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  1. Layden B

    Rearview mirror outside rain gutter mount NOS

    Spoken for Thanks to AACA
  2. Very nice appears unused rear view mirror to mount clamped to rain gutter. $25, domestic postage $15.
  3. I an not the Buick expert either. I believe the 14B was the 14 with the gas tank on back deck rather than under the seat, maybe lowered sporty steering column too. As we know many owners seem to back date their cars, but a car built and sold in the last months of a calendar year and sold as the new next year model are usually called that next year car. A car built October of 2018 as a new 2019 model is a 2019 especially when discussing it over the counter in the parts department. As far as Bonhams... It often seems that auction house descriptions are bits and pieces taken out of context from the internet and mixed with misinformation from the owner by non-auto employees of the auction house who are trying to fill up the information section. Does the picture look like an overhead valve engine to you? I think Buick did not use overhead valves on this model because it would have made the engine too wide.
  4. Buick Model 14, also known as the Buggyabout. The only L head Buick, engine in front not under the seat, double chain drive. Yes they also made a few T heads.
  5. Wasn't it the 1911 model year when the Model 14 came out with 2 cylinder engine in front? Certainly a different engine for Buick as it was one of the few non overhead valve engines, L head.
  6. Layden B

    1923 Stutz Fire Engine circuit breaker

    1914 Cadillac has a circuit breaker
  7. Layden B

    1913 REO - Remy 4 Starter Motor

    Remy 4 fits 1914-1915 REO only, no other applications. I would like to find a Remy 5 if anyone knows of one.
  8. Layden B

    wire wheel ID required

    1926-1927 Model T Ford 21" optional wire wheels are drop center, no lock ring. 1928-1929 21" and 1930-1931 19" Model A Ford wheels are all drop center.
  9. Layden B

    wire wheel ID required

    Appear to be 1930-1931 Chevrolet to me.
  10. Layden B

    Identify brass parts

    Look like lifter guides to me. Slot at bottom holds a roller in alignment with the cam lobe. Not 4 cylinder Stutz, maybe 6 cylinder??
  11. Layden B

    USL Starter/generator

    A USL equipped Moyer used to reside here in the San Francisco Bay area. Hope this list is interesting.
  12. Layden B

    splitdorf coil box

  13. Layden B

    American Traveler?

    Different brand wheels. The sedan has Dorian wheels. Am thinking the sedan is 1912 and the touring 1913+.
  14. Layden B

    American Traveler?

    So much more appropriate body style than this one!
  15. Layden B

    Help Identify Ammeter

    Original Model T Ford ammeters have FORD script and read only 20 amps, this one may be aftermarket and uses a small diameter 1926-1927 ammeter in an adaptor to fit 1919-1925.