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  1. Thank you George; Me and my buddy Warren are planning on attending and were wondering when tours would start and are hoping to catch a ride with someone. I have a 27 Commander roadster but it is definitely not up to a tour. Oh; I did talk to Tom Lewis, what a great guy. Sincerely, David Bowser
  2. Hello; I would like info on how to contact the 2020 meet chairman. Have just a couple of questions. Thanks; Commander Dave. or 256 698 8821
  3. Thank you carb king! Now I have to figure out what carb might be best without breaking my bank account. I kinda thought that might be the case because she wanted to go but couldn't get enough juice. Respectfully ; Commander Dave
  4. I remember some time back of talk about the bb1 carburetor. Are there any experts who think my bb1-d carburetor might be to small for my 1927 Commander "Big 6" 354 cid engine?
  5. Susan Bowser, wife of David Bowser, of Huntsville, Al. passed away Friday Nov. 8 after a long illness of c.o.p.d. She was a member of both SDC and the ASC. She was a registered nurse who graduated with honors and worked as a charge nurse at a local hospital. She then went to work as a home health care nurse.She had been unable to work for several years because of a back injury and copd. When she was able, she really enjoyed our times with sdc and liked looking at the Antique Studebaker Review. She got to ride in our 27 Commander a few times and really liked that. Submitted by Commander Dave
  6. carbking; maybe what I'm experiencing is the carb running out of air. Never thought about that. Also, it looks like this carb might be to small for this engine. Any idea what might be good on the Big six? Commander Dave
  7. Hi all, I have a BB -1 on my 1927 Studebaker Commander with Big Six engine. 354 cid. Had it rebuilt about 5 years ago and is good. Curious about the metering adjustment screw. Was told to turn out 3 times, but seem to have to fiddle with it time to time. Also, some times under full throttle it seems to starve for fuel and have to slow down for fuel to catch up. Line has been checked and has a recent float and seems to be set right. Could this engine be to big for this carb? Respectfully submitted ; Commander Dave
  8. Consider a Studebaker; Pretty reliable and great club to work with. Some of their cars were a little bigger than Ford or Chevys of that era. Yes, I am biased cause I have owned many Studes. but only have one now. A 1927 Studebaker Commander Sport Roadster. Now, don't the rest of you guys get me for plugging my preference. There a lot of good Brands out there. Respectfully, Commander Dave
  9. Should have been Mr. Beef Old Commander Dave. When I started school there weren't as many letters or numbers to learn and not nearly as much history to learn.
  10. Me. Beef; Welcome to the world of "old cars". I'm sure all of us would like to know what you consider to be an old car, as it would be a good starting point of reference of your preference. Would it be Pre- War [WW 2] post war or newer? What a great way to spend time with your dad! Some of my best times have been working with buddies to iron out a problem on one of their cars. Great to hear of someone your age getting into antiques. Gofer it! Respectfully Commander Dave ; Care taker of a 1929 Commander Roadster
  11. Hello all, Merry Christmas from Alabama. Just got back from a few circuits of the neighborhood in my 27 roadster. Put battery powered wreaths front and rear of car, seeing a few about. Any body else do anything? Roadster Dave
  12. Spineyhill Yes. I measured from floor to top of tire taking into consideration the hub sticking out a bit .This was taken with the tire on the car with the weight of the car on tire of course, and even looked like the tire needed a little air. There is room for a little error here, but I think it is still fairly realistic. This is all considering I did my math right; my weakest subject in school. Commander Dave
  13. Spiney Hill, Yes, 32 inches, just rechecked before replying. Glad to meet you, see a lot of your stuff here. Commander Dave
  14. Hi, All; Commander Dave here. I have a 1927 Commander sport roadster currently with a 3.31 diff. gear ratio. Not sure if that was stock for the roadster or the 3.07. However at one time in the sdc forum there was a formula to determine the rpm at a certain speed by using the tire height if the final drive ratio is 1 to 1. IF-- I figured it right not to sure about that though with my 3.31 axel the rpm at 50 mph would be 1,737 at 60 2,079 at 70 2,432 . Book says max h.p. is at 2,400, most of us know about power curves. Therefore if these calculations are right this car should be good for close to 75 m.p.h. The old big six has a stroke of 5 in. If any of this is wrong please correct me, that is if this is even worth responding to. Rest assured this car with worn engine will go faster than I'll ever take it. Happy motoring, Commander Dave
  15. Positively positive ground. Commander Dave with a 1927 Commander