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  1. Chevrolet 490 1917-1922 Not 1916 due to front springs only above the axle.
  2. Layden B


    With 2 tubing connections it is for transferring a liquid. With iron cap and knob probably industrial.
  3. I believe that the issue is not spinning forces but rather that the center hole of the wheel may not be the true center of the wheel. The lug holes determine the true running center of bolt on wheels be they wire or not.
  4. And here is a Roof 16 valve head type C
  5. MF is the foundry mark. I believe they were in Indianapolis as Frontenac overhead valve heads for Model T's have the same mark.
  6. The pictured wheels may be Firestone aftermarket demountable wheels for the Model T Ford. Pearlman aftermarket demountable wheels for Model T Fords may also have 5 lugs. Firestone also made 4 lug wheels for Ford to go on factory production. The 4 lug wheels on Model T factory supplied demountable wheels were made by Kelsey, Hayes, Firestone and Ford Motor Co. made some as well for their own cars.
  7. Actually the "distinctive" features on the front of the radiator were not exclusive to Stoddard. The flip top cap, points in the sloping upper tank ( pointing toward the center of the radiator), figure 8 patches over the meeting of the top tank to the vertical sides and other details are features of Kinwood Radiator the manufacturer of the radiator. The same features can be seen on Lexington and other make of cars that also purchased their radiators from Kinwood.
  8. Different, certainly. Good, not at all. Conception thru execution. Speaking of execution maybe, no certainly, it should be knocked in the head.
  9. "The Complete Encyclopedia of Motorcars" by Georgano, lists 11 different manufacturers of a "Standard" make of automobile. 7 of them were made in the United States. The only one which fills the date requirement is: Standard Motor Co. Ltd. Coventry Warwickshire Great Britain They made cars 1903-1963. If you have been watching The Australian series on PBS "Doctor Blake", he drives a cream and red colored " Standard" sedan ( or as they call it, a saloon).
  10. A century ago a Vacuum cleaner was quite a novelty. This is an aftermarket accessory engine manifold vacuum powered vacuum cleaner!
  11. I would say 1922-1923 Model T Ford Centerdoor Sedan but the middle and top hinges don't look right.
  12. Packard is very similar but this one is a match! You could check if your head gasket has a number on it. Now you can advertise "Wanted".
  13. Pontiac 1933-35 3 3/16" x 3 1/2" 1936 3 1/4" x 3 1/2 1937-49 3 1/4 x 3 3/4 1950-54 3 3/8 x 3 3/4
  14. This is an AC speedometer cable for Model T Fords and Chevrolets, maybe other GM products as well.
  15. The factory called it a corrugated drive, think corrugated fibre board box ( incorrectly usually called a cardboard box). House wheels have 10 corrugations where the hub fits into the back of the wheel center shell.