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  1. This is the windshield on our 26 Big Six EP Roadster.
  2. Thank you Stude Light. I will send him an e-mail. Much appreciated.
  3. I'm not certain what diode to use. The member of our club who suggested it works on Model T's. He checked with a contact in the U.S. and was told at least 25 amp and for a positive ground. Can you let me know if something like the one in this link would work? I'm understanding that it needs to be soldered in but don't know where to solder it to inside the housing. Any guidance or instructions you can offer would be greatly appreciated. My Dad restored the car and I'm learning to take care of it. Thanks so much. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Diode-Positive-25Amp-200-Volt-5-16-Tin-Can-/114618378917
  4. Thank you. That was suggested by a member of our car club this afternoon and I believe it's the route I will be going.
  5. I know it's a long shot but I am looking for a Wagner cut out relay for our 26 Studebaker. Here is a photo of it. Thanks
  6. When you say "jump" them, how would I do that. Please forgive me, my Dad restored the car and I'm learning and appreciate any help I can get understanding how it works. This is the car and the passenger side of the engine with the generator on the right and the relay on the firewall to the left of the electrical box on the engine.
  7. Am looking for a Wagner relay mounted on the firewall between the generator and amp meter on our 1926 Studebaker EP Big 6 Roadster. It appears that this one may have overheated and the battery no longer seems to be charging. Generator tested and working. Amp meter shows discharging when lights on or brakes and signal lights working, otherwise stays at zero when driving and running. Can anyone help or suggest where I might locate one? Thanks.
  8. This was recommended to me after my Dad passed away and I started taking care of his 1926 Studebaker EP Big Six Roadster. I don't believe he ever found a service manual and this one has proved to be invaluable to me. http://www.faxonautoliterature.com/1925-19285-Studebaker-Repair-Shop-Manual-Big-6-Special-Commander-President-Six-P15876.aspx
  9. This is our 1926 Studebaker EP Big Six Roadster. My father spent 27 years putting it back together and my wife and I are the current caretakers. Don't have much in the way of parts to spare and am still learning more all the time about it. Here's a few photos showing some of it's history and where it's at now. Thanks to Chris Bamford for sharing his photo of our car.
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