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  1. Hopefully not a 90 series)) I Am looking for an engine or chassis too. Let me know if you got any for sale.
  2. Running c code 2+2 with deluxe interior Asking price 17500 or best offer 414-six30-2853 for more info Dave
  3. Is that the one from Poland?
  4. Is that Brian's car? I think Shown has it for sale.
  5. Hello all looking for donor steyr 220. Sedan or cabrio. Any condition. If anyone have or know any for sale please let me know. Thanks Dav 414 six3o 2853 P.s Evergreen Digital Showroom has one but ther car restored. need something like sedan know about a that car.
  6. https://hymanltd.com/vehicles/6681-1934-horch-780-b-sport-cabriolet-cabriolet/ This is not a Mercedes but looks great. But ther is aback graound on a car... please be advised...
  7. Looking to buy for museum first generation of electric cars. Detroit Electric etc. If anyone has any or know any please let me know 414Six30 2853 Dav or buy email orPM Thanks Dav
  8. @alsancle arent you an admin in Forum? I think Might be a scam Scam .....
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