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  1. Another great day for a ride. This was ride #2 for Teddy. He relaxed the whole ride with Bubba in the backseat. They also enjoyed the lunch we had on the common in Woodstock, CT. We were disappointed that the ice cream shoppe was not open yet! Today we saw one antique car and three hot rods.
  2. I have seat belts in both of my 1941 Buick's. In an attempt to keep the pets safe I have purchased the seat belt safety clips. The issue is the fact that they only work on newer seat belts. Does anyone have a solution they could share? Thanks.
  3. "Harlem Nights" with Eddy Murphy. Too many cars to mention them all. All in the 1930's like Packard, Pierce Arrow, Buick, Chrysler, Chevrolet, etc.
  4. Beautiful day here in the island. First day out for the 41 Special this year. The snow has finally left. We went out for a picnic and a ride around the reservoir with the boys. This was 6 month old Teddy's first ride in an antique. I think he had a great time. I cannot believe we did not see another antique on the road.
  5. As an owner of a 41 Special and 41 Roadmaster, I would go with the Roadmaster. The bigger engine makes a big difference in enjoyment.
  6. Just my two cents, but AACA Hershey is in October. I know a lot of us go there. Not sure if another October event would be well attended. As far as bringing kids to the events, I have always brought my daughter and a friend or her cousins to the meets. Don't discount the fact that families do come to the meets.
  7. Maybe they used the money from the hail damage to paint the car instead of fixing the damage?
  8. I had my clock repaired for my 1941 Buick by someone recommended in this forum. It was guaranteed for one year. guess what? It lasted only 14 months. I guess I will need to rely on my phone instead.. Good luck.
  9. Sadly no real driving this weekend. My daughter and I winterized the cars for their Winter sleep. Hoping for very early Spring! I am feeling withdrawals already!
  10. My final mileage reading for 2020 is 1,424 trouble free touring miles. Not bad for a 79 year old car. My goal for 2021 will be 2021. Can't wait to start.
  11. We love driving to Woodstock, CT as well. Nice place for a picnic.
  12. What could be better, a Packard and a train in the Fall.....
  13. A great day for a drive today. Weather was warm i the low 70's. Probably the last nice day for a ride in the convertible. Drove around the reservoir. The water levels were low. The city people need to conserve better than they are. I have never seen levels this low. We picked up some lunch and had a nice picnic.
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