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  1. Hugh On my 25 Standard, the differential end of the axle was square. The side gears were cracket at each corner. I ended up changing over to a 26 axle which is splined not square, but this ended up having to use 21 inch wheels not the 22 inch as the 1926 axle shaft is a larger diameter and will not fit into the 22 inch hub. The Master and earlier six cylinder cars all use a splined axle. I also used a thin steel shim as you and Mark, as the hub was worn, until finally changing to the smaller wheel.
  2. Carsten Glad to see you purchased this car. I really like the way, the tray/back has been built on your car. I think it is dissapointing that there are not more pick up/utilities, restored, as they were such a big part of automobile history in rural areas. There are a few of us on the forum with 1920 Buicks, so if you have any questions, just ask. My first car that I got when I was 17, was a 1925 buick that had been converted for farm use. Rod
  3. You can buy Workshop Manuals, and Reference Books for the 22 four cylinder, through the "Buick Heritage Alliance"
  4. Mike, There have been a number of topics recently on this forum, where people are freeing up engines that have been sitting for a long time. Mark Kikta has been giving a very good , step by step account of freeing up his frozen 22 engine. Read those topics, it covers all you need, to get your engine going.
  5. Looks fantastic Terry, can understand your not wanting to fold it. Can you take a close up photo of your wind wings. I have to make new brakets/glass holders for my 25
  6. Mic Bac. Thats not a 1925 Buick starter. Maybe a 26. 25 had the starter motor and generator in the one unit.
  7. Larry I thought the 25 had the rests for the top brackets, not the clamps😮.
  8. What year would this light be off.
  9. Very nice. Looks like a good buy to me.
  10. There wouldn,t be too many of these around. Would have to be one of my favourite years and styles, with the built in trunk. On Ebay at the moment. Wonder what the reserve is.
  11. Kyle, Get back to work on that 25. Remember where not getting younger.
  12. My 1920 has the screw down grease cups.
  13. There are a few early 20,s Buicks on Ebay at present. A nice light blue 21 roadster, This dark blue one, looks like a nice 22 tourer. These 1918,s were advertised a year or more back. back on the market again. The one with the dark green body is actually a 1919.
  14. Mark, Buick started production of their 1922 Models in August 1921.
  15. Wow, What a challenge. Its hard enough when you have all the right parts.