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  1. I was told the car was running
  2. Dealt with him several times ,car guy for sure
  3. The fuel doesn't get high enough in the tank to siphon.
  4. What is up with the southern border,we have many sells from there, are they leagal allowed to travel.
  5. Just our friends from canada,southern border is wide open, no test either
  6. We rebuilt the vacuum tank for that car,it was a mess.Also received a call ,running perfectly.
  7. Social event indeed, but we tend to sell the mistakes we bought at Hershey. Weather you sell anything or not,people are great
  8. If the water pump shaft is good,repack it. No need to take it apart.
  9. Somewhat different, somebody else's money versus your own.Matt will get it,pulling for him.
  10. Picture,from the angle, looks longer,regardless, great vehicle.
  11. Steve your dads a trooper.
  12. Nothing concern me.Im going to Hershey.
  13. We are building you a tank,man that's going to cost you.
  14. Awesome, love the truck,do what have to do,your truck.anything is better than electric. I would suggest joining the dodge club, very active.
  15. Not trying to be a butt,I have to ask, why repair something that is not right.
  16. Jack,you're picture shows a correct tank.No argument here,we did a shop talk at Hershey a few years ago,at the Db tent,about said tanks.love to help folks out,but I'm out of this one,
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