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  1. Anyone tried evaporust in the water distribution tube area ? I am having a heck of a time trying to get the tube out of my 1947 1 1/2 ton dodge truck .any suggestions would help. I have tried WD 40 and a come along with a hook. And still no movement.next will be a slide hammer.help ! Who has other remedies ?
  2. Hi thanks for responding I am not aware of which car you are on now I found your threads and was quite interested since I too have the 36 D2 sedan that I purchased about 3 yrs ago and am just trying to keep up with its needs.i have found out quite a bit from these forums. Do you have pictures of the car or cars your working on or completed ? Do you have spare parts nothing specific right now but I’m sure down the line.
  3. Is this the end product of your project or a picture of another finished restoration? I would love to know all or some of your suppliers etc. since I am trying to restore (give new life ) to a 36 dodge
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