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  1. I would appreciate the contact details. Thanks.
  2. Are 26" any easier to locate?
  3. PLEASE NOTE - 25" rims needed.
  4. All of my Packards have steel factory running boards and the factory parts book reflects this.
  5. Carl, I am sure you're right. There is a hand written label which says, "1925 Cadillac Roadster complete".
  6. If I had one to go by, I would approach a mate who makes rims of a very high quality.
  7. I have had this for years and since my Cadillacs are 1928-29 I cannot use it. I am having a massive clean up, so here it is. It is VERY SOLID and complete. I would say V63 or early 314. I would happily exchange for 1928/9 Cadillac parts or radiator with shutters for a 1926 314. Located in Australia but I would say well worth the shipping. $500.
  8. Thanks to an astute member, via the "What is It", I found the rim details on the felloe band. They are * FIRESTONE L 33 X 4 - so 25" rims are what I need.
  9. You were absolutely right. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!! See attached photo. * FIRESTONE L 33 x 4 This indicates 25" rims - correct? So the measurement must be across the widest edge of the felloe band.
  10. I will go and inspect them now.
  11. I need rims to suit these wheels. I have no idea what type rims I need or what car these 25" wood felloed wheels actually fit??
  12. I would like to know what brand wheels these are so I can locate some rims. Ideally, also the car that they fit. I have the full set which are in very good condition. The photos tell the story and one photo contains all the key measurements. I will also place a wanted ad for the appropriate rims.
  13. WANTED: 1929 Cadillac Right Hand Drive components - steering, transmission, front axle RHD knuckles etc. I am hopeful that some exist which have been discarded in favour of a LHD conversion.
  14. Wanted: Rudge Whitworth Wire wheels. I am putting together a few sets of fine splined wire wheels for 1912 era Veteran cars. They are mainly Rudge 80 and Rudge 90 and range in size from 820 X 120, 880 X 120 and 895 X 135. If you think you have something that might suit, pleas e-mail me. I have measurement tables to identify. I am happy to buy decent centers if the rims are shot as I have a good local source to make rims and respoke them. I will also buy frontand rear splined hubs to suit. Below is a photo indicative of what I am looking for, Kean Thompson.