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  1. Wayne, The shocks on the Ford race are Martins. 1911-1912, I suspect the racer is a private cutdown.
  2. Early 1903 with "stagger spoke" wheels. Note how the spokes go into the hub, most easily seen on the rear wheels.
  3. Jacox brand steering columns, Buick was the largest user I believe.
  4. First, Model T Ford truck ( later production) did use 20" rims but on the rear only. Fronts were the same as the cars at 21". This rear does seem to be Model TT truck wheel and 2 lugs but the rim is not a Firestone with ring. Second, the front hub is not Ford. I suspect it is Chevrolet. This hub goes straight back from the hubcap treads where Fords have a neck down diameter between the threads and the hub flange. Third, the front wheel and rim on the rear are split and seem to be probably the same make. I suggest these are a depression era conversion to some wheels from the wrecking
  5. The clock is not electric but the car was! Phinney-Walker rim wind rim set clock that is nickel plated and painted black. Unrestored running condition, nice face and case, complete with mounting bracket, just missing front glass. $285 domestic postage $12.
  6. NOS New Old Stock accessory timer brush for Model T Ford timers and Tiger accessory timers, still in original boxes with instructions. Limited number available. $75 for 3 of them, domestic postage $8.
  7. True about a Metz should be among the easiest cars to hand crank. When hand cranking what you effectively feel at the crank is only one cylinder at a time. Some of the toughest are one cylinder cars! One cylinder Curved dash Oldsmobiles have a reduction ratio between the hand crank and the crankshft because it takes so much to get those cubic inches over top all at once.
  8. Just a couple of notes on Greg's post. 1. Duplex also uses a battery like the dual system. 2. A battery assisted system to " start on spark" or just to assist in starting can be very useful on any engine without a starter if your back is not up to the job! 3. The use of an impulse will get a hotter spark at lower speed but I never recommend it on a car or truck. Antique vehicles need all the spark retard that you can get when going down steep hills because they usually have minimal brakes. An impulse drive has a built in spark advance so full retard is unavailable.
  9. Low tension magnetos such as the Remy, Splitdorf and others ( timers and coils as well) have the benefit of hot spark at low hand cranking speed as Mark has stated. They also have the advantage that when on battery they will spark the plug without the engine turning at all. When set up properly they often fire the cylinder charge and start the engine without hand cranking. In the era this was called " starting on the spark". If you are not familiar with it, ask any Model T Ford owner!
  10. Measure again or look on the tire. They should be 19" rim size. Maybe the drop center sent you astray.
  11. Early tires were made from natural latex rubber ( think of latex rubber gloves), it is very soft and thus on hard cornering or under-inflation the tire could roll off the rim. To prevent this, tire locks were installed. A real difficult and time consuming process. Hard enough to deal with the valve stem but 4 or more locks! Higher air pressure and stiffer tires made them unnecessary. Putting the nuts on false studs into the wooden felloe is an interesting touch and probably what is going on with the Cadillac. The holes thru the rim are not round to keep the lock oriented to the rim ( the lock
  12. Evenly spaced all the way around? Tire locks?
  13. Nice thing about the Winfields and your Model M is included is that they have 3 adjustable jets. You can tune it to make your engine run at optimal. So many carburetors from the period have at least some fixed jets. If nothing else the gasoline has changed more than just a little in a century so you need a fully adjustable carb whatever brand you choose.
  14. At 03:59:01 the engine appears to be a Knight sleeve-valve design. Best guess might be Willys.
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