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  1. I'm finally installing my new rear leaf springs. My question is the rear shackle for the right rear spring has 1 left hand thread and 1 right hand thread. Does the left hand thread go on the spring side or the hanger/frame side? Thanks in advance.
  2. I contacted eaton for the rear springs for my 36 dodge humpback panel. It took awhile but they finally contacted me and said they had the bluprints for the springs and that they could make them for me. I have one installed, but still waiting for right side (left hand thread) shackle to put the other one on. Bob
  3. It is a 36 LC, Vin # 8137665. Thanks for the info. It should fit if I can find one. Bob
  4. I'm trying to find out what the correct outside door handle and lock is for the back door of my panel. Does anyone know if the rear has the same handle and lock assemblies as the front doors? If the are different does anyone know mopar # or what would fit/work on the back door? Thanks in advance.
  5. thanks for the info surf city. I should be getting my new leaf springs in the net week or so. Bob
  6. I did check again and the bolts are not as long as I thought. (it was the shock link rods that were very long on bottom). A deep socket will work good. On a side note-- torque with sitting on ground with tires and wheels on, or in air without? Thanks.
  7. thanks for the info. I was hoping for an answer like this. What I will have to do is cut down the bolts after the nuts are on so I can get a torque wrench on them. The bolts are like 2" + longer than the nuts when tight.
  8. I will be getting my new rear springs soon. I have questions about installing them. When I attach them to the axle I know you need to torque the U-bolts. I can't find the specs for nut torque on the U-bolts. I also understand that you are supposed to torque the nuts after the rig is sitting on the ground with wheels on. Can anyone help me on this procedure/info? I have also heard that you are supposed to use new U-bolts. I don't think these are available (wide saddle on axle top) any more. I don't plan on hauling much with my truck, so would it be ok to use the old U-bolts if th
  9. thanks all for the info and suggestions. If I replace the spring, is it best to replace both of them? Or do they not "lose" any of their springiness? thanks again.
  10. thanks for your input. I'm working with my supplier to see if the bushing is the wrong size for the eye. He may have some available that would fit and still screw tight to the shackle.
  11. I'm replacing my rear spring shackles and bushings. The shackle goes on ok on the hanger side, but I cant get the bushing to start in the spring side. There is quite a bit of wear, and I don't want to force the bushing in and screw it up. Is there anything I can do short of replacing the spring itself. (ream out or rethread the inside of the spring etc?) Thanks in advance. Bob
  12. Is there a way to set the forum so they automatically start on "sort by start date"? Thanks. Bob
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