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  1. 1917 Lycoming engine gaskets and parts? Does any one handle gaskets for this any where?
  2. Can anyone tell me the maker of the overland radiator. Or at least the maker of the radiators that have the apx. 1/4 squars
  3. rjp


    looking at a barn find 1917 touring ,is it a dort engine? parts? fair price when done?
  4. rjp


    Does any one have any info on a Dort auto, maybe about 1917?
  5. rjp


    Can any one tell me the maker of the transmission in a 1917 Jordan and what other car companies used them? Thanks
  6. No problems, Would that be the L head or the T head. Good for now as far as rebuilding, just looking for info.
  7. rjp

    Jordon Touring

    Can anyone tell me the maker of the transmission in a 1917 Jordan? Thanks
  8. Sure is easy for some to run this add in the ground. This is a nice car and a good price. I f I had the room I would jump on it. There is alot of ways to deal with the wood frame. But the rest of the car is there and that's what counts. I think you are bending over backward to sell it.
  9. rjp

    Jordon Touring

    miss read its engine date is 4-13-17
  10. What color was the continental engines painted
  11. rjp

    Jordon Touring

    Thanks for the info. My serial no. is 1344, engine is 7n22022, date 1-13-17 It is a four door touring
  12. Looking for any info on the engine in this car. ser. is 7N22022 engine date is 1- 13- 17. it is a six cyl.
  13. rjp

    1924 Franklin

    Price drop to 6500
  14. rjp

    1930 Chevrolet

    Thanks. I would be perfect in a orchard or vineyard, I think