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  1. Hello ,every body. The North Alabama Chapter of Studebaker drivers club Is having a Meals on Wheels Orphan car show on Sept. 12, 2020 at the Senior Center on Drake ave. Huntsville Alabama . Starts at 10 am goes till 2 p.m.. $15 entry fee with door prizes and nice trophies. Will have a food truck there. Only orphan cars get trophies, but would you come out with your car just for the fun of it? People still love to see any kind of old car, you'll have fun and get to help out Meals on Wheels... Also, how about spreading the word. An old car guy thank you to you. David Bowser N.Al
  2. Hi everybody; I just installed an electric fuel pump on my 27 Comm. roadster. Do I plug up the hole in the manifold that goes to the vacuum tank? Advise please. Also still need good wheel for Commander with the lock ring or just the lock ring. Wheel is solid disc 21 inch. Thank you, Commander Dave
  3. I know, should be on the sdc web site but the forum is coming up all Chinese letters, so I'll try here. WTB for a friend, a hood release cable for his 1951 Champion 2 door. Contact Warren at 256 746 5025. Thanks; Commander Dave
  4. Thank you very much studerex. Commander Dave
  5. I've looked in vain in my records and the Review how to decipher the engine production dates. This is for my 27 Commander. On the block is g-8-31. the engine # is37565. Any assistance would be greatly welcomed. This time I'll write it down in a couple of places. Sincerely; Commander Dave
  6. Thank you every one of you for helping out. Ordered one of those on e/bay
  7. Yes; Mine has 8 screws on the top.
  8. George; Thanks, The tank I have is 5.5 inches across the top and what appears to be "25 g" on model #. the 25g is stamped a little high on the raised up area and my reading is most likely right. Don't know if it helps but patent date is 2/14/1911. p.s. camera is broken, will have to get a new one soon.
  9. On my 27 commander's vacuum tank where the gas inlet goes into the tank has snapped off. I've already epoxied it once and now need a new top section, new tank, or go to an electric fuel pump. We have a local show coming up May 2, so time is of the essence . Anybody have a Stewart vacuum tank out there or can you recommend a good electric fuel pump? Sincerely ; Commander Dave
  10. George; Thank you for the invite to ride with you on the first tour, but Tom Lewis said that the 1'ST tour is on Monday and will not be able to make it because of having to work on Monday. Again, Thank you very much. Commander Dave
  11. Thank you George; Me and my buddy Warren are planning on attending and were wondering when tours would start and are hoping to catch a ride with someone. I have a 27 Commander roadster but it is definitely not up to a tour. Oh; I did talk to Tom Lewis, what a great guy. Sincerely, David Bowser
  12. Hello; I would like info on how to contact the 2020 meet chairman. Have just a couple of questions. Thanks; Commander Dave. davidjames1949@comcast.net or 256 698 8821
  13. Thank you carb king! Now I have to figure out what carb might be best without breaking my bank account. I kinda thought that might be the case because she wanted to go but couldn't get enough juice. Respectfully ; Commander Dave
  14. I remember some time back of talk about the bb1 carburetor. Are there any experts who think my bb1-d carburetor might be to small for my 1927 Commander "Big 6" 354 cid engine?
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