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  1. I thought it was me that was doing something wrong. It is difficult to search ebay any more.
  2. I owned one with 27k original miles. All the interior was original too. I did have it professionally repainted. Sold it for 5k about 18 years ago.
  3. Sorry but this Pierce is a model 43. The smallest Pierce for this year.
  4. The Locomobile Society Website appears to be removed or no longer accessible. . Does anyone know what happened?
  5. My wife's uncle and grandmother posing near their two tone green 1941 Buick. Not sure if it was a Special or Century.
  6. 1947 Packard custom clipper sedan. Packard did not make convertibles in 1947.
  7. 1933 Series 90 Cub Sedan...rare and beautiful. Need better pictures please.
  8. In my humble position, it’s not worth 15k with damage that was done by putting in that engine.
  9. There were only 312 produced. It took me two years to sell my 71-C with a freshly rebuilt engine.
  10. I saw the car of the dome in Warren Ohio in 1999. It was love at first sight.
  11. I have seen New Hampshire and Vermont mentioned as the 2025 location for the National Meet. Does anyone have any information? Thanks
  12. 1) 1934 Packard Super 8 Convertible Victoria 2) 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow 3) 1933 Packard “Car of the Dome” 4) 1932 Packard Twin Six Convertible Sedan 5) 1912 Locomobile model 48 Touring 6) Any Alco I need to stop here. Like everyone else, I could go on forever.
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