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  1. Sadly no real driving this weekend. My daughter and I winterized the cars for their Winter sleep. Hoping for very early Spring! I am feeling withdrawals already!
  2. My final mileage reading for 2020 is 1,424 trouble free touring miles. Not bad for a 79 year old car. My goal for 2021 will be 2021. Can't wait to start.
  3. We love driving to Woodstock, CT as well. Nice place for a picnic.
  4. What could be better, a Packard and a train in the Fall.....
  5. A great day for a drive today. Weather was warm i the low 70's. Probably the last nice day for a ride in the convertible. Drove around the reservoir. The water levels were low. The city people need to conserve better than they are. I have never seen levels this low. We picked up some lunch and had a nice picnic.
  6. This picture this was taken in 1926 in Palm Beach. The owner of the car owned Pierce Arrow's, but this was his winter car when he went to Florida for the winter. Thanks for any help.
  7. Doesn't look like we will be out driving this weekend. This snow is too early!
  8. Took out the model 41 for a picnic with my wife and dog. Nice crisp day for a fall ride.
  9. Went out for two rides today. In the morning I drove the Roadmaster about 25 miles and after lunch took out the Special for a ride around the reservoir. Yes the dog was on the second ride as always. Saw more than 30 antiques on my rides today leaf peeping. That brought a smile to my face 😃 Hope you are all out there enjoying your cars too!
  10. I took both 41's out today. Beautiful fall day. Went to visit my father, grandparents and great grandparents. Then the dog guilted me to giving him a ride around the Scituate Reservoir.
  11. Try Bob’s Automobilia in CA or CARS(old Buick parts) they may have what you need.
  12. We saw several classics today at Tom Laferriere's open house. We took the 1941 Buick 71C to the open house. Tom opened up all the buildings and had quite a display of Classics. Nice job Tom and staff. Plenty of eye candy there. My favorite was the 33 Packard Convertible Victoria, although the Duesy's were not bad too.
  13. Went to visit some relatives with Bubba. It was a cool ride home for my wife and dog.
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