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  1. Looking for 1924 steering wheel and throttle lever, Thanks 509 595 0136 cell
  2. rjp

    1924 franklin

    looking for a 1924 franklin steering wheel and throttle lever, Thanks
  3. From S. California to wash State
  4. rjp

    name plate

    Alright!! Thanks
  5. rjp

    name plate

    Is the name plate that has the chassis number the same plate on a 24 and 26?
  6. rjp


    what is the chance any one having a 24 franklin front bumper and wanting a 28 double bar bumper?
  7. rjp

    10 vs 11 transmission

    OK, thanks again
  8. Is there any parts that can be exchanged between the two trans. like the shift levers?
  9. rjp

    10b vs. 11a

    OK Thanks Iam sure ill have more ?s later
  10. rjp

    10b vs. 11a

    Can one tell by the bell housing if it is a 10 or 11? is there a number on the side?
  11. rjp

    10b vs. 11a

    would a 11a transmission fit a10a clutch, and drive line.? And what else could be exchanged
  12. rjp

    24 manuals

    Thanks guys, ill get ahold of the club and go from there. Thanks again
  13. rjp

    24 manuals

    Looking for a parts book and a operators manual for 1924 10b Franklin. Thanks
  14. rjp

    24 10c engine wanted

    ok thanks gives something to think about.