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  1. Great. Thanks very much! Any thoughts about that roadster body I posted a couple of days ago.
  2. Does anyone recognize this front bumper medallion. Mid to late twenties. I have the complete bumper but the distinctive central medallion is probably the key to its identity. It's about 4" long.
  3. Appears to be 1928ish - came from Kennewick, WA. Has some similarities to a 1928 LaSalle and others - especially the sides behind fenders. Is from a larger wheelbase car due to its size.
  4. BINGO. The rims are 1930 Chrysler Imperial, like this one I know of.
  5. I think it's the same. But here's one of my 1930 19" wire wheels - different cap.
  6. It's the same as the one in the photo I added. I have them on 4 1929 Packard cars. They are 8 lug, 20 " and 80 spokes. Not commercial. Cars.
  7. Packard 8 lug 1929-30. 8 lug 1929 is 20" and 8 lug 1930 is 19", Just check the measurements. I think you'll find it's 20".
  8. Would any one have a mate to this one? It's a big ask but...……………..
  9. Now need to find a left. There was one - loaned to someone never to be seen again. (Before I got it)
  10. Can someone confirm the identity. I was told years ago that this was a 1930 La Salle coupe rear quarter??
  11. Photo from the rear with badge removed.
  12. So what is this rack actually from anyone? I cannot use it and I don't want to scrap it if someone can use it?