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  1. rjp

    1924 touring top

    Thanks guys Ill see what we can come up with.
  2. rjp

    1924 touring top

    Working on a 24 franklin touring. What type of material do you us that matches close to the org? My top was replaced once and it is a off white, not tan, or white. Body is burgundy, what was the Orig? Thanks
  3. rjp

    Wanted 30 or 31

    Looking for a nice 30 or 31 American Austin.
  4. rjp

    Wanted needle valve

    OK, thanks I will try to call tomorrow. Thanks again
  5. Ok, it has a5/16 stud that sticks out on each side. Don't know if it original but that is what it is.
  6. Looking for a ide adj. needle valve; drawing no. is 32551. For a 10c or a 11. I think carb is a oe-1. Thanks
  7. Your correct I think now its just a capped nut on top. The drawing 28889 is no good.
  8. WANTED Wing nut that holds the top to the windshield top frame on a 10-B or C touring. It is drawing 27912 it is a threaded wingnut. Thanks I need 2
  9. 1930 Franklin sedan for sale here onAACA for 16,000
  10. If your going to drive on dirt and gravel roads I hope you have a good air cleaner.
  11. Thank you Budd, I might give you a call some time and visit neat old car for 103 yrs old.
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