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  1. 1930 Franklin sedan for sale here onAACA for 16,000
  2. If your going to drive on dirt and gravel roads I hope you have a good air cleaner.
  3. rjp


    Thank you Budd, I might give you a call some time and visit neat old car for 103 yrs old.
  4. I have two 31 Chevrolets for sale a 5 window and a roadster. 509595 0136 cell or text.
  5. My throw out bearing is MRC 208CT does that cross with any other number without having to do any grinding?
  6. Ok, thanks Paul, Ill see what happens here and go from there. Havent heard back .
  7. Steve I am interested. Let me know shipping or what you want to do.
  8. Steve I am interested. Let me know shipping or what you want to do.
  9. Would like to buy a pair of head lights for a 1924 Franklin, I suppose there is a lot around
  10. rjp

    Cluch removal

    OK, thanks again Ill play withit some more.
  11. rjp

    Cluch removal

    I Think I found more under the years, thanks
  12. rjp

    Cluch removal

    interesting I looked this am and did not find that. found some seal and bearing numbers and that was about it. Ill try again. I typed in Clutch removale
  13. Is there any tricks on removing a series 10 clutch? I have the engine on a engine stand. Maybe even a step by step. Thanks
  14. That don't sound bad to me, would you know of any one that has a knob?