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    yep thats it. Can you part with it? and if so how much?
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    Great, thanks
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    The mounting clamp the goes around a stewart warner vacuum tank. I need the one that is wider and has the 4 mounting holes. My tank is about 4 3/4 or so. Thanks Roger
  4. Could some one take picture of the latch side door post on a 1920 buick. The only thing mine has is a3/4 inch wood strip and the latch and that is all. Should be a place for bumpers and a wedge for alineing .This is on a touring. Is front and back the same? Is there a difference between Mclaughlin and buick? Thanks Roger
  5. rjp

    door handles

    There is several different kinds, mine was for a 1924 touring and the front is not the same as back.
  6. On a 1920 Mclaughlin Buik the top saddles or top supports that hold the top when down, have a heavy wire or hing or over center spring that holds the handle down. Iam missing one of them I can make one or does any one have one with a broke handle that they would part with? What would I make it out of? Thanks Roger
  7. rjp

    door handles

    I had Antique Hdw. make me inside door handles for my 1924 Franklin touring. I paid for the mold. So they are ready to go for about 30 to 35 apiece. They are solid brass. and look great. If you want them different you can have them plated or maybe he will cast them in different metal. The phone is 1 503 732 4574 or 1 503 824 5888 His name is Kim. He has a on line catalog also. with all kinds of stuff that ha has done and have. He is working on some hinges for me know also. Great Guy and I dont think prices are to bad. Thanks
  8. rjp

    1920 Buick

    interesting pictures , no wonder Iam afraid of it
  9. Ok, Thought maybe in and out, could not tell by picture for sure, Thanks
  10. That is true, I took mine apart and really dont look bad they do tighten up good. I had to take apart to take one wheel to the wheel right. What do they look like on the other side in the picture? thanks Roger
  11. Yes they both run well, The Dort interior is great, out side is so so could be repainted. the Mclaughlin is real nice, but should be reupholsterd. Both are very original
  12. Does some one have the old ball bearing type any more?
  13. Is there a chance I could get your cell phone number? I can text a couple of pictures easier. Thanks, That way if you want more pictures its easier for me, the wife not here to send them email for me. Thanks again Roger
  14. I have a 1920 Mclaughlin- Buick Touring. and a 1917 Dort touring. Both run good. Thanks Roger
  15. That would make it easier. Thanks Roger
  16. Do they have a timken bearing to replace the ball bearings on the front axle of a 1920 Mclaughlin-Buick series 45? Thanks If so any numbers? Roger
  17. On a 1928 Chrysler Model 52, is the visor painted or covered with the same as the top? I have seen pictures both ways. Thanks
  18. The engine number is 138478A, Thanks alot that helps! Roger
  19. Not a good picture, I was wrong would you go for HY306C i. That might be a better number
  20. It will tomorrow, but Iam sure I wrote it down correct: HX306C. I think
  21. It is a 1928 Chrysler model 52 , the numbers that I wrote was on the dash tag Thanks Roger
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