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  1. Maybe I missed them but they sure did a nice job of hiding the air-conditioning vents. Nice clean car.
  2. I noticed that his account was no longer active the other day when searching through one of my old posts. Thought maybe (hoping) it was just a glitch. This is really sad news as he was fast to give good advice to us newbies. Hoping something changes and he chooses to return here. Best wishes to the "Tinindian"
  3. Thanks Thane for the generous offer but living in eastern SD would make that a tough trip to justify. And I have already rebuilt my differential. Again thank you.
  4. I wish you were closer as we could just make you one. I made the one for my 30 DeSoto and it has worked good. Been a year ago so I don't recall the diameter. Tom your mentioning the tapper is interesting as I just cut straight threads on mine and it just snugs up before running out of threads on the hub. Seems to have the same clearance all the way on to that point.
  5. Do you have any drums that would fit the 30 DeSoto CF. They are steel not cast-iron.
  6. Until winter time and then you can't shift at all. I went from the 600w back to 140w and have no regrets. I have found that short shifting is the best option and these long stroke engines have no problem pulling the car at low RPM's. I'll admit that synchronizers would be nice.
  7. I like that this pickup has kept it's original looks. It could have been in one of Dodges publications.
  8. No but I filled them to the fill plug and they work fine. They mount at a pretty steep angle on the rears so that's probably fine. Next winter I plan to rebuild them.
  9. You put $10,000 into the one your looking at and it won't come close to being the car 6T-finseeker posted.
  10. This car just make my mouth water. How in the world could anyone be unhappy purchasing this car.
  11. My block was cracked in both the water jacket and the oil galley. Thanks to a member here I was able to come up with another straight 8 for a very reasonable price. Please don't be in a hurry to part out that car as I'm sure someone would love to own and work on it.
  12. To the wreckers I'm afraid. That's a shame as it's got some classic styling.
  13. Your 7 years older than me and 2 inches taller so we are on about the same page. I do like the looks of the vehicle and I'm sure it would go down the road faster than my DeSoto. Did you do the work?
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