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  1. I bought a set from White Glove when they were clearing stock.m I don't know if they have any left.
  2. Thanks Rex No My steel drums are OK. I initially had non standard splined hubs with cast iron brake drums, which I have recently changed back to the original steel drums and bolt on wheel;s Although the car stops now, it does not stop as well as it did with the cast iron drums. It would be nice to have cast iron drums, when driving in the modern traffic.
  3. Hi Rex I am aware of that. What I want to know is does anybody make cast iron replacement drums to suit 1929-30 Presidents.
  4. Does anyone know if cast iron brake drums are being produced for 29-30 model Presidents.
  5. Have you thought about fitting a dual thought Stromberg WW. They are on Larks and a multitude of other cars.
  6. Studebaker only made Commander Eights in 35. The six cylinder cars were Dictators
  7. It appears to be an FA or FB President. This is so typical, The first thing some people do is to totally dismantle the car. Parts get lost over time etc.
  8. They all; look very fit and slim. They obviously needed to be light weight as they only had a thumping big 337 CUI 200HP eight, ha ha.
  9. I think you will find this is not a President radiator and shell. A 29 President does not have a hole in the side of the shell for the headlight wiring. An easy way to tell is the President shell measures from front to back approx. 5 1/8" It is probably a Dictator, if it is, the lower radiator outlets are on from memory on opposite sides, I think the eight is on the left side of the car. John.
  10. Hi Richard Good to see you out and about. John
  11. Hi Richard Good luck from Australia. Hope you recovery is quick, thank God for 21st Century medical science. John
  12. Your best chance is to acquire another instrument panel. It does not have to be in good condition as you only need the glass.