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  1. The question is whether it see it or not, but it has the option. also that the way it came out of the factory! Factory is alway good! And you can get better than Bob for radiators!
  2. I checked out the back of the fitting which was tucked away in a really tight and difficult location! I found it helped to disconnect the park brake and move it out of the way which gave me more access. Yes! Jack you were correct as normal! I unclipped the socket and fitted new globe. Not easy! Then removed myself and spent the rest of the day trying to straighten out my back, as it's gets harder to fit into tight place as I get older. Many thanks for the help! Terry
  3. Thanks for the info! Will have a look after lunch.
  4. Re: 1955 chrysler new yorker 2 door hard top I have looked at the park brake lamp and are not sure how to remove the globe so as to test it. I don't want to damage the unit so I thought a quick question would solve my problem! As I'm sure a few of you bloke would have the answer! Many thanks in advance! Terry
  5. The gearbox and o/d shared the same oil in my car . They recommend 70 or 90 grade oil but stated that the 90 grade could cause the the o/d to change slow when cold, plus 70 grade might cause the gearbox to sound a bit loud when hot. So I end up putting 90 grade oil in and had no problems. But don't use modern oil with additives as they can cause damage to the bronze bushes in the o/d.
  6. Hi! Matt You did the right thing sending it to Bob! He rebuilt mine on the 1928 Senior after another radiator shop totally stuffed up!. He did a great job bring back to the original condition , very happy and had no more trouble with over heating ! Terry
  7. Maybe they will think it was for export (Australian ) models only!
  8. Yes, I agree they are hard to find! I had mine break (grandkids) it had also been repaired . It had broken in 2 places and was not able to be repaired again. I asked for help on the forum and Jack came to the rescue. He supplied me with one that had only a single break . I took to my bloke for repair , he said that it was a common fault and he would try to repair it. He soldered a nail in place to give it extra strength then rechrome the ring. Now I keep the grandkid away from the horn and look for a good spare. but I'm still looking . I did see one , new old parts around $1300.00. Too rich for me! I have seen a few cars where the outer ring has been totally removed. That work but doesn't look as good! Good luck with the search!
  9. I'm in need of a pair flipper corner seals to suit a 1955 Chrysler 2door hard top. I have only a photo out of a manual to go by. If someone has any either new or secondhand or suggestions it would be a great help! I have include some photos that might help in identifying the rubber seals. Thanks
  10. Gundog99 your cylinder head has the same number as my, but mine didn't have a time stamp and also had a different letter above the part#. I have no idea what that would mean! But it appears that I'm not by myself ! You never know someone may come forward with some ideas.
  11. Thanks for the advise ! Will try to contact them.
  12. Getting close to having the car finished. But need to work on the air con. It look complete and has not been mucked around with, so I take it that the the receiver dryer is the orginal unit! Tried to find a replacement but no luck! Does any one have any suggestions or know where I might get one ? The photo is of the one shown in the manual. Terry
  13. 55er, Thanks heaps for that! It give a overall view of what I'm looking at! It doesn't show any rubber door or window felts., maybe it only refers to metal work only.
  14. Thanks for the info. You could be right that it doesn't have any sealant or very little above the flipper, but it does need something more above the rear side window. Maybe some sort of putty / sealer tape? Hi! Jack you are correct on both accounts. Yes, that the horn ring you sent me. I had it repaired and rechromed. Thanks again ! The grandkids are under strict instructions not to touch it!!!! Plus the flipper, I fitted some new springs but it not quite right yet, still have to adjust it a little. I have too many projects so I decided to to work on the 55 new yorker and finish that first before starting another one! The 55 is nearly there! I fitted the cowl vent rubber, but it won't allow it to shut now . Must have done it wrong . Just little prolbems just keep popping up. But I will work my way through them. It gives me something to do while we are in isolation with the bloody virus! Everybody stay safe and stay well !