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  1. Bryce Taylor posted three 1911 Buick midsize chassis for sale in the for sale section of this forum. I believe they are still available. Totally taken apart but appear mostly complete. A quick search should bring up the ad.
  2. There is an early Cadillac group run by Steve Hammant of Washington state. If you google Early Cadillac Group you will find some information. I'm not a member and cannot tell you how to join the group. If you are a member of the HCCA I think you will find Steve's number in your roster. Also, Leroy Baumgartner lbaumgardner1@comcast.net <lbaumgardner1@comcast.net> has done a lot of early cadillac work. He is in Pennsylvania.
  3. Bubba, Is that the same car that was in the previous picture? What a transformation! It's hard to believe anybody would leave a Locomobile to rest in a dirt floor warehouse but it appears to have cleaned up well. Do you remember what it sold for when you first missed buying it?
  4. I have this tail light bezel for sale. Fits many high end cars to include Stutz, Peerless, Kissel and others. It has green faceted reflectors. Sorry for the poor picture. $60
  5. Just google Fine Paints of Europe and I was wrong, they are based in Vermont but they have satellite offices. I can buy it from a store in Charlotte NC. It is a very high grade of house paint. I was a Benjamin Moore guy before I used Fine Paints of Europe. They import from Wijzonol Bouwverven B.V. of the Netherlands. I use rustoleum for all kinds of projects on a regular basis. The EPA has made it nearly impossible to make oil based paints in the US and Rustoleum is one of the few brands left. Fine Paints of Europe is a step above rustoleum. My opinion is, those who endeavor to brush or roller paint are not trying to achieve the same look as a sprayed finish. I am attempting it because the car I am restoring would have been brush painted originally. I am looking for an original finish. Now I know some do it because of cost and are attempting to compare brush with sprayed but I think the sentiment is: "I can be happy with spending less money and getting less than perfect results."
  6. There is a European paint company in the US. It is called "Fine Paints of Europe" and I believe they are in New Hampshire. I became aware of the paint while restoring an Episcopal Church. The paint smells like automotive paint. It lays down well and shines like a new penny. I am in the process now of brush painting a car I am attempting to restore authentically and am using PPG paint. The problem I'm having is the thinners are so volatile subsequent coats of paint liquefy prior coats. It never occurred to me to use Fine Paints of Europe but I wish now I had.
  7. What I can't believe is that Layden Butler has found a part he can't identify!
  8. Here is another Model E, Chassis 1402, Engine 1664
  9. Here is an original type E from Henry Austin Clark's Collection. Chassis #1322, Motor #1583, was sold at Bonham's auction house in 2008 for $128,000.
  10. I would like to revisit this Locomobile in the light of the pictures posted from this brochure. The length of the hood makes me think model F but the rear hub is nothing like the hub of the F. The shaft drive type L had rear hubs like this so I wonder if this car has type L rear wheels.
  11. I need 4 tires moved from Toronto Canada to anywhere close to NC. 336-six o one 7959
  12. Yes, Locomobile. Nobody has successfully identified the year or model to my knowledge. Correction: after considering the two cars raced in the 08 Fairmont, I believe this is a 1908 40 horse model I Loco though the rear hub is wrong.
  13. Not a Lincoln but I love the tall cab of this Loco in the Tow Museum in Chattanooga.