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  1. I suggest that you grind off the weld trying to leave as much of the underlying original metal in place initially. Carefully inspect the remains for indications of attachment to inner structure. Then remove enough more metal to expose the inner support structure. Working from the inner outward restore the structure and finish sheet metal to original contour. Attach hinges as intended with restored sets or replacements. It will will then become an exorcise in door fitment to properly place the hinges. It can be done. Luck. John
  2. See pics. I need the yellow metal strips ( right door and left door ) that fit at the front ( dog leg shape ) and rear edge ( straight ) of the door opening in a 37 Dodge Brothers P/up. Thanks. John
  3. Problem solved. I was trying an SAE bolt I thought was 1/2"- 20 It wouldn't go. It was metric. A 1/2-20 bolt fits perfectly. I should be able to find a suitable drain plug with that thread. Thanks for the suggestions. John
  4. I'll try 1/8 NPT but I think it will be too small.
  5. Drain hole not fuel pick up tube. Pick up tube is flared. Drain hole is not flared and 2/3 threads deep.
  6. Seems odd that it isn't a tapered thread plus it's a very shallow thread of only 3 or so threads. Once I figure out the thread I'll need a good fuel proof thread sealer.
  7. I would also like to know what female thread is in the tank drain hole. A flare nut fits and a pipe plug does not. I would have thought a pipe plug was used. John
  8. You betcha! Your parts saved the truck project. John
  9. Ok Dave. The tank can be junk other than the neck. Thanks. Be safe on the road. John
  10. Would anyone have an otherwise junk fuel tank they would cut the fill neck off of so I could solder it onto the pictured tank? I would like several inches of metal beyond the solder joint remaining for trimming and fitting purposes. Also what is the thread at the pickup tube? Thanks. John
  11. I have a 1911 Baker Model O Light Truck chassis for sale. It could be powered with a new electric system and a wood cab and flatbed built to resemble the original. The wood wheels can be duplicated with hard rubber tires. It would be very unique to say the least. I could build the truck if desired or portions of it. I have cars to finish before I could take it on. I'm asking $3000,00 for it as is. Thanks, John Please excuse if I already contacted you.
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