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  1. Thanks Rex, that's good to know about the 7-1 head. It's still a mystery about the color of the 6-1 head.
  2. Hi Mark My head no longer has any paint on it. It is a 6-1 head. All the literature I have, quotes the cylinder head colors as 5-1 head engine color. 5.5-1 head orange and the 6.5-1 is sky blue. I can't find any info on the 6.1 head, the casting number is 157858
  3. This is odd as the 5-1 head is engine color. 5.5-1 head is orange and the 6.5-1 is sky blue. Surely the 6-1 head is not the same color as the engine block.
  4. Can anyone tell me what color the 6.00 -1, 157858 cylinder head should be on the 29 FE FH Presidents.
  5. I am looking for a pair of FE President State Sedan rear corner lights, see pic. I'm in Australia, but I only need them shipped to Anaheim.
  6. Do you have the two interior lights that fit either side of the rear window.
  7. The drums are only used on wire wheel models. 15" diameter 5 studs.
  8. Gary Ash, unfortunately your drums are not suitable as my car has wire wheels. which I didn't think to mention. As for shipping to Australia, I just need them shipped to Anaheim. The condition of your drums is exactly what I want. So if anyone has a pair of 29 FE FH front brake drums for a wire wheel President and can have them shipped to Anaheim at a reasonable price. I am interested.
  9. One Pair of front brake drums for 1929 FE-FH President, any condition.
  10. Replace it with an electric wiper motor. Use a marine one if it fits, wider sweep, faster than the original auto motors.
  11. I have converted my 35 Commander and 29 President to 12v. negative to earth. The advantages are; 30 amp generator, buy a batteries any where and cheaper, modern accessories work, eg. GPS, GPS Speedo, led lights etc.. It is simple to convert. change light bulbs and generator, reverse the wires on the ammeter. The 6v starter motor, and horns will work on 12 volt. Early cars have mechanical temp and fuel gauges no need to do anything with them. I have been running these cars trouble free, 35 and 18 years respectably and have had occasion to replace batteries on more than one in country towns, where 6v batteries are not available, but 12v batteries are. Also you can jump start them with a more modern 12 volt car.
  12. Hi Ray I fitted radials on my 29 FH Brooklands President early this year, They are fantastic, we have done 4000 kilometres in it since. No tram tracking, increased cruising speed by 5-10 Ks, no trouble cruising at 60-65 MPH, on the GPS. The 600X20s are 1 inch bigger diameter than the cross ply's. I don't know if your size whether radials are is bigger in diameter than cross ply's, it would be an advantage on your car if they are. I have fitted new rims to my car.
  13. I bought a set from White Glove when they were clearing stock.m I don't know if they have any left.
  14. Thanks Rex No My steel drums are OK. I initially had non standard splined hubs with cast iron brake drums, which I have recently changed back to the original steel drums and bolt on wheel;s Although the car stops now, it does not stop as well as it did with the cast iron drums. It would be nice to have cast iron drums, when driving in the modern traffic.