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  1. Hi Scott Thanks for your reply. Your lever does look similar, but it unfortunately it is not the same. John
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy a 29 President interior door lock lever, see pic. The last one I purchased, years ago was from Steve Munts. Does anybody know if he has any reproduction stock left, what his current email address is?
  3. Hi Gary, maybe there is a good cam lever available in Australia, but very hard to find. One of the other problems with the steering box is the worms wear in the middle. If you adjust the wear out in the middle they bind at the ends. You can avoid this by limiting the lock, this is not good, as they already have the lock of the Queen Mary.
  4. Tinindian Mine just pushes on one end, but not the spring end. I need to remove them to have them plated. John
  5. Gary I think you will find that the 28 Ge uses a different box than the FH. I don't have a 28 parts book to check. I have 29 FD and two 29 FH's and the FH is defiantly different than the FD. The 29 parts book also list the Fcs and Fds different to each other. The GE is possibly the same as the FC. You need to get a box with the same casting number. Providing the holes line up the GE box may be useable, but the ratio and the angle may be different. It could even be better.
  6. Yes the FH is the same, but what I want to know how to remove the bracket from the roll.
  7. Over 20 years ago I reconditioned the steering box on my Brooklands President. From memory, the pin was not removeable. I had the pin built up. The car has travelled in excess of 30,000 miles since. I recently checked it and it was still as good as new. It's a good idea to replace the bicycle head style ball bearings on the worm with Timken bearings.
  8. Can anyone tell me how to remove the end brackets from the spring side of the roll, on the blinds on the rear window and two side windows. on an FH President. I need to remove these to have them nickels plated. John
  9. Thanks Richard, but surely with all the Presidents in the ASC,, somebody must know the bolt specifications.
  10. I had my 29 FH President down to the bare frame and there is definitely not a number stamped on the frame anywhere. Fortunately the aluminium plate was still intact on the frame, but very tatty as they usually are, so I bought a new plate. The plate on the right side of the frame which says President was not available , so I recently had one made.
  11. I need help with my 29 President Long clutch, can anyone give me the description of the three bolts that hold the two driven plates (Cutch plates) together, ( E2 11 on the illustration). I need to know the length, the diameter, the thread diameter, the thread length and whether it is a straight bolt, or a stepped bolt. Also do the three leaf springs ( E6) on the plate separator, face the fly wheel.
  12. Hi Rex Can you please check if you have any. Regards John Grant.
  13. Does anyone know if any one is making reproduction engine mountings. for 29-30, FH- FE Presidents.
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