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  1. Sorry,ours are rubber.only have two.
  2. I also had a gentleman leave a package,not a great deal of money,want him to have it
  3. What do they look like.we may have some.
  4. Does it matter,corral or show field.I leave our booth,right by Matt Harwood booth,to the field.you can clearly recognize a judge or staff.the pets seemed smart,not sure if they were judging.just a funny
  5. Hershey does a fabulous job,we helped him at Auburn setting up one year,hard work,thanks Steve for the dedication.
  6. I did not personally see a problem,pets were on the show field,I was there at 7.30 am.my nephew has pictures.He was there in the afternoon.Hd 45,all of it.
  7. Before you pass judgement,come and talk.
  8. I've never had a bad Hershey,we stay open 7 to 7,rain or shine..
  9. Peter never complained of my neighbor,wrong guy. I know we had a problem early,this is far from nonsense,I very well enjoyed myself,for years..we buyand sell ..explain why my post is nonsense.golf cart in the show field,that's not nonsense, it's bullshit
  10. We have two car's that will be ready for next year.I was on the field early.did not see a problem my nephew went a bit later..my nephew has pics of golf carts on the field,with pictures.carts by the car's,.we will not chance it.something has to change.nothing enforced.
  11. If they do not enforce the rules,why have them.I agree any disability should have a cart