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  1. The Octoauto still exists. Why not buy the car and restore it? I was also advised not to buy an American Underslung when one was offered to me. I was also advised not to buy a Duesenberg. Told they steer like a truck.
  2. Just google Pope Toledo. Very rare and highly desirable cars. What a mountain of wheels and rims! Please remember, as you sort through this pile, there are two guys on this forum looking for rims for early trucks.
  3. Obviously Bill is a very trusting and outgoing person who wanted to share the Marmon with another presumed old car guy. His effort is extremely commendable with a car of that caliber. I have my doubts about the guy he trusted with the Marmon. Any car guy would know letting the engine over rev like that would be a major mistake and would apologize profusely, let alone ask to drive one of the cars home. This behavior is so bizarre to me, I can't understand it; it doesn't compute. I think the sentiment is well stated, BE CAREFUL WHO YOU LET DRIVE YOUR BRASS CAR!!
  4. If the vultures are descending, there are some cars in the collection that have perceived value. Still, 15 years is a long time. It would be interesting to know if the car Bill wanted has his name on the title or is otherwise marked as his. I think not. Most people have great intentions but once someone has passed, the biggest vultures are the ones in his own family. Since the deceased no longer have a say in the matter, what they wanted to happen rarely does.
  5. I have done a lot of research over the past couple of years on the Avon blue and the fish scale process. I recently helped a restoration shop to restore a 32 Indy race car with the original fish scale finish. We did a lot of research and found original data sheets on how the finish was applied. It is less dramatic than modern pearles but a very unique, and amazing finish. The car was shown at a concours event in Fla. and one of the judges had seen it in 32 at the 500. He said that it was the most correct restoration of an original race car that he had seen, and it caused quite a stir at the ev
  6. I have been looking for an original, sadly, I don't have the money now. I sure do love that original patina tho.
  7. Has set outside for years, but is in fair condition. Including frame, front axel(missing springs), short block, trans, driveshaft, rear end, steering column. Wheels aren't any good, but chassis could be restored and would make a great period racer. I am not willing to part out, will sell complete only. Great for spare parts. Wonder what a new axel would cost? In N.C. $500
  8. 1904-1905 patent date This is just the base and magnets with armature, basicly everything in the middle, missing both ends. What is there is in good shape. Not Cheap
  9. Thankyou! Yes I misspelled, it is Torbensen. What year is your truck? I would love to see what the axel ends look like. The axels are cut off, but it appears the axels are open, no housing. I'm assuming there is a pillow block at the axel end to support the weight of the vehicle? Is it an open driveshaft? It appears small for a truck differential. Allen
  10. I ran across a guy last week who had a Torgensen rear differential patent date 1912. The Standard Catalog of American Cars says that he made cars early and later made component parts, mostly for trucks. Just curious, does anybody know if any Torgensen cars exist or what vehicles used the diffential?
  11. I am curious as to who owns this car, and what the name of that blue is? I have a four door sedan.
  12. I am looking for 4 30x3 smooth tires. I prefer white or grey in useable condition. They don't have to look pretty, just hold air. I'm trying to get my chassis rolling. 336-676-3801 eastern time haywood96@hotmail.com
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