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  1. 1920s Hudson Super Six is my guess!
  2. The page I posted is from American Bureau of Engineering. They made a metering device and set of 14 booklets to help repair people fix wayward early ( my set is 1918 with pasted in updates for 1919) car's electrical systems. Not any info on component models or types as that info was expected to be on the vehicle being repaired.
  3. Throat measures 2 1/4", all brass and unmolested, more pictures available, can post worldwide, happy to answer questions.
  4. Maybe this list will be helpful. USL parts are very rare!
  5. Only those entries with reference to page 10 are single unit 12 volt systems. The others are 2 unit systems. That knocks the list down to 8 makes.
  6. George, Your "guess" is right on. With poor tread design and high pressure tires, sideslip is a real problem. Running chains on one side keeps the mud out of the drivers face!
  7. Richard, Since most people don't know even vaguely what one would look like, a picture would be most helpful. Pictures really help with with those guys who have parts but little idea of what they are. This is the best illustration I have of one. Best Layden
  8. Would like to purchase original Stutz 4 cylinder literature that I do not have already in my collection but will consider all offered.
  9. Can supply nice Stromberg G-3 or H-3 carburetor for early Stutz.
  10. Just so we all speak the same on these parts, I have shown this period advertising. Today the words irons, sockets and bows are often interchanged with some confusion.
  11. Most cars at that time ( Buick Model 10 is no exception) had ignition as the only electrical wiring in the car. This was usually purchased from an outside supplier who also sold it to other makes of cars and different models of cars. In period electrical books, diagrams for these were listed by brand of the equipment and their model rather than the car make and model that they were put on. It would therefor really help to know what equipment you have. Pictures are most helpful. I would suggest you probably have Remy electrics. This is a typical Remy wiring schematic.
  12. Out in storage I believe I have these 2 Splitdorf magnetos, Model A and O. Part you need may interchange. Let me know if you are interested. Shipping magnetos is the worst, both fragile and HEAVY. They require exceptional packaging and most shippers are not up to the job, many buyers are not willing to pay for the extra time and costs either.
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