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  1. Two details are wrong for that speedometer to be from a Model A. It should have a trip odometer reset knob on the front and a mounting strap over the back of the case to fasten to the instrument panel. According to Model A Judging Standards book, "Stewart Warner produced two oval faced speedometers with white pointer. The first was used thru early 1928 and had a wide rim and wide numerals. The second, introduced in January 1928 and used thru mid 1930, had a narrow rim and narrower numerals." No mention of speedometers without odometer reset knob or oval opening for speed indicator or pri
  2. Serial number 1315730 is a 1925, and the brake idler pivot shared with shackle bolt identifies this as Buick Master, which is what my Buick is. Rear wheels are from something later, and I can't see enough of front wheels to determine if they are original or later. Was this made into a hay wagon ? Where is this located ? Kevin
  3. Tools pictured on Parts Book plate 52 are listed on this original checklist dated 7-14-19 Frank that tail light bracket is 1928 Ford, not Buick
  4. only 1 photo ? location in ad says West Linn, which is 180 miles south of Seattle NOT MINE NOT MINE NOT MINE https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/west-linn-1910-maxwell/7316913715.html HORSELESS CARRIAGE - If you are into antique cars , this may be the one for you . Think Jack Benny She is beautiful, restored from frame up in 2010 for her 100th birthday. She doesn't look her age. She's been in the family since the mid d1950's. Engine and frame have same number. We have over $15,000 in restoration cost . Downsizing and need to find her a loving
  5. found that ad for 1925 Master front axle/wheels. This will not interchange with Standard.
  6. John There was a 25 Master axle with springs and wheels in Ca that I have seen advertised. Somewhere in Buick Buy/Sell are some photos. If this is same axle, it will not work. Shackle bolts are different sizes between Standard and Master springs, and nothing else will interchange. If you have located a different axle that is Standard, wheel sizes from 1925 will be 22" and your car has 21". Brake lever arms are slightly different but they may still interchange. I have some wheels and full set of brake bands and front backing plates for 26 Standard. I am locat
  7. They should fit, but depending on model differences the spring height "C" might be different. Find your model in the table below and compare to the 1925 springs. Both springs should be swapped to avoid one side lifting or lowering from difference in height. I have a set of model 20 springs for sale, but these things are heavy and shipping could get expensive. Kevin
  8. Welcome to 20's Buicks. First thing you should get is the Buick Master Parts list 1916-1932. These can be found on Amazon, e-bay, and several other online vendors. You will save yourself many times over the cost of this book by identifying the correct parts for your Standard and avoid buying a bunch of Master series parts that won't fit. Master is the larger series car and very few parts will interchange between the series. I did a quick search on e-bay for a water pump, and there is one currently listed if the seller has accurately quoted the casting number. https://www.ebay.c
  9. I have a transmission and some wheels, but those don't appear to be missing from your car. What do you need and where are you located ?
  10. Can you list some of the parts you are missing ? If you are not sure what is missing, then post some more detailed photos so we can see what you have. Where are you located ?
  11. 1941 Chevrolet dashboard curved trim pieces which fit underneath clock and speedometer. $40 for pair free shipping within continental US.
  12. Dang ! I didn't notice that model was discontinued. Before buying this charger, my 6 volt car battery always had a very short life. I have been using that charger for 2 years with no problems. There are several other manufacturers selling 6/12 volt chargers with desulphation function, but I won't recommend any that I have not tried myself.
  13. 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 Chevrolet NOS water pump rebuild kit $60 includes shipping within lower 48
  14. I have one of these that I keep hooked up to the battery when not in use. model CTEK UC 800 Patented desulphation function Unused batteries lose their power and their life is shortened through sulphation. It is also more difficult to charge sulfated batteries. The UC 800 has a patented method for reconditioning sulfated batteries. The charger analyzes the state of the battery and, if possible, recovers the battery and its power
  15. There is what looks like a 1923 light on e-bay right now, but at $150 its rather expensive in my opinion. Is 1923 the only year to have this plain nickeled bezel or was this used for multiple years ?
  16. This White belonged to a member of our local car club in Southern Oregon 40 years ago. I don't recall what year it was. Kevin
  17. NOT MINE 1923 REO Speedwagon Vintage Firetruck - $12,000 (Escondido) https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/cto/d/escondido-1923-reo-speedwagon-vintage/7304535954.html $12,000 OBOThis Vintage Fire Truck has been sitting in storage for the last 14 years and needs some love and attention. Was used to drive neighborhood kids around and used in parades.Overhead intake valve "F Engine" is 240 cu in 27 new horsepower. Engine is complete and was running and clattering like an old-time sewing machine and drove steady at 30-35 mph. Might need a new battery and a tune up.This
  18. I made one from a model T hand crank and an end cut from a stainless shaft. This shaft was work hardened on the outer diameter. I was able to drill down the center on the lathe and cut the slot using an angle grinder, and then weld both pieces together. Kevin
  19. 1924 Buick 4 cylinder closed cars used loop door handles. Other car makes did too.
  20. It is a 6 cylinder motor right ? 1922 6 cylinder serial numbers start with 753000. 1923 6 cylinder serial numbers start with 879623
  21. Those print photos are probably from 1995. Ask the seller to take new digital photos including the interior wood and close ups of the lower areas that look a little rusty.
  22. Here is a front view of a 1915 Apperson that belonged to a member of our local car club about 40 years ago.
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