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  1. Details.... Recent coil, mechanical advance, spark plug caps, carb floats, needles and jets. Top end rebuild approx. 10,000 miles ago. Breakwell & Green stainless exhaust system. Upgraded steering head bearings. Original paint except for fuel tank. Silicone knee pads on tank. Ethanol never used. Everything is located in Central Iowa 50632 Listening to offers of at least $10,000 for the machine and parts. I reserve the right to reject any offer. I will decide when offers appear to stop. Thank you. John
  2. Numbers matching #626267 62,735 original miles. Owned since 1976. Aging out of the sport. Offers of at least $10,000 please. Details and photos to follow later today. Thanks. John
  3. My experience was to send the cracked grill to Wrights Custom Chrome in Grafton Ohio for plating. They stripped the original finish before repairing the cracks. Next they sent the grill back to me with the first copper coat applied. I fabricated a new crank hole cover in steel and sent it and the grill back for them to plate. See pics. Badge is original.
  4. I agree. From experience let the plater fix it during their process.
  5. This heater was in the truck when it arrived. Vintage and maker are unknown. No sign of the makers name anywhere. My question concerns the 3 vent doors. It appears that they were chrome plated and striped with black 1/8" horizontal stripes 1/8" apart. Leaving a 1/8" strip of visible chrome between the black stripes. HOWEVER....... There is a trace of 1/4" chrome visible along the bottom of one of the doors. The finish is completely gone on the 2 remaining doors. No trace of chrome or black. I know that all 3 were striped. THE QUESTION IS......... where all 3 striped with 1 wider chrome exposure along the lower edge ? See pic Thanks John
  6. Appears to have built in speaker. Not tested. $20 & ship. John
  7. Can be delivered no charge between Des Moines Iowa and Biloxi Mississippi in early June. Don't hesitate if you want them. John SOLD SOLD SOLD
  8. I believe those are for for pre 1939 trucks. Might fit post 39 though.
  9. Is your WC a long wheelbase version? Those wheels look larger than the standard wheelbase 1/2 ton variety.
  10. 1937 Dodge Pickup exterior handles. Notice oval shaped escutcheons. I need 2 restorable or better. What have you? Thanks. John
  11. 4 6.50X16 BIAS PLY GOODYEAR ALL-WEATHER DeLuxe tires. Fancy ribbed 4" white walls. Wrong size purchased from Lucas Tire in 2019 $200 each current list is $250 Unwrapped with blue protectant not removed. Message me. Located in Iowa 50632 30"x6"x20Lbs. for UPS quote.
  12. What size and year and do you need tires?
  13. 4 new in June 2019 never mounted 650 x 16 bias ply 4" white wall Deluxe All Weather tires. Ordered incorrectly from Lucas Tire and not noticed until I unwrapped them 2 days ago. Current retail is $250 each. $200.00 each owns them. See pics. They still have the blue protective coating. Thanks. John Located in Iowa 50632
  14. I APOLOGIZE NOW FOR HIGHJACKING THIS THREAD. I have a 1911 Baker Model O Light Truck chassis ( Model No. 0E 11285 Lot No. 138 Load 2000 ) that I saved from the scrap yard FOR SALE It would not be complex or require a large amount of parts to restore. It would be ambitious for sure and very satisfying. Since so many trucks were and are today built for a specified use it could be fitted with a simple wood flat bed and phone booth style cab of wood or metal. A restorer could purchase a motor and all electrical components for it and hide or disguise them. It's all available. Modern electric trucks are on the near horizon. Be the first in your neighborhood to own one. I have restored the 6th Milburn built and oldest known survivor. Truck is located in central Iowa. Thanks for consideration. PM me. John
  15. Trying to contact Geoff Thorle or Thorpe in New Zealand. He had/has a Baker car. Anyone know him or his whereabouts please put me in contact with him. Thank you. John Worden PM me
  16. Thanks for the replies. A silver grill on a black truck seems like a nice contrast. John
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