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  1. I need a block for a super 8 Packard 1929. It's to replace one that is in very sad condition. A complete motor may also be of interest. I also need a couple of wire wheels - the later 29 with the larger 8 lug hub. I would be able to use poor wheels if the centre hub was OK as new rims are available here and I'd respoke them. A friend in PA would receive wheels etc for on shipping. Kean Thompson
  2. Here's one I'd love to I.D. It's a very nice sport phaeton tub I have up in top of my storage. I say sports phaeton because of the close coupled rear shape around where the rear fenders fit and the shape in the floor to accomodate the rear axle over bumps. The knobs on the rear of the tub may help. It is a US manufacture from a now deceased collector of Packards and Caddies - not that it has to be a Packard OR Caddy. Any thoughts out there? Kean Thompson speedster1930@hotmail.com
  3. Attaching some more - photos Part 2 Second crate with more wire wheels Rear hub and drum under Packard chassis Hubs X 3 with axles. Do you need a #5 cap spanner? Kean
  4. Attaching some photos Part 1 A. CAPS RHS - right side caps - 2 chromed LHS - left side caps - 2 chromed + 1 unknown L or R ( worn at the place on cap )and some cogs - 4 chromed B. RIMS 2 boxes of rims - rims not great - 1 or 2 may be OK? some hubs and 1 more cap
  5. Allan, Having flood rain all over Queensland at the moment - been like it for 5 days. A state of emergency in many parts. Will get the details ASAP. KT
  6. Lock rings are scarce but I have left, right, front and back hubs and many caps, some chromed and ready to go. There are probably 10 wheels at a guess. I'll do a stocktake and take photos this weekend. Any clues about some #6's for 28-9 Cadillac?? Kean
  7. Meant to say , I also have a couple of the #5 Locking spanners. I need the #6 wire wheels. I also have a spare spanner for the #6 type.
  8. Alan, Kean Thompson here, Queensland, Australia. Long time no talk........I have several of these with hubs and caps but you would need to factor international freight.
  9. West, Just looking at the Packard radiator surround and grill? Do I detect a V-shape. If so, I'd be thinking 9th series rather than 8th - possibly still 1932. Kean T.
  10. Can anyone advise what model and year/s Chrysler used a Chrysler MAX 4037 starter motor? Thanks in advance. speedster1930@hotmail.com
  11. George, I have not rceived anything. Can you send a direct e-mail to speedster1930@hotmail.com or click on my user name and send a PM with your contact details. Kean
  12. WANTED: Cadillac 1931 V12 Cadillac chassis. Can be a rolling chassis or just the bare frame. Don't need engine or transmission. No need to get involved with international freight. I have a friend in PA. Kean Thompson speedster1930@hotmail.com
  13. Harold, I will take them at $25 plus shipping. Could you get the cost to ship to a friend in Newville, PA 17241 and I will Paypal the total. Thanks Kean Thompson
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