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  1. johnworden1

    37 DB Interior moldings WTB

    I need both left and right steel retaining moldings that run up the A piller at the door opening edge from floor past the dash to top of A piller. Dog leg shape. What have you? Thanks. John
  2. johnworden1

    37 cab interior color

    Vic, More questions........ Do you have any parts with good original factory color? Do you think 38 Plymouth truck interior would be the same? Thanks for the offer. I may take you up on that. Can you provide the paint info and manufacturer name on the paint can label? I want to research the matter further. John
  3. johnworden1

    37 cab interior color

    The interior parts are too rough to match. Those color analyzers pick the closest existing formula. Results vary. I prefer to locate a close color and tint myself. Thanks you anyway. John
  4. johnworden1

    37 cab interior color

    Is the cover factory paint or one you painted? If factory paint I sure would like to borrow it. John
  5. johnworden1

    37 pickup cab/frame spacer support blocks

    Vic, Do you have interior grey color information that I could use? John
  6. johnworden1

    37 cab interior color

    Does anyone have a color code for the 37 cab interior? Thanks, John
  7. johnworden1

    37 pickup cab/frame spacer support blocks

    Ok Thanks for the pics. I have new wood blocks made and fitted. I believe 3 stiff springs were used at 3 cab mount points but there are 6 cab to frame bolt holes. What goes where? I've seen cab to frame bolt/spring kits showing 3 long shoulder bolts, 3 springs and 1 short bolt with flat washers for all. Thanks John
  8. For sale is a trailer made by cutting the frame rails (1974 Ford Camper Special ) under the cab and converting the result into a trailer. Floor is rusty with perforation. Located in Green Mountain Iowa 50632 $200.00 Thanks. John
  9. johnworden1

    WTB Baker Electric Project

    OK, I know it looks scary but the basic chassis is there. The wood wheels can be duplicated and hard rubber tires fitted. An authentic flatbed and simple cab can be fabricated in wood like the original. You would need a motor/controls and a steering column. All new components are available to repower this chassis. The data plates are attached to the frame. Found and located in Iowa. John
  10. FWIW the Baker truck chassis I have is identified as a 1911 Model X by an aluminum data plate riveted to the left frame rail near the front. Generally speaking determining value is difficult because so few change hands. The value is essentially what ever someone will pay for it. I can't help with the Detroit.
  11. johnworden1

    37 pickup cab/frame spacer support blocks

    OK thanks. This truck came in with freshly made plywood triangular boards in the position shown in the pic. They will have to be replaced. It appears that the purpose for them was to add reinforcement to the cab floor at the 4 cowl to frame brackets bolt holes. I can make new ones. Thanks for the help. John
  12. I assume wood blocks with cab to frame bolts passing through them were used at the 2 mounting points on both sides under the cowl. Can someone describe them or post a pic of them? Thanks. John
  13. johnworden1

    1937 Dodge MC project finally done

    Vic, If I'm reading correctly the running boards are OEM. Is that correct? Was there welting between the rear fenders and aprons when you disassembled it? John