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  1. I moved the starter switch from the pedal to a button under the dash. Solved all my starting issues on both my 41's. No more flooding issues.
  2. His best option would be to set up a Go Fund Me Page once he has found "the car".
  3. What parts do you still have left on the 41? Can you post new pictures?
  4. Hello Scott, Were you able to remove and send the parts? Thanks Dennis
  5. Too bad Ken will not be there. I always looked forward to talking with him. He is my first stop every year. Get well Ken!
  6. Thanks Scott. Can you please let me know when you ship? Thanks Dennis
  7. Nice choice. Great combination.
  8. Nice car. Have you decided on colors yet?
  9. Hello Scott, I have not heard back from you on the status of the parts? Thanks Dennis
  10. Looking to have a restoration on my 41 Buick radio. Not looking for a conversion. Has anyone had good luck with someone? Thanks
  11. Optima works great!
  12. Hello Scott, Do you have an update on the parts for me? Thanks
  13. Matt, Sounds like a cool event. My wife and I took my 41 Roadmaster Phaeton top down to the beach. Perfect day, perfect ride.