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  1. starlightcoupe

    Wiring and routing diagram 33 Rockne

    1932 Model '65' and 1933 Model '10' use the same.
  2. starlightcoupe

    Wanted best repro wiring for 33 Rockne

    YnZ has reproduced the Rockne harness in the past and includes it in their catalog. Rhode Island Wire Service may have as well. Both have great reputations and produce only the best original type harnesses using new wire with the correct color coding in the original braided lacquered wire, with all connectors attached and clearly labeled. You can't go wrong with either of them. My '51 has a harness from YnZ and my '53 has one from Rhode Island. Comparable quality and comparable price. RBK has supplied both links above.
  3. starlightcoupe

    Engine Crank Handle

    This crank handle (NFS) has been under the seat of my '33 Rockne for a minimum of the 61 years I've been able to trace it; with no reason to believe it was replaced in the prior 25 years. It looks easy enough to reproduce from a length of 2cm stock.
  4. starlightcoupe

    Richard Quinn

    Expect his energy to be restored and twice as feisty. 😀
  5. starlightcoupe

    Buyer's Guide

    Owen, There are any number ways to get started and any number of hurdles to fall over. 😉 Since you are posting here I assume you're leaning to a post WWII Studebaker. An excellent choice by most any measure. This is a great forum that leans heavily to the pre WWII interest, and I think you will find a great deal more attention and a lot more folks with advice and opinions at the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum, which deals with ALL things Studebaker over 300 years, but does lean more to the era you are looking for. Best to participate in both. Also join the Studebaker Drivers Club. You needn't own one to be a member; but the access provided can help immensely in the final model(s) you decide to seek.
  6. starlightcoupe

    33 Rockne Grill wanted

    I've never seen one with the vertical slats chromed; and the '32 photo Richard posted is the Standard, not Deluxe model. That grill was either a very special order, someone had it chromed, or it's simply body color and so highly polished the black and white photo simply appears chromed. Certainly would look nice chromed. You can do that. 🤩
  7. starlightcoupe

    33 Rockne Grill wanted

    That's correct as well. And, as I've mentioned in the past, the headlights on your '33 were probably different because they were added in The Netherlands to a TKD (totally knocked down) import, which was required to have a certain quantity of European domestic parts. 1932 vs 1933
  8. starlightcoupe

    33 Rockne Grill wanted

    Richard, you will note in your photo of the '32 Rockne "65" the electric cables from the headlights pass through the sides of the grill just under the headlight brackets. In the '33 Model "10" the wire was routed through the headlight base stanchion and under the fender. I'm pretty certain the two different part numbers indicate the '32 has two holes in it for those wires that the '33 does not. 1932 is part# 510829; 1933 is part# 511360. Canadian production 1933 used part# 511362. I have no idea what difference that would be.
  9. starlightcoupe

    Studebaker Dealer Watertown

    The vehicles on the side appear to be neither Maxwells nor Oldsmobiles.
  10. starlightcoupe

    Studebaker Dealer Watertown

    The 1918 add indicates they also sold Maxwells.
  11. starlightcoupe

    Studebaker Dealer Watertown

    I notice the address in 1918 is 550-556 State Street, but in 1931 it's 230 Factory Street.
  12. starlightcoupe

    Studebaker Dealer Watertown

    The photo's hard for me to read but I believe it says Ward P Smith Studebaker. And those could be Oldsmobiles, or just other brands taken in trade.
  13. So, it would appear that the jack that came with my Rockne is correct. Perhaps the hinged section at the top was an improvement for the 1933 model.
  14. When I bought my '33 Rockne nearly thirty years ago these tools were under the seat. The cast metal screw type jack bears no resemblance to the models you've shown, and is quite probably not from the Rockne factory. The bent base gives the indication the jack has seen some use. 😬 There's a crank type lug wrench with a wooden handle, as well as the hand crank for starting should the electric starter fail. I am missing the crank that would have raised the jack. It would have a square drive.
  15. starlightcoupe

    1935 Commander starter motor

    If you have your old starter why not just get it rebuilt? If you don't have a local auto electric A-G-S service you can send it out.