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  1. Your Ag dealer is not likely to have anything that will compare to 600w. All the T model guys still use the 600w. What does that tell you? The problem, as I see it, is most people want to improve these cars. It rarely turns out well. All kinds of people will tell you all kinds of oils and grease will replace the 600w and do a better job. Who are you going to trust?
  2. Al, You'll have to be careful with your local Ag supplier. Some will tell you their 90w is equivalent but it will not perform as the 600w. It is best to buy some 600w. I made the mistake of buying some equivalent and it was not a good outcome.
  3. I can't speak to the Locos specifically or modern equivalents but the general consensus is to stay with the original recommendation, which is the 600w steam oil, available from any model T supplier. As far as I know, there is not a direct modern replacement, though some will disagree.
  4. That looks like the Dragone tent at Hershey.
  5. I still believe it is a Rajo product. Rajo made heads for several different makes of cars. The RA18 on the bottom looks very similar to Rajo intakes I have seen before. Of course, I could be wrong. It happens a lot.
  6. Why was this picture taken?
  7. This picture comes to us from Chevrolet Brothers Website.
  8. I don't know about a movie but the story of the car is amazing. If I have my facts right, and that is a very big if, there were two identical race cars made. One was kept by the factory and the other one was sold. The one that was sold was raced around England and was then shipped to Australia, where it was raced some more. Eventually the motor was replaced by a more modern power plant but the chassis was deemed too valuable. After several power plants the car was retired sometime in the late 20s I believe and wound up in a museum in Australia for early race cars. By that time, nobody recognized the chassis as a beast of Turin chassis and the car was identified with the last guy who raced it. Then, towards the end of the last century or the beginning of this one, this guy in England is able to buy the chassis from the museum. The second race car chassis disappeared along the way but the factory kept the motor. The guy in England identified the chassis he had bought out of Australia as the Beast of Turin chassis and was able to convince the factory to part with the motor. He put the two together. I would hope the movie would cover this remarkable story of the car's survival and I too would love to see it.
  9. Here is another great picture from Hemmings Motor News. It comes from an article titled, Family Albums in Four Speeds. The car is identified as a Thomas.
  10. This picture was also run in the Hemmings article. There is a great story of survival that accompanies the article. It has now been reported Fred Hoch sold the car on to two guys in Pittsburgh.
  11. Here is the digitized Photo Hemmings ran with their article on the car.
  12. I believe this car to be made by GJG in White Plains, NY. The Radiator is a very close match.
  13. That appears to be an intake for a RAJO head. RAJO made aftermarket overhead valve heads for Fords mostly.
  14. Below is a picture of a 1911 GJG racer. The picture was digitized by Google and originates from the university of Michigan. GJGs were built by the G. J. G. Motor car company of White Plains, N.Y.
  15. Ariejan NL, Where did you find a picture of the GJG? I can't find any with a resemblance to the OPs car. The GJGs that I can find have a rounded top radiator.
  16. For comparison, I borrowed this picture from Concept Cars Website. The depicted car is a 1911 Traveler, the OP's car is labeled 1912.
  17. Lower in this forum you can find the American Underslung thread with pictures of the underslungs. The radiator is quite distinctive. The American Wayfarer, depicted above, is an overslung model. I think what we have in the OP's picture is an American Underslung in the oversprung configuration. Interesting to note the front doors have hardware hinges attached to the outside of the body.
  18. That radiator looks like the later American Underslung but the chassis does not appear to be underslung. Is this possibly one of the rare overslung Americans?
  19. AHa

    What are these ?

    They are called pedal cars. They were popular as a child's toy a generation ago. Some are patterned after actual cars. There are avid collectors of these toys but I couldn't venture a guess as to value of these two.
  20. AHa

    Rear Body Section

    Thanks for letting me know. I reloaded. Let me know if you can see it now.
  21. AHa

    Seat irons

    Thanks for alerting me. I tried loading them again,let me know if it worked this time.
  22. AHa

    Seat irons

    Can somebody please identify these seat frames. It is hinged and folds down.
  23. Can anybody identify this rear body section. It is 29" inside width. The top is hinged and lifts up. I suspect it might be model T, if so, what body style? thanks
  24. I was wondering if anybody might recognize this motor. It came out of a barn in Connecticut a few years ago. There aren't any numbers on it that I can find, though I haven't tried to clean it up. The cylinder has a water jacket and the head has cooling fins. Atmospheric intake with mechanical exhaust.
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