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  1. 1912 parts book has been sold Take all the rest for $175 Bucketof Bolts.... Try following directions! Email me. Yes pictures are available, way too many to post here.
  2. Glad to be able to help steer you in the direction of identification. Sidelamp or sidelight, either name works although some real purists reserve lamp for those with fuel and light for electric.
  3. Sorry but not Model T Ford of any year.
  4. 1935-1936 Ford pictured but your may be later
  5. It is my understanding that Canadian Model T Fords were produced both LHD and RHD, since early on each Province had their own laws about which side of the road you drove on. If you started out at the Pacific Ocean driving across Canada you were in British Columbia and drove on the left side of the road( RHD car). In the prairie you would switch to the other side, then back in Ontario, Quebec would be another switch then finally back to the left side in the British Maritime Provinces. In the 1920s standardization took place. Foreign sales of Model T Fords were for the most part determined
  6. Bosch 0 1 2 switch for 2 spark magneto ( firing 2 spark plugs per cylinder) with key, 3 1/2" diameter $425 Also have other Bosch switches magnetos and literature. Buy sell and trade.
  7. 1912 34 35 36 price list of parts 1915 c36 c37 price list of parts 1916 d54 d55 price list of parts 1916 Delco inst book 1917 d34 d35 delco instruction book 1917 D34 D35 reference book 1918 e-4 cyl parts 1918 e-6 cyl parts 1919-20 h & k parts 1920 K6 cyl reference book 1921 parts All are good originals. 1912 is $45, all the rest are $25 each. Take everything for $250 Domestic postage $8 per order, one or more items.
  8. There is a clue to a Model A crankshaft visible from the outside! A Model A crankshaft has a threaded hole in the nose for the hand crank ratchet. Even if it has been plugged the start of the thread can still bee seen.
  9. Any help would be appreciated. Looks like a Schebler knockoff, nothing marked on it. Gas inlet is like a Holley but not the rest of it. Yes it is for sale.
  10. Juhasz have 3 stages ( rotating barrel covers/uncovers 3 bores), they run great. Well very good anyway as like other carbs of the era they have no acceleration circuit.
  11. Isn't SHE the rear seat option?
  12. Layden B

    1917 mitchell

    Perhaps you already have a parts catalog but maybe you or someone you know would be interested. $20 + postage
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