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  1. All tires are new unused black, some still in wrapping. Firestone 37x4 1/2 straight side, smooth tread, with tubes and flaps $400 pr. PJA 36x4 clincher, rib tread, have 5 as a lot $1000 PJA 37x4 1/2 rib tread, straight side, have 7 as one lot $1400 Can deliver to Bakersfield HCCA Swap Meet More pictures available Happy to answer any questions.
  2. I understand these 2 castings to be for 48 Horsepower 1914-1927. Please correct me if incorrect. They have no apparent cracks or repairs, bores look nice. 4.5" bore Can deliver to HCCA Bakersfield Swap Meet. They are in Northern California.
  3. Marks link is to cartridge core radiator cores. I believe the Packard and many other radiators of that era are ribbon cores. I know of No ribbon cores available.
  4. Special mid model year sales flyer for the new sloping deck style Bearcat with dual-valve engine. Other early features are small filler neck radiator and magneto ignition. The Bearcat was not shown in the 1917 R Series sales catalog with all the other body styles. Quite rare piece of original literature. $275
  5. Aren't your spark plugs 7/8 ALAM threads ? Model A Fords use this: Spendy but you will probably only buy one set ever!
  6. This is an intake manifold vacuum powered vacuum cleaner. Almost 2 decades earlier that the exhaust one in the ad. Anyone have the hand nozzle for it? I wish, I wish but not expecting to ever find one.
  7. 8E45E, nzcarnerd, How about the early manufacturer named Pope? Probably tops the list with Pope-Hartford, Pope-Toledo, Pope-Tribune, Pope-Waverly and maybe more.
  8. Motometers were a new product for the 1914 model year. Quickly became popular as factory installed and aftermarket. Yes many were purchased and installed into a drilled original cap which was not designed for one but worked fine.
  9. 1916 Model 84-A 84-B Parts list 85 pages well illustrated $65 domestic postage $9 Directions for the Operation Care and Adjustment, 110 pages well illustrated $50 domestic postage $9.
  10. Original 62 pages, partly illustrated, $45 domestic postage $9
  11. Original 92 pages of info ( not illustrated) but does indicate interchanges, $45 domestic postage $9