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  1. I believe Jörg Weller is also having some cast in brass.
  2. Yes, Bill rebuilt mine as well, almost twenty years ago. He's the one who advised to keep it working you just need to use it regularly. He also indicated the lubricant he uses is specific to the vacuum wiper motor and no other lubricant should be introduced. I guess it's time to do it again.
  3. I guess the best way to keep a vacuum wiper system fully functional is to use it often. Given these cars are not driven as regularly as they were eighty years ago, other than a dual-action fuel pump, has anyone added an electric vacuum pump and canister?
  4. I do have to agree with Bob on this. While it is your car and your money, that question that needs asked, especially in a vehicle of this vintage, is why do you want to do this? There MAY be valid reasons; but reliability is NOT one of them.
  5. You might want to check with Randy Rundle. He has done a lot of 6/12-volt conversions; it's his specialty.
  6. That's even less comprehensive than the Studebaker Vendors dot com.
  7. You can procure a chassis parts catalog, reprint of the original from a Studebaker vendor, in print or on CD-ROM to find all the part numbers you will ever need. The CD-ROM version also includes the body parts catalog and the shop manual. Truckloads of the leftover pipe inventory were saved when the factory shut down, but I don't know who has them; and correct identification by part number would be essential. Most of the exhaust shops here in the States can easily fabricate a full system from the manifold to the tail pipe. I would be surprised if a shop near you can't do the same. And, as Craig mentioned, Don Simmons at Silvertone in Canada can ship you a complete stainless system that will simply bolt right in.
  8. They offered hydraulic brakes as early as 1924? 😮 Yet my '33 is still cable brakes! They do work though.
  9. Oops! Bill! Roy Valdez is NOT Radio Roy. Roy Yost is Radio Roy. Roy Yost 30 Clinton St Redwood City, CA 94062 Roy Valdez deals in internally controlled antennas. Roy Yost rebuilds radios.
  10. This ad appears in this months Turning Wheels, the publication of the Studebaker Drivers Club. I don't know what he's got; but it's a place to start. There's also a fellow in our SDC chapter who rebuilds radios and has them available at our swap meets. He may or may not as well. I'll send a PM with his contact information if I can.
  11. Richard, Is that a can of Studebaker authorized fabric upholstery cleaner? And have you used it all yet?
  12. Studebaker National Museum. But I think it's only $33.
  13. Would probably be a good idea to place a want ad in The Antique Studebaker Review; publication of the Antique Studebaker Club.