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  1. rjp

    26 11a visor installation

    That's neat. There isn't much out here. I am in wash. state next to the Idaho border about 60 miles south of Spokane. Some day I would to see a museum with some franklins.
  2. rjp

    26 11a visor installation

    great, thanks my wood was all replaced also, so no screw holes. Thanks a bunch I should be able to get something going. I t will be a week or two for me, getting metal for the visor frame tomorrow. maybe upholstery the 1st of month. Thanks a lot and have a good time at the museum.
  3. rjp

    26 11a visor installation

    when your saying above the window is that the vertical above the window or horizontal on lower side of the roof
  4. rjp

    26 11a visor installation

    Sorry about that ,the 1st part never came through. Iam working on a 26 11a Victoria and was trying to figure out how the visor attaches to the car, or the window hinge. What I can tell is the hinge cover is made from the same visor material.My windshield outer frame is only about 1/2 inch from the top , so very little room for a strip of metal. I have looked in the drawings and really cant tell what Iam looking at. Any help would be good. Thanks
  5. rjp

    26 11a visor installation

    Anyone got a good short story on how that all goes together?
  6. rjp

    26, vacuume tee

    looking for the tee for the vacuum lines on top of the vac. tank, for a 11a, part no. 33111
  7. rjp

    1931 chevrolet

    1931 chevy 5 window,new motor,chrome paint top, and much more, body off restoration, surge blue that looks perfect. This has dual spare tires and tail lights 21000. Call for pictures or text me at 1 509 595 0136 Thanks
  8. rjp

    franklin 11a

    looking for 2 door look escutcheons for a 11a the drawing no. is 33889 thanks cell 1 509 595 0136, home 1 509 635 1236
  9. rjp

    1931 chey

    1931 chevy , new surge blue paint, new chrome,new top, new tires, fresh engine, dual spares and tail lites. body off restoration very nice looking. Text 1 509 595 0136 if you have ?, or would like pictures thanks $180000 This is a 5 window coupe with trunk
  10. rjp

    Franklin engine parts for sale

    what year would that be for
  11. rjp

    26 Franklin

    Wanted 1926 hood support that can be replated Thanks.
  12. rjp

    Franklin Service Charts

    If you get them to small might not be able to read the small print. I think that I would be interested in the actual size and make a poster type my self. They look great. thanks Roger (rjp)
  13. rjp

    for sale 1931 chey

    You are right, but I am not that good at this. And Iam very thank ful for being able to post this
  14. rjp

    for sale 1931 chey

    1931 chevy 5 window, exl. surge blue paint. new engine and clutch, all chrome dual horns dual spare tires. Very nice interior.every thing works runs great. call or text at 509 595 0136 or email at rtpfaff@frontier.com for more info and or pictures. Thank you Roger 22,500 all offers or trades considered
  15. rjp

    Franklin Service Charts

    If we can get them copied I would be interested in any on the 11a also .I have a 26 11a that I am working on.