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  1. Walt, I don't know about the picture but the car is most likely pre 15. It is right hand drive and the shifter and brake are outside the frame. By 1915, almost all cars were center controlled and left hand drive. We'll have to see if some research can turn up any further details. Actually, a quick search produced the Stoewer Sewing Machine company in Germany and they went into the automobile manufacturing business early in the last century. A few examples exist.
  2. Bob, I think, as you already know, without provenance, there is no way to prove or disprove anything about this seat. It certainly looks old and certainly resembles the seats on some of the Ford racers. You could contact The Henry Ford and maybe talk to someone there who could shed some light on this purchase but even then, all you have is here say. If you believe it is an original from one of the early Ford racers, that's really what matters; no one can prove you wrong, and I doubt its for sale. It is a great piece and I for one, am grateful you shared it.
  3. I don't believe it is marine. I have seen that quadrant or one similar recently, just can't remember on what. It would be very early, 04/05. It would be a real shame to build a speedster around such a rare item when something period correct is so easily made.
  4. AHa

    Mercer Lookalike

    Electric sidelights and gas headlights suggest 13/14. Notice the bustle on the back. I thought to start with it was a Palmer Singer but I believe the hood is too short. Below is a Palmer Singer.
  5. AHa

    Loco pics

    Al, I noticed the spare tire hardware is painted steel.
  6. AHa

    What is it

    I found this car interesting. It was posted by Twin Six in Period Images. It has very many similarities to a Mercer but it is also very different. The radiator neck is very much shorter, the headlights taller, and the hood looks longer and dies into a flat dash.
  7. AHa

    Loco pics

    Not sure what this one is. From period pictures to relieve some stress. Posted by twin six.
  8. I am now restoring my parts car, came full circle.
  9. Al, did Locomobile not give preferential treatment to one brand of instrument company? While many lesser makes did not provide instruments with the purchase, they did give preferential treatment. Early Buicks used Corcoran primarily for their lights but owners could purchase anything they wanted. Since you have instruments with the Locomobile logo, why not go with that brand? You can pick up needed parts along the way, you have time. My point is though, there is probably one brand of instrument that is considered correct for Locomobiles. Anything else will be considered incorrect.
  10. To my knowledge, you do not have a car as of yet to mount these instruments on so I don't see a dilemma. People are constantly posting stuff for sale on a myriad of sights. By the time you get the car put together, you will have an opportunity to purchase any number of instruments. I prefer the look of the Jones but I also like Stewart Instruments.
  11. Thankyou Grimy, I had picked up a flyer at one of the shows and know nothing about the company. That said, George is faced with the possibility of needing some manifolds cast. Can you make a recommendation?
  12. George, I was just going through some papers and ran across a note that Empire Motors in Texas casts manifolds, if they haven't gone out of business. Contact information is: phone 915 856 9607 www.empiremotorsinc.com info@empiremotorsinc.com They also do heads, etc.
  13. Wow! That's amazing rob. Great job! Looks like tons of fun.
  14. Rob, Can you identify which racer the above pictures depict. It appears not to be the 401 ci race car depicted in the post immediately above this post.
  15. This picture was posted by Twin Six over on the period photos. I'm guessing this is one of the special racers but which one? I love that hood ornament!
  16. Rob, Any chance we could get a picture of the unfinished racer? I'm thinking you've probably posted some on other sites. I'd love to hear the history of that motor. I find it very interesting how some cars or parts survived while others were cast aside as so much rubbish. Is the 410 ci car is in The Henry Ford?
  17. Posted by Hook in Period Images Thread. The girl is his aunt.
  18. All kidding aside, isn't this vehicle from an amusement park ride. In my foggy memory, I seem to remember visiting an amusement park with lots of the cute little cars running around in circles.
  19. That, my friends, is a very rare and highly desirable Flintstoneobile from the pliestocene era. The exact year is hard to pin down because styling changed very little over the 600 million years they were in production. Where in the world did you find it?
  20. Some years ago, I helped pull a 1912 White gas roadster body out of a barn. The barn had been a three story building but it had collapsed down to a 1/2 story. The body was sandwiched in between two floors with just enough room to snake it out. The car had been taken apart with bits and pieces stored all over. I had hopes it would be put back together but last I knew, it was moved to another barn and was in worse condition.
  21. Boy yall have a funny way of talking.
  22. I only have the one shown. Interested?
  23. Me Too! I have deleted all the pictures in question.
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