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  1. Exactly my thought when comparing my 71C to my model 41. I think I will be looking for five 16 wheels. Thanks for your input.
  2. Thanks. Never saw them installed before. Does anyone have a picture of them installed?
  3. Just replaced the sill plates on my Roadmaster phaeton. The set came with an extra four pieces. Where do they belong?
  4. Ok, then why the larger wheels on the Limited? Same gear ratios as the Century and Roadmaster.
  5. I wonder why Buick put the 15x6.00 wheel on the Century and Roadmaster and put larger wheels on the Special and Super. Has any owner swapped out the larger wheel and tires to their Century or Roadmaster?
  6. Free.... You pay for shipping. (USA only)
  7. Two 24 inch fender spears for a 1941 Buick. One Looks like it was re-chromed some time ago. The second one has a broken tip. $250. including shipping (USA only)
  8. Center Grille from a 1941 Buick. $80.00 including shipping. (USA only).
  9. Green indicator lights? I have never seen those before.
  10. For less than $300.00 you can get a new gas tank. No issues with trying to clean it and hope it will clean and not leak. The first thing I did was replace the gas tanks on my 1941's when I got them. The best insurance policy.
  11. Thanks Scott. Also need the window vent knobs is still available. Thanks Dennis
  12. If you copy your VIN# on the site, I can decode your Olds.
  13. I have received prices from a few vendors in the range of $675.00 to $1,000.00. Is this standard?