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  1. I believe the second picture is your lighting switch. Henry Holt
  2. Bob, What are you looking to get for them? Henry Holt 603-443-3975
  3. Frank, It was nice talking with you today. Thank you Henry Holt 1963henrystudebaker@gmail.com
  4. Do you have them for a 626-X? Thank you Henry Holt 1963henrystudebaker@gmail.com
  5. I am seeking parts and information for exhaust heater cutout for 1927 Studebaker. Thank you all Henry Holt
  6. Please call me at 603-443-3975 or e mail me at 1963henrystudebaker@gmail.com Thank you Henry Holt
  7. I like it but too much for me I'm out
  8. I need a Remy ignition coil 284-S for Studebaker Henry
  9. I too need one. Thank you Henry Holt
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