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  1. Hi all 2 cylinder vehicle wanted: Not Buick, Maxwell, REO, something Different: De Tamble Haynes Glide Gale Rambler Detroit Anything else unusual Or High Wheeler Kiblinger Black McIntyre Anderson IHC Holsman Prefer complete restoration projects, but will consider older restoration. Nothing that is a jumbled collection of misc parts
  2. Sold! Going to a good home and already under restoration
  3. Jim 1918 for 4 wheel mechanical, 1937 for Hydraulic
  4. Butt Hopefully someone knows something
  5. Did any miss that it has been turned into a "Ute" so a body from the back of the front seat back would be required? Not to mention iron, bow and lots of other bits! I don't want or need it however it is way better than a part car, but $3-4k would stop me dead
  6. Hi all I'm looking for a 1902 - 1912 Elmore car "the car that has no valves" 2 stroke, 1 cylinder, 2 cylinder 3 or 4 cylinder, parts, literature & information Wanted Also leads to a Elmore Pushbike circa 1890 -1900?? All leads appericated.
  7. Anthony If if read the listing rules, price, location are a necessary prerequisite for placing an add, I agree a photo - it is worth a 1000 words.
  8. Hi Charlie Email me some detail please Russell
  9. Hi I'm interested in the Kiblinger motor can you please send me some photos and details, thanks. By the way they did not run a magneto Thanks Russell
  10. Hi Bruce I've send you an email re the Kiblinger, thanks.
  11. Hi Bill '33 tourers are not common even here in Australia, but I think I'm all good on tourers at this point
  12. Hi Sandymom Can you please send me some info & photos of the Detroit to russell@oldworldlamps.net thanks.
  13. Thanks Here is a little bit more info Rare Holden commercial booklet
  14. The "Sun Ray" hood is very different from the US version with no vertical flutes, instead 5 horizontal louvers which are said to remind onlookers of the morning sun rising over the horizon?? The hooked section above the sun rays is swagged and on the Master (ie US Mater Deluxe model) this has a chrome molding that went over the swag commonly referred to as the "walking stick" which the standard model did not have. Hopefully this photo give a better idea of the difference. As an aside GM-H management wanted to have the hood the same as the US version, however production was put back several time after exterior suppliers could not produce a hood that management would accept as good enough, finally someone said I can do this and showed them the Sun Ray version, management asked when "how many can you produce", they replied, "you can have 200 on Monday as as many as you like after that", so production of the all new turret top 1937 Chev swung into action.