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  1. Took the fraternal twins out yesterday for their first rides of the year. The first nice day since the Fall.
  2. I hear both of you but I would not want to walk around with this in my pocket. Also the back seems industrial not cosmetic. The neck is rather long as well. By the way it still works!
  3. It is actually quite heavy and built more industrial than a pocket watch.
  4. Can anyone give me an idea which year of car might have used this clock? My first guess is a Pierce Arrow, since this was found in the home of someone who only owned Pierce Arrows. Thanks
  5. Looks like someone was trying to make the plastic look uniform so they painted the back side.
  6. On sale for $54,500.00. A better investment than Sears.
  7. Were Grahams sold through other dealerships? Chrysler, Dodge?
  8. Thanks for the update on your work. It is beautiful. Is the seat fabric tan and gray Bedford cord? Looks like the OEM material on my 41 Special.
  9. Thanks for the link. Sorry to see it rained on Saturday too. Great pictures. Thanks!
  10. I was not able to attend this year. Can anyone share pictures of the car show and maybe car corral? Much appreciated!!!
  11. I was at a car show yesterday and saw two Grahams. One was a 37 and the other a 35. My mother-in-law who is 96 does not remember seeing them before. My guess is the dealerships were few and far between. Does anyone know if there where ones in Rhode Island? She did remember the Pierce Arrows her family had. Thanks.
  12. The one year in 17 I will not be in Hershey. I would have loved to look at what you have.
  13. Any engine rebuilder should be able to rebuild a straight eight. When you get a name or names talk to people who have had their engines rebuilt. It should take no longer than 6 months. Most parts for a 248 are readily available. Good luck!
  14. Does anyone else feel the wheels are falling off the club? Can't we figure out a way to get along for the betterment and preservation of our Buick's? Remember this club is getting smaller every year and these divisions are not helping. I am a mainstream member and I am getting tired of reading about all of the controversy. I do not see this same playing out in other clubs I belong to.