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  1. Hi all I'm still looking for unusual 2 cylinder or high wheelers
  2. Hi Andrew Di d you sell the 2-35 Packard twin 6 you had advertised?
  3. Hi Andrew do you still have the early Twin 6 Packard that you were advertising? Russell
  4. Hi Jo Bo Depending on the size of the flange I would be interested in the Schebler D. I need two for a very early project I think Layton is correct the brass extension on the front of the flange is a 2 cycle check valve!
  5. Hi Andrew Thanks Brush's are great cars but not for me
  6. Hi Pat Yes Elmore are finicky to get running the later one easier than the early as they have a proper carbie. We are taking ours to the Pre '05 Tour next weekend. Any photo and information would be appreciated, and what you are thinking on price. you can email me direct russell@oldworldlamps.net
  7. Hi Pat i may be interested in the Elmore, if you could send some photos and information, thanks russell@oldworldlamps.net
  8. Hi Thomas I can't see any de-compression cocks on your motor, however you could use the priming cups as a de-compressor. By turning the motor over on the intake stroke and then just after bottom dead center open the priming cup up and rotate the crank until the piston is 1/2 way up the compression stroke and then close the priming cup. This will give you mixture and less compression so it can be throw over easier and if it fires, it would have full compression on the next stroke. I have several early vehicles some with Atmospheric inlets but nearly all fitted with de-compression cocks which allow a certain amount of the compression to be released as the piston moves upward in the cycle until the rings pass the cock and then compression starts, but at a much reduced rate. Some vehicles have a lever that slightly lifts the exhaust value to release the compression, CDO have this and that makes them easier to start. I hope this assists.
  9. Hi all I'm looking for a 2 cylinder car or High Wheeler, something different, not Maxwell, Buick, Sears, Ford or REO, thanks All help appreciated
  10. Hi Buzz If this car is still available can you send me some photos to russell@oldworldlamps.net thanks.
  11. Hi all 2 cylinder vehicle wanted: Not Buick, Maxwell, REO, something Different: De Tamble Haynes Glide Gale Rambler Detroit Anything else unusual Or High Wheeler Kiblinger Black McIntyre Anderson IHC Holsman Prefer complete restoration projects, but will consider older restoration. Nothing that is a jumbled collection of misc parts
  12. Hi Bill If you still have the Chev, can you send me some additional photos, any history you have and your location, thanks. Russell
  13. Hi Peter I understand change, however it seems if it an unusual car (no category) then it in the main body but Ford, Buick, Chev, Cadillac, Chrysler etc get moved? As you know people generally only have so many click in them before they give up and move on, just constructive feedback? I personally like looking at all the makes offer or sort and checked in regularly to do so. I am curious why in a Buy/Sell forum you would move "wanted to buy" somewhere else, where it is probably going to get little or no exposure? Thanks for your efforts over a very long time
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