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  1. Anyone by chance?
  2. I thought he is in Cedarburg Wisconsin. With a restoration shop. In my town)))
  3. Hello all Looking for 1942 Packard 180 limo And LeBaron body too. Please let me know if you have any Thznks Dav 414 six30two 853
  4. Place where i would love to be but.... Anyone is going by chance?
  5. For sale 1930 Cadillac V16 restored transmission Please give me a call for more info Thanks Dav 414-630-285 Three
  6. What the point painting cars to other newer colors? make it all shine? why cant people use original colors? and original paint? I thought restoration meaning restoring to original condition.... but this all new paint technology makes cars looks like newer cars with slower engine... sorry that my personal opinion. .
  7. Very niceone for much less and still V16 http://dshappyclassiccars.com/index.php/cars-for-sale/1930-cadillac-v-16-imperial-sedan-4330/
  8. I know an owner of the touring one might post some photos if he will let me.
  9. After all those facts. Car was sold for pretty good price )))
  10. I think that 500k with 540k engine
  11. Hello All Anyone have seen Bugatti Registry or has some Ideas where to find a book. trying to do some search for 1935 Bugatti T57. thanks in Advance AJ Do apologize about dif them in Mercedes Them Thanks Dav
  12. Most of the german actually might be all cars was stolen. And endup in different countries....