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  1. Thanks for confirming my guess. Does anyone have a registry of original owners of the 1913 models?
  2. I think this may be a 1913, 48-B Touring. On the back of the picture dated August 30, 1916 is the notation, "Pierce Arrow on return from Mohawk Trail trip". I would like to identify the model and if this car still exists. The owner of this car owned this car until the 1930's along with more than a dozen closed PA's from the teens till 1935. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi Scott, Have you been able to remove the "Elephant Ears"? Thanks Dennis
  4. I moved the starter switch from the pedal to a button under the dash. Solved all my starting issues on both my 41's. No more flooding issues.
  5. His best option would be to set up a Go Fund Me Page once he has found "the car".
  6. What parts do you still have left on the 41? Can you post new pictures?
  7. Hello Scott, Were you able to remove and send the parts? Thanks Dennis
  8. Too bad Ken will not be there. I always looked forward to talking with him. He is my first stop every year. Get well Ken!
  9. Thanks Scott. Can you please let me know when you ship? Thanks Dennis
  10. Nice choice. Great combination.
  11. Nice car. Have you decided on colors yet?