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  1. Having spent time in Japan myself and having grown to admire their concern for their fellow citizens I find wearing a mask not to be an issue at all. If you aren't concerned about the health and well being of the people around you so be it. But don't be offended if I won't stop to visit with you. You obviously don't care about me so why should I care about you.
  2. Very nice looking car. I like the color. Do you think it's original? When I was a kid I used to think if a person put headlights where the taillights were, you couldn't tell the front from the back.
  3. Just my opinion but it sounds like a lot of money for what your getting. I'm guessing the tires are far from new. Photos my prove me wrong though.
  4. I live in SD and like our governor but hope she doesn't end up regretting that invitation. If Sturgis turns into a Covid gathering the media will massacre her.
  5. What could they have possibly been thinking?
  6. That's what you said and I'm sticking to it. 👍
  7. I've got a flat steel welding table that should work good. Wish I would have thought of laying it on there when it was apart. Something else for this winter.
  8. Thank you for posting this. Makes good sense and I do have a rose bud for my torch.
  9. The Ram on the hood was worth more than that in 1974. Had a 36 Dodge hump back delivery in 69 and didn't dare leave the ram on the hood for fear someone would steal it. Hope your car is still around. I'd love to have another one.
  10. Spent this evening working on the wheel. Reassembled it and it's better but still has more runout than I want. Marked the tire and the rim and they are both showing the same spot. Pulled the rim off again and checked the wheel and it is warped. Marked it and checked it against the tire and rim. All marked in the same area. Reassembled and after snugging down the 4 bolts I used a hammer and block of wood to seat the rim to the wheel. Re-tightened the nuts and continued doing this until the nuts stayed tight. Now running a lot truer but still not right. At least I don't think anyone will stop me again and tell me my wheel is falling off.
  11. Your sure right about that. When I first moved here most of the wifes family was in their 60's' 70's' and 80's. They were not big people. I was 6'3" at the time and the locals thought I was very tall. Now there are many young people here that are taller than me so things are changing. Right after getting out of the service in 72 I purchased a 30 Ford 2 door sedan. This spring I started looking at Model A's again but found that I could no long get into them. Steering wheels had moved a lot closer. Purchased a 30 DeSoto 4 door and there is tons of room in it. The seat is adjustable and the DeSoto must be quite a bit larger than a Model A. I'd like to see them side by side to confirm that.
  12. No I'm just not a very smart fellow. That's a place I would love to see. Not going to happen anymore though. I've never thought there was anything wrong with having more stuff than you need until recently. Now it seems looking at and tripping over that stuff is not as much fun as it used to be. Especially after cleaning up my folks estate. Don't want to put someone through that after I'm gone.
  13. I'm sitting out in the boat right now fishing and I can barely see the screen on this phone so it's going to be a while before you get any decent replies from me. Yeah let me know what the total is Tom and I'll get back to you. Thanks for checking for me.
  14. Tom have you got a secret junkyard your not telling us about?????????? 😉
  15. Made a business trip to Lansdale in the 70's. Amazed me how small the farms were. Looked like most weren't more than 20 acres. Could be they were bigger but they sure were close together.