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  1. Larry, were you driving the car when that happened or on start up. Nice painting.
  2. Mark, did you order the brushes with the recess. there the ones I got for my 1920. Not sure if 22 is the same.
  3. Morgan, It looks like your front axle has been put on back to front at some time. The stearing stops should be at the back, which prevents the wheels turning too far.
  4. Morgan, This is what you need
  5. Advance Electrical Rebuilders in Michigan make the brushes for most model S/G Not cheap. On EBay for $120
  6. That seems to be about the price for teen,s cars in that condition. This one was on HCCA for $2000 recently
  7. Terry , what price did the car sell for.
  8. For anybody who hasn,t already got this list.
  9. Charlie, I agree with Hugh. You need to unbolt the rear spring hangers that attach to the rear axle housing so you are able to move the axle and torque tube back. If you remove the rear tires, you are able to move the rear axle and torque tube further back creating extra room. This will allow the room to install the engine and gear box. Then you can move the rear axle and torque tube forward and attach to the gear box. I place blocks of wood under the wheels so the axle doesn,t drop down too low.
  10. The Buick Heritage Alliance has reproductions of 1915 reference books and parts lists, Also manuals do come up on Ebay.
  11. Stuart, Are both parts of your locking caps and rings Aluminium. All my locking rings are steel and the caps are aluminium
  12. Alex, Put this in the Buick Buy and Sell and the Buick pre war- Technical sections of this Forum and you will get more replys. and sugestions
  13. Larry, ( dibarlaw ) what does Beulah mean.
  14. ROD W

    1913 Hood

    Garry, Unfortunately in Aust, complete unrestored brass cars are unobtainable. If you pick up a trailer load of parts you consider yourself lucky, and then look for missing parts and parts that can be used for patterns. My engine number is 6011 which makes it a 1912. I would have prefered to buy a complete or older restoration. This one was recently for sale for US $36,500 but with the low Aust $ it put it out of my reach. You have a beautiful car. Hopefully when I get over to the US, I,ll get to go for a ride in your,s and Marks cars.
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