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  1. NOT MINE 1941 Desoto Delux Business Coupe - $11,000 (Madera) https://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/d/madera-1941-desoto-delux-business-coupe/7389519771.html Beautiful looking and driving 1941 Desoto Delux Business Coupe for Sale. Original flat head six cylinder engine with 3 speed manual transmission. Runs good and good gray paint with no rust. Needs a brake job as a need. Clean title with title on hand, but there are CA DMV backfee of about $900. If out of State, then your State fee. Desoto is located in Madera, CA, 20 miles North of Fresno in Central California. Great classic of the past.
  2. After a lot of hammering you are likely to have some stretched areas that will not go away. A disk shrinker is an easy and fairly inexpensive solution. I bought a 9" shrinking disk from Wolfesmetalfab for around $40 2 years ago and got a lot of practice using it on my Buick sheetmetal. Another helpful tip I learned from this video was to use Dykem layout blue to see the high and low spots so I know where to aim the hammer.
  3. Someone here probably has a copy of 1922 Parts Book, and various pages from these books show up on this forum. Below is the only page I saved from 1922 parts book. I borrowed Mark Shaw's 1924 parts book and copied it for my own use. The table showing groups of years is from Buick 1916-1932 Master Parts List book which is available online. It helps identify parts interchange by year and sometimes even has dimensions for very similar parts with multiple variations, but does not have clear illustrations of every part for every year. Kevin
  4. Hood latches are Group No. 8.028 in the parts book The above pictured latches were used between 1923 and 1931 except not on 50 series models- bracketed in red in the table below. 50 series had a nickel plated tube but should otherwise still be identical. The tube measures 3-3/8" x 9/16 dia. 1922 appears to have used 3 different latches, one of which was used for multiple years going back to "D" (1917?) Hood latch is one of the few parts that were used for multiple years and models. I am still looking for a couple more good swing bases for my latches. I recognize the above photos of latches and handle - they are mine. Kevin
  5. Where is the car parked ? Outside in the rain ? bring it inside. Under cover but parked on a dirt floor ? spray the ground with ant & termite pesticide. Home Depot carries this. Inside a garage with a concrete slab ? check for leaky roof, water infiltration, or other source of water. Termites need water. Look for mud tubes (termite size) connecting the car with soil. If storage is dry with no obvious water sources, then try fumigation.
  6. Here is one in Eastern Washington, and judging by the asking price, the owner thinks he is sitting on a gold mine. Notice the daylight visible through rust holes in the floorpan under the driver door. https://yakima.craigslist.org/pts/d/yakima-1942-dodge-door-military-sedan/7386269587.html 1942 dodge 2 door sedan military model Body is in fair condition It's a more rare model I wanted to restore but don't have time for this project. 15k or best offer. Might be open to trade as well
  7. NOT MINE https://medford.craigslist.org/cto/d/central-point-1939-studebaker-commander/7376265199.html Studebaker For Sale : 1939 Studebaker Commander Business Coupe Model 9A This car is a 2 Door, 3 passenger Business Coupe used by salesmen. I has an extremely large size trunk and beautiful fender skirts. This car has a 116 1/2 “ wheel base running on period correct Firestone Deluxe Champion 6.50x16 Bias Ply Tires. The Engine is a 6 Cylinder. Flathead developing 90 horsepower. It has a 3 speed column shift manual transmission with overdrive. The exterior is painted in factory correct Delphinium Blue. This is a survivor car. 47,724 were built in 1939, only a handful of this model last today in this restored to original condition. The interior, dash and instruments are all original. It has 40798 miles on the OD. One of the most unusual features on the car is the after market Borg Warner passenger compartment heater that is operated by Gasoline from the carburetor. I am the third owner of the car. I purchased it from a gentleman in California who lovingly restored it for his wife who drove it regularly to work. Since I have owned the car I have had it maintained by a local mechanic who specializes in vintage cars.It runs and drives great, and it’s a fun car to drive. It attracts lot’s of attention at car show, because it is so unusual. The selling price is $18,500.00. The car is located in Southern Oregon. Please contact me @ 541-499-5341
  8. I have few wind wing bracket parts for sale in >Parts For Sale>. See Wind Wing bracket #10 thru #13
  9. Looks like model 47 if it has the 120" wheelbase. If it has 128" wheelbase it would be model 50. Open car bodies were made by Buick, and closed car bodies were made by Fisher with no interchanging wood parts. Post another photo from the side and we can identify exactly which model you have.
  10. If you look in this area indicated by red box, there should be a date stamp. You might have to sand it a little to get the date to show up clear enough to read it. There was a change in location of choke rod support on the bottom right side (as viewed from the drivers seat) made around 1929. There is some modification or addition to this choke support on this tank.
  11. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/d/ross-1925-cadillac/7382674589.html 1925 Cadillac Phaeton Roadster Pickup. 80 HP flat head V-8. See to believe -- Very Rare. $4,800 Firm. Call 254-715-9452 or text 254-315-1024.
  12. Not sure if this one is in Los Angeles or Waco Texas. Its not mine . https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/d/ross-1925-cadillac/7382674589.html 1925 Cadillac Phaeton Roadster Pickup. 80 HP flat head V-8. See to believe -- Very Rare. $4,800 Firm. Call 254-715-9452 or text 254-315-1024.
  13. Buick’s free-wheeling clutch mechanism that allowed the car to coast out of gear, when you took your foot off the gas pedal. Not real popular, and perhaps problematical.
  14. Some of these parts might also be common to other makes of cars like Ford or Chevrolet that have multiple online parts vendors. Just a guess those oval head screws are 10-32 which were also used on Model A Fords and can be purchased from a vendor such as https://www.brattons.com/. Model A also used several other sizes of oval head screw too. Also guessing about the window channel, but if you have a closed car, then Ford or Chevrolet parts vendors and even Amazon will sell lengths of channel that might work. The air intake under the windshield, is this a hinged cowl vent ? If so the profile might be similar to another car that has readily available replacements from an online vendor. post a photo with some measurements and maybe somebody can point you to a vendor. Kevin
  15. Hugh Many thanks for all the effort you have put into this. Those of us who will eventually reach the upholstery milestone will benefit from your research and presentation. Kevin
  16. These parts are NOT MINE, contact the owner via craigslist link if interested. Ad indicates that parts are located a few miles north of Portland in Woodland Washington https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/pts/d/columbia-city-chevrolet-parts/7377342454.html 1920 to 1926 Chevrolet Vintage Car Restoration Parts. LOTS of good sheet metal, good axles, good frames, tires with rims, motor parts. These parts have been STORED INSIDE for that last 20 years. No junk- we did quality 100% authentic restorations. We are moving soon- so come on and see for a full bundle. Quality parts for real restoration- make offer or trades considered.
  17. This Packard ? That missing 5 % will cost a lot more than you might think. And "some rust" in a WA car suggests the floor pan and other lower areas need a lot of sheetmetal replacement. All those small rubber parts will be cracked and breaking, potmetal trim parts will be pitted and need replacement. No mention of the motor is not a good sign either. This car will nickel and dime whoever restores it. Find a Packard restoration parts supplier and look through their catalog to see pricing and availability of parts. There is a thread somewhere here on the forum on the sheetmetal repairs for a rusty Packard convertible. It might give you an idea of what this car will be needing. I have been working on a 1948 Chev that was nearly rust free, 99.9 % complete, and partially restored and driving back in the 80's, and amazed at how much it is costing just to get it road ready again. Just my opinion. Kevin
  18. Should fit 1926-1928 Master models, and if the float bowl is pot metal, which it appears to be, it was made in 1928. The cast iron carburetor body should have 10-105 cast in raised lettering, probably on the back side. That potmetal has a reputation for being very crumbly.
  19. Lip toward the grease. Otherwise that lip might catch on the spindle shoulder when you put the wheel on and it won't seal. This is the front hub and modern seal for my 25 Buick Kevin
  20. Parts are often misidentified as "Model T", or for wrong years, or in a wrong subcategory. You have to cast a wider net by searching for a wider range of years to see everything. Try searching for "unknown old car part" and see what parts show up. Sometimes I recognize a Buick part incorrectly identified, and I will send the seller a note to inform them. They usually write back to tell me that parts were left over from a car their father restored years earlier and they had no idea what the part was.
  21. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/d/portland-1923-chevy-coupe/7362549473.html It’s time to sell this sweet little 23 Chevy. She is in fairly original condition, wooden wheels and all. It has the original four cylinder engine. Floors went bad, pulled them out, started putting in new ones, but still needs finished. The steel is in fantastic shape. Had a respond back in the 90s to the original color. Interior is in great shape aside from floor, and all of the shiny bits are in great shape. Also had a fuel pump issue, did not want to put in a new aftermarket pump or an electric unit, so right now it runs with a fuel jug, but it just needs a little love.This is a sweet little coupe that needs little work, but it’s quite a tasty little number. You could keep it original and nostalgic, or you could make it into a sweet hot rod, or anything in between.Clean Oregon title in my name, give me a call $9500
  22. It probably started out as a 1-1/2 ton flatbed truck and was converted into a chiva by a local shop.
  23. How much gap is there around the doors ? Does the door contour match the body ? Is there any mismatch in paint or condition in any of the doors ? Has the body been taken apart and re-wooded ? Do the doors open and shut correctly and do they sag ? give us a few clues and post photos
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