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  1. And that in the end is what it's all about. The fun of building and enjoying the fruits of our dreams.
  2. I agree 100% if they are meant to be constructive. It sure is refreshing though when people post upbeat remarks and encourage you. Even criticism can be done in an a positive manner.
  3. Nice to see the driver class cars out and about. I would have loved to go for a drive but the DeSoto is getting a suspension tune up so no driving. Thanks for the photos.
  4. I'm pretty sure this is the kit he's referring to. All that's missing is the box.
  5. Rusty it sounds like some of these folks got in their heads to pound you into the ground. I for one agree with you but think you better just give up. The first flying car was made by who? 🙂
  6. We were given one of these as a loaner when we returned our 63 Dart back to the dealer. I can remember we took it to my cousins wedding and thinking it was a nice car. I'm a little older and wiser now. They are unique though.
  7. Do you suppose anyone left the front bumpers on their Prowler?
  8. I have to agree. I owned one and had great respect for it. Unfortunately too many didn't. I He got them into the situation but anyone who has suddenly found themselves in IFR conditions and then vertigo sets in knows what he must have been going through. It's terribly unnerving. No matter how many times you tell yourself to trust your instruments you still can't make any sense out of your feelings. He must have felt very helpless at the end. I feel sorry for John and his passengers.
  9. It would have been nice to know what answer from another source he thought was so favorable. Help us out here.
  10. This is some pretty neat conversions in this thread. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/great-depression-homemade-trucks.1156761/
  11. The long box and wheel base would be a nice option.
  12. I've now got June Bug tore apart and am going through the suspension and brakes. Tie rod was bent and is now straight. The king pins were fairly easy so if your considering this I'd say go for it. They were $200 for the set from Then and Now Automotive. https://www.then-now-auto.com/ The windshield and front door windows are safety glass so before making new door panels the rear doors are going to get safety glass installed in them. One is cracked now. Someday I'd like to get the rear 1/4 windows done also. I did get the 12v to 6v transformer installed and have been running the hor
  13. Unless he was doing 60 mph this isn't looking good for a couple of those boys on the ground.
  14. 2 horse power and EPA approved. 😄 Love it.
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