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  1. If anyone has leads on some 1917 stude books or would be willing to copy any I would be very interested. Thank You! Roger
  2. Great thats one thing I was hoping for. how is the best way to put a soaking of brake glean in?
  3. Thank you, Its no easy job the way it looks
  4. I did find the old posts on the clutch, just wanting to make sure its the clutch
  5. I did drop the oil in the trans. and found no grindings, also used a magnet and still found nothing.
  6. Thank you The hole in my dash is a little different the trip reset is on the upper right side. Is that still ok or correct for a 17? Thanks Roger
  7. the clutch on my 1920 Buick alot of the times, when starting out will ratel and grab and shake the hole car. Sounds real bad!! Is that bad disks? or worse. Has anyone else experienced such a thing. I took off trans top and bearings look good and built up the shifting forks some. Thanks Roger
  8. Iam thinking of selling my 1920 Mclaughlin Buick touring
  9. Can anyone tell me what kind of speedometer is in a 1917 Studebaker touring? Is it a Stewart? Thanks, What ever brand it is I guess Iam looking for one. Thanks again Roger
  10. I sure could use 4 Mclaughlin hub caps for wood spoke wheels, about 3.5 inches. I cant make it it to Hearheys
  11. That was supposed to be alittle funny, sorry
  12. remind me not to have you help sell my cars
  13. Iam looking at a 1917 7 pass 6 cyl. touring has not ran for a few years, was rebuilt needs wireing, also needs speedometer, interior real good paint and top good tires and spokes good. Plating is good. Not much to go on but someone have any ideas on price? Just a ball park. paints is good and doors fit nice.
  14. Well that does hurt some, but thank you It might have to stay in the shed. Thanks again Roger
  15. rjp


    Interesting, Ill see what I can do . No promise. I was hoping for a timken bearing and run to the store and order. Down deep I knew better. Thanks alot any more info is great. Il try to get no. in the future. Thanks again Roger
  16. rjp


    Is there any replacement bearing for a 1920 Buick front end, timken?
  17. 1928 Chrysler model 52 sedan , 11500 check it out in the Chrysler section. Thank you.
  18. Ok, wife came home and here is some pictures
  19. I am in Washington State, Garfield Washington 99130
  20. For sale 1928 Chrysler model 52, sedan. Newer paint, glass is all good, top and visor real good, tires great, all wood is very good and tight, wheels could be re varnished, interior is all original, no tears, but wore some, engine runs great with correct original rebuilt carb, pin strip is poor, hyd. brakes do not work at this time, This car was used in a funeral home for several years. Body is great, has flowers and vases ,and foot warmer. Not original key. My computer (or operator) is not working for pictures at this time. You can text me or call and I can send a few pictures 1 509 595 0136, Roger. Or send email address and Ill have wife email some. my email is rtpfaff@frontier.com. Thanks again Roger 11500 or obo
  21. Into harvest at this time, give me a month or so. Thanks
  22. Paint matches correctly, doors shut and aline very nice, the gap is maybe a 1/16 , but on all or not all the way from top to bottom. Dont know if re built or not they said never. Fenders, top and every thing else alines great . I looked at shimming body but not sure it would help with out miss alining the doors. Thanks for thinking about it. Roger
  23. I have a 1920 Buick Touring Model 45 The doors almost seem to small for the opening. Any help, or do I have wrong doors? There is a small gap and dont see where I could shim the hinges. Youve heard the story all oringinal. Thanks Roger
  24. rjp

    1920 Buick

    This would be not running just turning over with the starter
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