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  1. Hi all I have a number of restored Pierce Arrow hub caps for sale: 5 x "Pierce 12" circa 1932 - 36 restored $400 the set 3 x "Pierce 8" restored circa 1932 - 36 $200 2 x good restorable "Pierce 8" circa 1932 - 36 $100 4 x Pierce Aow caps circa 1925-29 $250 set Photos available, caps located in Washington State
  2. Hi all I'm looking for a 1922-23 Cadillac sedan or cut down truck for restoration also a 1915 Cadillac parts cars. All help appreciated.
  3. Hi all My 2 bobs worth, as for the comment: As for sending cars to Europe and Asia, I agree, it stinks to see old cars leave the USA. However, maybe someone could answer this question for me.... If you had two buyers for a car and the overseas buyer offers thousands of dollars more than the US buyer, what option does that leave you? There are reasons why old cars are leaving the US. I think we all know the main reason which I will not say. In the 60's & 70's and probably right up to the early 80's Big Check Book American's visited countries like Australia & New Zealand and probably Europe & Asia also, buying up every Packard, Pierce, Peerless, Thomas, Locomobile, Mercedes, Delage, Rolls Royce they could get their hands on, often as commented, offering way more that the perceived value the then owners thought they were worth. The result is that the early motoring history of the Australian motoring heritage, and I'm speaking from my personal stand point, was pillaged and no longer has the cross section it had back in the 1900's through teens and into the 1920's. You need to bear in mind these were all vehicles delivered brand new to dealers and private owners direct from the factory and (post 1915) often delivered new from the factory right hand drive! Theses vehicles helped shape the motor industry and are often steeped in motoring history, whether it is racing, endurance, 1st across the state or country etc or just setting the standard of motoring, I did not hear one complaint from anyone overseas saying that "Stinks" we are wiping clean most of that country's motoring heritage! I'd say if someone is going to restore even just one of those Lincolns, regardless of where in the world that happens, that is one that will not be scrapped and saved forever! If they were convertible's of any description they would be snapped up, (even the Coupe with the rear chopped off!). As sedans in today's market, they are not of a value to the average restorer to try and save. Anyone, any where, who is going to save then, I top my hat to.
  4. R Holden

    Ring Gear

    Thank you everyone I'm working with Al now
  5. R Holden

    Ring Gear

    Many thanks i';ve tried that email
  6. No body said Ed was a scammer. As has been pointed out several times, Ed found the ad and posted it here in case anyone (like me) was interested, if the ad is a scam them it is? I personally don't think the seller responds to request or provides enough photo & information to make an informed decision on where the car is worth travelling to view. That however is not Ed's fault or problem!
  7. R Holden

    Ring Gear

    Hi all I'm looking for a contact for Al Suring (the email I had bounced) the ring gear guy who has a site in the back of the red field at Hershey, I need to locate a 1937 Caddy ring gear and hopeful Al can help?
  8. Hi all IF? there was enough info and photos I may have been interested (as I said earlier) with what is there (or lack there of!) I can't make that call from here.
  9. Hi all I have a number of early Cadillac's including a 1916 & 18 V8's both 7p touring (hence my interest in this one) both sit on the road very nice and have great ''road manors" the 2 wheel brakes take a little forward planning inn the stopping department but are ever efficient.
  10. Hi Joe Well with the photos and information provided (or lack there of?) it a bit hard to make any call form 1/2 way round the world! I'll be at Hershey but I would not even consider going to Canada unless I thought I had enough info to make the trip potentially worth while. I always find the serious sellers with nothing to hide (and that I might say is 99.9% of sellers), are very helpful with photos & information.
  11. Hi Ed I looked at those photos but there are more of service & sales books than the car its self??
  12. Hi Ed Can you please PM me some photos and you number, thanks.
  13. 1934 Cadillac La Salle Boat Tail Speedster project The 1934 Cadillac La Salle was the poster car of the Art Deco height of automobile styling revolution. It introduced sleek grills, clamshell guards, Bi Plane bumpers and long “speed in motion” styling. The long port holed bonnet hid a large 240ci straight 8 motor that, whist copied from the Oldsmobile raw casting, was total engineered by Cadillac. In their stock state, the 1934 La Salle was capable of over 100mph and was chosen as the pace car at the 1934 Indianapolis 500. Created by legendary GM Stylist Harley Earl, the ’34 La Salle was one of his all-time master pieces. It appears that the older I get the older the cars get and this La Salle project has been on the back burner for too long while I've worked on other earlier Cadillac & veteran's and now should go to another owner with renewed vigour. Whilst GM never produced a factory Boattail a few were produced by independent coach builders, this car is styled on those creations. This right hand drive model is one of the few export models produced for the Australian market. The frame is sandblasted and painted in GM Black, the front end is assembled, wheels painted (deep maroon) with correct new Firestone 650 x 16” White Wall tyres. Lots of the custom boattail wood work is completed with single “dicky seat”. The block & crank have been stripped & blasted & coated to protect it ready for re-build. The very hard to find Bi Plane bumpers are present and in good condition, including the bumper with the rear step plates for the dicky seat passengers. Front & rear guards are sandblasted and primed as is the bonnet & cowl all are rust free. As well as quite a few NOS parts, there are plenty of spares including a sedan and a very rare set of 6 wheel equipped guards (Harley Earl pleaded with GM not to permit the use of 6 wheel equipment as he fell it ruined the lines of the styling, however customers demanded them!). Also included is the rare and unique to 1934 luggage rack to mount around the Bi Plane bumper & a period correct heater. Complete with extensive literature, this stunning project awaits completion. More details & photos upon request. Car located in Mudgee Au. $US25,500 delivered to Long Beach Ca.