive failure. So I'm looking for a Borg warner R-6 planetary gear unit to replace the damage one. The overdrive was in a 1937 Chrysler and was dated 1936 Any help or suggestions with parts or information would be appreciated! Thanks Terry