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  1. I have the same setup (transmission and bellhousing )on my 36 panel. It has a 38 D8 engine. I've been looking for the throwout bearing housing. I found one, but it states it is for 1948-1953 B1D thru B4D, B1F-B4F, B1H-B4H and many others. Can anyone tell me if it will fit/work on my setup? Sorry to hijack the thread.
  2. Thank you, Keiser31. I knew if anyone knew you would.
  3. my hometown group is trying to figure out about what year this pic was taken. What is the year and make of the car? Thanks.
  4. she just told me it wasn't mine.....
  5. I am going to replace all my brake and fuel lines on my 36 Dodge. Is there one "alloy" type of tubing that is better or worse for these? Thanks in advance.
  6. headwinds should have a diagram and all the parts you need. Bob
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I know about this item, but I have never seen any part of it under the dash. ( my family has owned this panel since about 1950). The only thing under the dash is the lever for opening the vent on the cowl. The windshield does have the two mounting holes for this tho. When I got it the windshield was kept in place with two screws and large washers spaced along the bottom of the windshield and screwed into the cowl. Thanks again.
  8. Does anyone know about a "hinge" that is used to keep the bottom of the swingout windshield open on a 36 humpback? My brother says he remembers them on both sides of the windshield to keep it open. They apparently like jewlery box hinges on the sides of the box to keep the top open. I find no evidence of them in/on my panel and do not remember them being there. Thanks for any info or help.
  9. when I took off one of the bulkhead panels in my panel I found a partial pad of laundry tickets. It originally belonged to Walla Walla laundry.
  10. My book (1936 thru 1940 dodge truck condensed master parts list shows part no 658663 to be upper and lower oil control piston ring .015-.024 for ME MF RE and TE trucks. The box you show has the number 6 after the part number. Maybe it states there are 6 rings wrapped up.
  11. just for info, there is no gh at the end of Hillsboro, Oregon.
  12. My panel came without locking door handles and I would like to put some on it. Is there locking handles that will fit? How easy (or hard) is it to change them over? Does the inside mechanism need to be changed too? Any help will be appreciated. thanks.
  13. saw this on local spokane area craigslist and thought someone might be interested in it. It is not mine. https://spokane.craigslist.org/pts/d/1936-mopar-trans-shifter/6411901862.html
  14. I don't have one of these, but have several braces and numerous bits that were my grandfather's. ( I'm in my upper 60's). I also have a handmade carpenters tool box that holds alot of tools that also belonged to my grandfather. I remember that my dad taught me how to use a ball peen hammer to make gaskets. Have done it numerous times. Just gotta make sure the material doesn't move.
  15. Back in the 70's my younger brother gave me a 64 1/2 mustang when he went into the Air Force.. At one point it needed new rings. Not knowing what size engine it was I asked my dad. He told me that it was the small 196 CI inline 6. I bought the parts to re ring it. Tore it down in my driveway and rebuilt it (only breaking 1 ring). COULD NOT get it started. Would turn over but not start. Finally pull started it. It smoked very bad. After doing some checking found out it was a bigger 223 CI engine. bought the correct sized rings and completed the overhaul once again. When I turned the key it started right up without any smoke. Never had a problem with it after that.