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  1. Thanks for sharing with everybody. I think I have seen a copy of that one before someplace.... 😀
  2. Price Reduced to $59,900 - If Interested Contact: Don memoryshelf558@gmail.com (503) 393-4500 Reposting for a friend.
  3. Posting this for a friend. Please see contact information in data sheet if interested.
  4. It is clearly an open car. The first open car for Pontiac was with the New Series 6-27 which were sold from July 1927 to the end of the year. They made only one open car at this time, a roadster. The body was not Fisher body but one made by Stewart. In my humble opinion they were some of the most beautiful roadsters made. Now if it is phaeton it would have to be a Series 6-28 which was produced the first half of 1928. However, if the hood ornament is correct then it would be New 6-27 Stewart Body Roadster produced sometime in the second half of 1927. Tinindian.... correct?
  5. Liz is a modern lady who added a later grommet so she stays pretty..... Take that Tinindian...
  6. While I have not taken the '30 down to the frame it sounds like mounting is the same as '32 tire carrier and trunk rack. Two pictures of the '32 structure and one picture showing how restoring a car should be fun....
  7. Here are some close-ups of mounting. I have not had the cover off but I am sure there is a frame cross member that the bolts go into (threaded) or through (bolted). Hope this helps.
  8. Are you asking about one between the frame that holds the lens and the light body? Or what Tinindian responded to?
  9. Interesting car. I am pretty sure this car was for sale in Hemmings about a year ago and in pieces. It looks like somebody got it back together. I keep a database of all 1932 Pontiacs and this one is on my list but with ownership "unknown". Do you have any contact information for the seller? I am the Pontiac-Oakland Club tech advisor for '32 and would appreciate getting some current information on ownership. I can't read what the sign says about the number surviving but I do have 13 of this body style on my list worldwide. It is actually called a convertible coupe Model 32318. While my database is not perfect I think saying there are 10-15 survivors is not unreasonable. However, from those records I think there are probably only half or less of them that are in drivable condition. Additionally, there are two remaining V-8's of this body style that I am aware of. From what paint is left it looks like it was was two tone blue and probably the same colors as my sport coupe in my profile picture. Antibes Blue and Boatswain Blue. It would be a beautiful car if restored.
  10. I agree with the Tinindian...
  11. Do you have a photo you can share? One thing I found out was that the hotrod shops can do magic with fenders. My '32 had a boo boo on it and they did a great job bringing it back to life. They can do amazing things to fenders with the modern equipment and welding methods. However, I will keep my eyes open for you. Just my 2 cents...
  12. I tried to recreate my '32 as close to original as possible (reasonable). The car still had original paint under an overspray when I bought it. I painted it in the 70's but did not strip to bare metal at that time. This time I stripped to bare metal. As I did this I tried to carefully sand through each layer as before I used the chemical strip. The best I can tell is that, at least on the '32, the reveal was only painted only on the first section. I can't be 100% sure on this but I am pretty sure this is how it was painted on the '32. I agree with Reid. Any further is too much. Note that this photo was before pen striping.
  13. Reid- You know my email... I would like a copy of the article, please.
  14. My '30 was originally paint code 2021. Paul - Thanks for the comment on the '32.