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    brake drums

    Paul, I finds the date with a lot of cleaning and a new mirror, 7-11-9. So is that good or bad? Still trying to find rear houk wheel adaptors, might not be possible.
  2. rjp

    brake drums

    Looked at the rea end, the only casting no. I see is 34845. Don't see any thing else at this time.
  3. rjp

    brake drums

    If Ed Joy has a old drum to see if what I want to do will work ,I like the sound of the new drums. We will see. The person before me welded spacers and ahome made adaptor for the wire wheels
  4. rjp

    brake drums

    This car has a newer rear end under it. How can I teal what year or model it really is ? I don't see any numbers on it.
  5. rjp

    brake drums

    looking for two rear brake drums , 7 hole 130 to 145 series (I think)
  6. Still looking for a right and left rear #5 houk hubs. Thanks any leads would be great.
  7. rjp

    Houk or Hayes wheels

    OK, Thanks How would you know if it is a Hayes or a Houk hub?
  8. rjp

    Houk wheels

    Would any one have a lead on some one that would have 1 rear left and1 rear right . hub for the wire wheels? Thanks
  9. rjp

    wire wheel hubs

    looking for 2 a left and right hub, six hole. for wire wheels . I think #5
  10. Does it have the trans lock on the shifter lever or on the trans? Any keys with the lock?
  11. Will a houk outer wheel nut fit on a hayes hub and or the other way around ? This is on wire wheels.
  12. Would anyone have the centering nut for I think a #5 houk wheel with out splines? I need 4 and do not know what they look like. Maybe pictures or patterns or something so I can get some made. Or even tell me where to look Thanks a bunch Roger
  13. rjp

    1924 Franklin

    still looking
  14. rjp


    I'll look into it and see what cost difference is , your probably right it would be better. and you would not have to plate which is not cheap either, Thanks
  15. If you have some I sure could use 1
  16. rjp


    you are correct, and britle
  17. mine looks just like 29748 but with no wing bracket, maybe taken off, cant see where it went on ,cant see no grind marks or any thing. I do know the mounting bracket that was put on it bolt to running board was welded, so not original.
  18. Ok, thanks a lot. The one I have on my car must have been modified. It does not have the mounting wing. It has a brace on the bottom that was attached to it and the running board. Can you help on what that wing looks like?
  19. ,28877 does have a drawing but the 28876 is a card. I don't see either of those nos. on the 29748, the left hand block has 29747 but its the same way, a card.
  20. rjp


    yes means how many?
  21. Looking for 1 tire carrier for a 10b. The drawing no. is 29748. I do not think there is any difference in left or right. Thanks
  22. rjp


    if I was to recast inside door handles for 24 touring out of brass would any one be interested in one or two.
  23. rjp

    10b or 10b

    Looking for 3 inside door handles for a 10b or 10c touring the drawing no. is 28523. thanks
  24. rjp


    I am going to be working on a 10b touring, engineE94783 Thanks any help works fine for me
  25. A few years ago there was a very good list of engine parts that were exchangeable with franklin and other car makers. Would any one have a copy or tell me were to go to fined it? Thanks