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  1. Hi Andrew, You can contact me directly at:
  2. Bosch S-106 Essex 1922 1923 H.C.S. Cab 1925 Hudson 1922 While made by the American Bosch Magneto Corp., this unit works with their distributor equipment.
  3. Layden B

    1930 cf fuse size

    Hope this is helpful.
  4. They came in various sizes. How big a one do you need?
  5. 1913 with the one year only side lamps that have threaded nut underneath that holds the lamp to it's bracket. 1914 side lamps are smaller.
  6. I would suggest that the chassis is a recycled 1906-1909 Stevens-Duryea Model S. Note the Fisk tires and rims.
  7. I have a few of these wood felloe Firestone lugs (clamps).
  8. Inside diameter of the tire Is the same as the rim diameter.
  9. I do not have one but on occasion one is on ebay still screwed into a carburetor with pipe thread mount.
  10. Curtis OX-5 aircraft engine
  11. Both Holley and Schebler ( no doubt others too) offered check valves to use with their carbs when mounted on 2 cycle engines ( 2 port type, 3 port engines do not need them). The carbs are not any different, 2 or 4 cycle. Here are cuts from their catalogs.
  12. Wouldn't they be different for wood or wire wheels?
  13. Tire longevity? Many cars carried 2 spares because they had different sizes front to rear but tire wear and damage was a big expensive problem.