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  1. Rex are you sure your correct on your parts identification? I thought Big Bird was yellow. Nice collection-hope your doing well.
  2. My sending unit in my 1938 was bad and thanks to the 0-90 ohm range that Steve provided I went to Summit (which has a warehouse only a few miles from me) and got a sending unit Summits part number is TNK-TAN-GML HERE IS LINK to Tanks website with some great information on the sending unit - As I recall you have to cut bracket to fit in the Studebaker tank as it is a universal unit that will work in tanks from 6 to 24 inches deep. If my memory is correct you also have to reverse the action of the float as the Studebaker reads full at O ohms and empty at 90. https://www.tanksinc.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=276/category_id=184/mode=prod/prd276.htm
  3. The Coker and Summit rims are Vintiqes I believe and were cheaper when I checked but don’t offer a Sudebaker hub cap. Wheel Smith says they will provide an adapter to accommodate the studebaker cap. There is a slight difference in the diameter of the standard wheel hub cap which Richard Quinn has reproduced and and the hub cap for the 1937 Artillery wheel. I think you can get an “blank” cap for the Vinitiqes and perhaps you could get a vinyl “Studebaker” script matching what was used on 1937 Studebaker caps. Tires and wheels are $$$$ whichever way you go.
  4. If your not 100% tied to originally one item you may consider is having wheel smith make a new set of 15” wheels for you. It would be expensive but given the price difference between 15 and 16 inch tires, the fact that you would not need tubes and the fact that they can probably supply an adapter to use the standard 37 reproduction hub cap that Richard Quinn had reproduced. When you factor all of those items the price may be very close and all of the components readily available. You might contact them for pricing.
  5. Pages 86 and 87 of the shop manual. Specified front wheel Camber is 1/4 degree to 3/4 degree. The chamber can be adjusted by turning the eccentric located at the outer end of the steering knuckle support arm (the round tube that runs from the top of the frame to the top of the king pin casting by the wheel) The camber can be adjusted by turning the eccentric, located at the outer end of the steering knuckle support arm. Front Wheel Toe in. The specified front wheel toe in is 1/16” to 1/8”. Toe in is adjusted by changing the length of the adjustable tie Rod. Caster is determined by the relation of the front spring to the frame. It is factory set at minus 1/4” to plus 3/4” and is factory set and can not be changed. How you get these measurements and what equipment is needed is above my pay grade but if you need a copy of these pages let me know and I’d be happy to email the pages with the diagrams and additional data. It also discusses proper king pin inclination (5-1/2 degrees) but does not explain how to make adjustments.
  6. Todays mail brought the December 2020 issue of Collectible Automobile. The editor’s column indicated that Richard Quinn’s story “Studebaker at Indianapolis in the Thirties” (October 2019 issue of Collectible Automobile) was awarded a gold medal in this years Automotive Heritage Awards competition and was awarded a “Best in Category” trophy as well.Congratulations Richard, we appreciate your expertise!!!!The December 2020 issue also had 4 page story on Richard’s 1941 Champion Coupe Delivery.
  7. Not my parts but I spotted this on local Craigslist and thought I would pass along. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/pts/d/rowlett-1931-studebaker-wheels-19-white/7133153417.html
  8. Your suggestion is outstanding, if we can get some of this data in a central location then it will make it so much easier. I had been trying to get the gas gauge in my 38 repaired for a couple of years but once you provided the ohm range a quick trip to Summit and it was repaired in a couple of hours. Many thanks!!
  9. Wonder if the problem is not out of round but rather the adjustment of the rear brake shoes. The adjustment can be difficult especially for those not familiar with this style of brake. When I was completing my restoration I was having problems with adjustment and took it to a shop and they made it worse but second shop got it working perfect. You might want to look at the brake shoe adjustment.
  10. The parts book lists the part numbers for 1937 thru 1939 door remotes as #264933 (left front and left rear) and 264932 (right front and right rear) so it would seem any car from 1937 tru 1939 would have what you need. Stephen Allens shows that they have both sides for $28:50 each. I know I have some used ones if for some reason they are out of stock but it would take some digging to get to them.
  11. What are you needing? The emergency cables? The clamps that fasten the brake cables to the frame or the components that fasten the cables to the brake shoes? One of my emergency brake cables had become rusted to the armored conduit but I was able to free it by soaking the cable for several days in a solution of evaporust. I did remove and save the cables from my parts car, but getting to and locating the spares would take awhile. I do have two spare rear ends complete with brake shoes and drums. The parts book gives a good over view of the emergency brakes. It would appear that Studebaker used the same component parts from 1938 thru 1940 so you should be able to locate what you need. Let me know what your needing and I'll do my best to help you out.
  12. Terry Frye has just completed restoration of a 1936 Coupe and hopefully will be able to help you. I PM'd you his contact info. i missed typed the year I got it right in the pm. Terry also has a 1938 Coupe Express and a 1938 parts car - he was very helpful to me when I was putting my 38 Coupe back together.
  13. Chris somewhere in my spare parts is a linkage that I removed from my 1938 parts car but the K15 used the Hercules engine didn't it? If your truck used the Hercules these parts may not fit your engine but if they will work just let me know and I'll dig them out. Is the carb different than the car?
  14. What 6 cylinder engine are you wanting the dual carb arrangement for - the champion or the Commander 6?
  15. Robert I had gotten an email earlier in the month and Gary indicated he had an overseas trip scheduled later in the month so I would assume that might be the reason he hasn't responded.
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