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  1. And a photo from the back.
  2. A kind gentleman offered me a Chrysler fender. After checking is was found that they weren't the same but a section might be usable. Received the section today along with tail light bracket. Was going to go fishing but just had to see if the fender could be made usable again. As a refresher this is what I started with. The radius of fenders didn't match. So a pie shaped section was remove just above the bead and the radius changed. Also the pieces were section diagonally to better blend them together. And this is where the project stands as of now. A couple of rust spots need to be replaced but they won't be visible.
  3. I'll see how they fit. At least they don't have threads that can wear on things inside the wheel. I can put them in the lathe and reshape the heads. Will know more after seeing them.
  4. Bet they will work better than butchered bolts carriage bolts.
  5. Just to throw a rock in the soup I have both kinds on my rims. Which were originals?
  6. If it isn't working out please don't do it. It's not worth a lot of effort. I can make something to replace these carriage bolts. Just thought there might be some replacements out there. Thank you.
  7. Looks like I would need 4. This is what they did and what I need. If the square shoulder had been removed they would have pulled into the holes.
  8. Glad you posted the photo as I had no idea what they looked like inside the rim. Only looked at one rim so far and that was by accident. Used ones would be just fine. I live in eastern SD. 57241 Get back to you tomorrow. I'm more than happy to pay for them and any cost to get them out here. Thank you for the offer!
  9. Ordered all the rest of the differential and axle parts today. They should be here within a week. Another guy is sending me a section of a fender that I hope to use to repair mine. The profile looks good in the photos. His bolt holes didn't line up and part of it wasn't in good shape but the part I need is. With spring coming I'm really looking forward to some time behind the wheel. I'm wondering if anyone here has a good substitute for the bolts that hold the clinch rings on the wheels? Someone had used modified carriage bolts on mine and the heads don't pull down.
  10. Well the fender thing didn't pan out. looked good but didn't measure out right. Bummer. Time to start pounding tin.
  11. Another break today. I think found someone who thinks he has a rear fender. Sent him photos and measurements of what I'm looking for. Will know tomorrow. Maybe just maybe.
  12. It appears from a conversation I just had with an ebay seller in Canada that he has all the parts I need to repair this differential. The transaction is to be completed on Monday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the parts are correct.
  13. The more I look at those split windshields the more I like them. Beautiful car.
  14. You might check but I think a 36' is the same as a 37'. I had a 36' humpback delivery and the 37' was the same except for the grille as I recall.