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  1. Robert I had gotten an email earlier in the month and Gary indicated he had an overseas trip scheduled later in the month so I would assume that might be the reason he hasn't responded.
  2. 266209 is the part number for a window regulator assembly for a 1937 two door. While the parts book only lists a part number for the complete regulator assembly, and shows the regulator to be unique to 1937 left front, I would guess that the gear and other components might be the same as those used on other years and models. Do you know what components have failed on your regulator? Perhaps someone can supply the needed components if your unable to locate a complete regulator assembly.
  3. Your collection never ceases to amaze. Was this a order for one customer or some othe special occasion?
  4. I've been busy with some church duties but got the chance to call Bob Kapteyn this morning and have the check in the mail to him for the museum. Very generous of Bob to "sell" the parts for a contribution to the museum. Also thanks to Richard Quinn and Gary Ash as it looks like we will have a way to provide as many of this part as needed for future members.
  5. Does anyone have a pair of "Commander" script used on the engine side panels of 1939 & 1940 that they are willing to sell. Please let me know as need them to complete restoration. 817-nine, two, four 06 two two. Thanks
  6. Click on Studeq and send Richard a message and he'll let you know what literature he has and pricing. For the gaskets contact Olson's gaskets at 360-871-1207 or
  7. Studebaker International shows the complete assembly bucket, bulb, and rim as part # 273760 at $225.00 per side.
  8. Wife went out shopping so I got access to the back of the garage and I found the latch. Took photo of the 1938 striker plate on my car. Don't have a spare striker so you'll have to get one of those or make one. Get me your address and we will get latch boxed and off to you. My e-mail is
  9. The auction ended May 25, 2018. I don't know of any way of contacting either the seller or purchaser to determine what is being done with the car. Perhaps others more familiar with E-Bay know a way to contact either the buyer or seller. Car certainly was a bargain for someone needing these part as it sold for $203.50 - it may even be less than scrap value.
  10. Richard Quinn probably has the info your requesting and if your real nice give you the name and address of the girl on the running board.
  11. I know I have the latch, I've checked my lists of inventoried parts and it doesn't appear so I will look in the boxes I haven't inventoried yet. It may take me a few days but I'll do it as soon as I can. Thanks for the photos, the 37 striker is different than 38. Hopefully someone has a 37 parts car but if not it could probably be fabricated..
  12. Part number 262591 lock was used for 3 years 1936, 1937, and 1938. Somewhere in my spare part assortment I have the lock as I removed it from a 1938 parts car I used to have. We need to know what model of car he has as there were 2 different strickers used - # 262787 for 1936 & 1937 4 door models W3, W6 and 2 door models F2, F4 and F6 # 262547 for 193;6 & 1937 4 door models W1, W4, W8; 2 door models F2, F4, F8 and Coupe models. The strickers could be fabbed if we had a sample or got the drawings from South Bend. If you need me to start the search let me know as I can provide a lock but not a striker
  13. Your door latch was used by Studebaker for many years by Studebaker (36 to 46 and 1941-1948M Series Truck and also 1949-56 C cab truck. For the drivers side front is # 265167 and # 265164 on the passenger front. Studebaker International shows to have the 265167 you need NOS for $90.00. These same latches were used on the rear. I have some used for a lot less. What generally fails is a spring but you have to take the latch apart to replace - have some springs I'll send for free if you want to try that. Greg Cubia is building a world class 38 Coupe Express and had collected a couple of sets of hinges but all had wear at the pivot point. So he took a set of hinges to a machine shop in Wichita Falls and they inserted bushings at the pivot point to make the hinges work better than new. I'm sure it wasn't cheap but it solved the problem- I can get further details if someone needs them.