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  1. This is a hard rim to find as it also fits the Hayes wire wheels for Model T Fords.
  2. Stutz used 80MM Rudge for one year only 1919.
  3. Both steering wheel and fenders are aftermarket accessories. Only thing surprising to me is that there are not more accessories on the car!
  4. Last year for 2 cylinder Autocar trucks, 1926. They were 4 3/4 x 4 1/2 bore and stroke.
  5. Early ignition rotor, suspect may be for a magneto? Any help with ID would be appreciated. Believe it had a square carbon brush in the hole. Yes it is for sale.
  6. Brass era gas and spark controls for steering wheel center mounting. Thanks for any help with an ID. May have been a feature of the column manufacturer and used on several makes of cars/trucks. Yes the assembly is for sale.
  7. Looks like a Maxwell shield on the radiator shell. 1917era
  8. Believed to be Maxwell but 2 or 4 cylinder? Model, year? Any help much appreciated. Yes it is for sale!
  9. 6" is kind of a severe drop for a Model T Ford, be mindful of the pan plug!
  10. Your unknown rims ( wheels) appear to be Hayes 490 for Marmon 1926-1927 ( also from another source, some 1928 Durant 75), see first attached picture. Catalog info shows 2 types of wheels originally on 1929 DeSoto. Kelsey-Hayes 689 and Clev Weld 25AB. Your silver spare is clearly not a Clev Weld. I believe it is a Kelsey-Hayes 689 that has had the latch repaired with welded on sleeves to take a bolt that holds the ends of the rim aligned. Not an uncommon repair. Hoping this is useful. Let me know if I can help further.
  11. Very rare bird, I have seen them on a few cars but never a loose one.
  12. For rebuild $125, domestic postage $15. Happy to answer questions, can post worldwide at cost.
  13. Cheapest gas in Danville Ca $3.09 How many gallons can I get you to send me in a USPS Flat Rate box??? Oh well it doesn't really matter. We are " sheltering in place" and I haven't bought gas in 6 weeks.
  14. Perhaps these are 19" rim size? If so, I think they are Chevrolet 1930-31.