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  1. That's a Rockne Model 75; essentially a Studebaker Model 54 with Rockne badging. The Model 75 was only produced for the 1932 Model year. The 1932 Rockne Model 65 and 1933 Rockne Model 10 were the ones with the "V" in the grill, and were smaller than the Model 75. As well, the Model 75 still used the Studebaker 205 cid Six; while the smaller Rocknes used the all new Vale-Cole designed 189 cid Rockne Six, that would later be bored and stroked to become the Commander Six installed in automobiles through 1950 and larger trucks through 1960.
  2. Dear Swedish Car Nut, I love these pictures; thanks for sharing them here. I hope you don't mind but, I have taken the liberty of sharing your post to the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/general-studebaker-specific-discussion/1903709-studebaker-club-meet-7-17-2021-vadstena-sweden-borrowed-from-the-aaca-studebaker-forum
  3. Don't search on "the Net" for your parts. Go direct to our sources. And, no, the timing gear for the crank is also available, though the celeron gear is usually the first to go. Procure a copy of the 1960 Chassis Parts Catalog and do your search by the correct Studebaker factory part number. www.studebakervendors.com
  4. He does say in the video he is receptive to anyone who wants to help him make the move, as well as identify things that should be saved.
  5. Only spare parts I have are axle/suspension parts. If you use Facebook, you may be interested in this group, and perhaps they can help. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1177172342343566
  6. Herman, I notice yours is a Deluxe model. Mine is a Standard model. Your interior may have had a nicer interior.
  7. Derek in Minneapolis could use a lot of input from those who know. That would not be me. He's looking for a Ball & Ball SV34A carburetor. His contact information is at the bottom of his video description. [video]
  8. After five days with no response, you might want to post your inquiry in the SDC Forum or the Studebaker Truck Forum.
  9. That's the conundrum. Any project vehicle needs to have some dismantling in the process and, in that process it becomes less appealing once the owner has lost interest, even though some essential labor has already been accomplished. The only thing I see going against this as an investment is the fact it is a two door sedan, and not a Starlight or convertible; but those sedans were some very fine vehicles. And I'm thrilled to see more people finding them worth resurrecting.
  10. More correctly, 1947 Land Cruiser; a Commander with a 4 inch longer wheelbase than the Commander; more rear seat leg room and higher trim level. 20,519 were produced for the '47 model year. Note the wing vent window in the rear door, unique to the Land Cruiser. And the Two word model designation can be detected on the filler panel between the trunk and right rear fender.
  11. These folks rebuild old coils. Did one for my '33 Rockne and it works great. http://mykmlifestyle.com/Antique_Parts_Rebuilds.html
  12. The SDC Forum has a specific page for sale items. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/sale-want-found-cars
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if the original factory blueprints are still on file in the Archives at the Studebaker National Museum. You could check with Andy Beckman.
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