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  1. John,just a update.had ours repaired,looking nice,but still would but interested in one without repair.Thanks for all your help.
  2. Hello Morgan,thanks for the reply,I believe we are ON the right page.we are in Dayton Ohio,and friends somewhat local.if you could send a few pics,would be great.if available,maybe the whole engine.Thanks Tim
  3. Anyone have a exhaust manifold for a 1922 Buick 6,looking for one before we try to repair .
  4. I hope this goes somewhere ,we have the same issue.seems they were aftermarket.let's work together.
  5. I followed his post for years,I am a purists,but Bernie took projects on that were absolutely amazing.car's that would sunk in the dirt if he did not revive them,I'm a great fan.Hope he comes back,miss the post .always wanted to meet him,Australia is on my bucket list.
  6. Looking for the bellcrank for the throttle peddle to the carburetor for our Studebaker.pictures attached.mounted on steering box.