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  1. Paint matches correctly, doors shut and aline very nice, the gap is maybe a 1/16 , but on all or not all the way from top to bottom. Dont know if re built or not they said never. Fenders, top and every thing else alines great . I looked at shimming body but not sure it would help with out miss alining the doors. Thanks for thinking about it. Roger
  2. I have a 1920 Buick Touring Model 45 The doors almost seem to small for the opening. Any help, or do I have wrong doors? There is a small gap and dont see where I could shim the hinges. Youve heard the story all oringinal. Thanks Roger
  3. rjp

    1920 Buick

    This would be not running just turning over with the starter
  4. rjp

    1920 Buick

    This would be about 2" above the carb in the vac. port on the manifold. I have about 10 ft. pounds. Of coarse I think it should run.
  5. rjp

    1920 Buick

    What is a good vacuum reading on on a 1920 Buick 6cyl. At the manifold above the carb? Thanks
  6. rjp

    WTB points

    Looking for a set of points for a 1920 Buick 6 cyl. You can tell me where to go----- everyone else does. Thanks Roger
  7. Want to trade a 1920 Mcglaughlin Buick Touring for a 1950 Willy's Jeepster. Thanks This might not be the right spot for this add. Roger
  8. Looking for some one that has a rear wheel puller for a 1928 Chrysler model 45 with wood spokes., rent buy or borrow. Thanks Roger
  9. I spoke to Olons gaskets and the had them, no problems. Thanks every one. Roger I never ask and I should have, do they have a catalog ?
  10. Thanks guys, Ill do some checking this week and let you know. Thanks again Roger
  11. Ok, Thanks. The intake and exhaust are seprate unites and only a washer to hold them tight. I would think ,plane both and use same thickness gaskets and would be fine. Shows what I know right. Roger
  12. Where would a person go for the intake alining sleeves for a 1920 Buick 6 cyl. or are they needed? Thanks Roger
  13. Looking for intake and exhaust manifold gaskets. for 1920 Buick 6 cyl. Is the best place Olsons Gaskets? Thanks Roger
  14. rjp

    Felt Seals

    Thanks I did get the rear ones ordered, Cant seem to come up with the cr 24678 seal . Roger
  15. rjp

    Felt Seals

    Does anyone have or know where to go for the rear and front felt axle seals for a 1920 buick? Thanks Roger
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