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  1. Not sure, I may have a rear axle. 1963Henrystudebaker@gmail.com Henry
  2. Hi George, I need wheels for my 1919 Studebaker. Still for sale? Thank you
  3. Need info for 1927 Studebaker Commander combination steering post bracket and ignition lock. I need one. Thank you
  4. Not what you were looking for butStudebaker Model 24 Electric Truck '1910 1 0 Image specifications: Resolution: 1024×768 @ 96×96 DPI 27×20cm Filesize: 472 KB Added by: Новиков Сергей, August 24, 2014 Picture status: Accepted All images have their owners. If you think that the users of the site made a mistake by posting this image in this section, it would be nice if you wrote about it in the comments and pointed out the error.
  5. Thank you. My 1919 Studebaker is a EH.
  6. Long list needed for 1919 Studebaker Wheels Brake drums Fuel tank Rear fenders Ignition switch Hood hold downs Any help well appreciated Thank you Henry Holt
  7. For sale? Henry Holt 1963henrystudebaker!gmail.com
  8. Hi any headlights for 1919 Studebaker? Thank you Henry Holt 1963henrystudebaker@gmail.com
  9. please contact me 1963henrystudebaker@gmail.com Thank you Henry Holt
  10. Hello You have better pictures? Location? Henry Holt 1963henrystudebaker@gmail.com 603-558-9863