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  1. I would think folding it between each bow would definitely put a pinch in it at the fold. I would inquire if there is anything the deck can be treated with to enhance the flexibility of material a century old.
  2. You might also check with https://special-interest-autos.com/
  3. cve92, Check your private message board. I sent you some contact information
  4. Those numbers are in fact the model designation. No '31, '32 or '33 six cylinder Studebakers I am aware of had any model name. Even the Rockne Division models were numbers: 75, 65 and 10. In 1928, '29 and '30 Studebaker produced six cylinder Dictators, and the Commanders in 1929. Between 1930 and 1934 there were no named models unless they were eight cylinder; only numbered. Then the Dictator was again produced starting in the '34 model year.
  5. Jerry is at (717) 308-1800 in Dover, Pennsylvania. He usually has a number of rebuilt transmissions for the mid-'30s ready to go.
  6. If Jerry Kurtz isn't selling parts, perhaps he can sell you a new transmission with your core. Even overdrive if you wish.
  7. That's quite an interesting tow dolly you've got there! 😀 And I'm curious; when you had the roof off, did you find a wire lead connected to the chicken wire under the roof pad? The factory claimed all Rocknes where "wired for radio", even though few were equipped. And that chicken wire would have been the antenna.
  8. Should be able to use part #293902x12. Same length but with the red painted handle for the 64-66 Lark types. https://studebakerparts.com/studebakerparts/store/s/agora.cgi?product=intm Or keep looking for the correct chromed handle cable assembly, which would be # 293902x1. Check to see if Roy Valdez might have any used ones; or perhaps Tom Karkiewicz; he's not on line. You would have to call.
  9. I'll try it here. If it doesn't work for you, send me your email address in a private message and I'll send them as attachments.
  10. There was no 1930 Rockne. In 1932 there was a Rockne75, essentially a Studebaker model 54, and a smaller Rockne65, with probably an entirely different rear axle. I have the information for the rear axle on the smaller Rockne. Probably of no help?
  11. Bob, You know you're going to get more feedback and recommendations on the SDC Forum. There were 6-volt A/C systems, but never factory installed in Studebakers. And Mr Burnette has or had a '51 Land Cruiser that Doc Cade had converted the 12-volt compressor to run on 6-volts.
  12. The '5' indicates it was a 'Regal' trim level when it left the factory. Maximum trim for the Champion model that year.
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