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  1. Thanks for everyone's replies. We did source a good, original 1932 head and it is currently on the car and operating well.
  2. Trying to help out a friend. He has a 1932 Auburn Eight that has a damaged and poorly repaired cylinder head. He has located a new, older reproduction aluminum cylinder head but was told it was for a 1935/1936 Auburn 850/851. Are these interchangeable? What other year cylinder head can be used for a 1932 Eight? Does anyone still make new cylinder heads for these? Thanks in advance.
  3. Here is an updated article. From what I have heard from those in actual attendance, it has been a good show so far. There are plenty of sellers and lots of eager buyers. Yesterday started slow because it was set up day, but today got busy. A friend of mine who is a vendor said "It has been a slow but very steady build" https://www.pennlive.com/news/2020/06/wolfs-march-with-protesters-an-issue-in-pa-health-departments-bid-to-impose-covid-19-caps-on-carlisle-car-show.html
  4. Nice early Buick. These are really fun to drive.
  5. I found my 1920 Model 48 Dual Valve 7 passenger touring on this website about 8 years ago. It was listed by motoringicons as well. Without a doubt, the best car I ever bought in my 20+ years of collecting. This is the car that gets driven the most and my other cars have sadly taken a back seat to the Mighty Dual Valve that has become affectionately known as Big Blue. All of the above comments about dual valve Model 48s are true, especially when it comes to flattening hills. When you drive a Model 48, you forget that you are driving a 100 year old relic because it handles like a post war sports
  6. Now that is a REAL Model T speedster! There are not many period original T speedsters in existence. This is indeed a great thread!!!
  7. I have bought from brokers, including at least one that often list cars on this website. I have always had good luck and have been pleased with my purchases. Real estate is typically sold by brokers and no one complains. Just because one is a licensed car dealer doesn't make them necessarily credible or legitimate. There are plenty of licensed and crooked car dealers out there. Remember, just because a "licensed dealer" has a fancy building and a stacked inventory of expensive cars, doesn't mean he actually owns the building or his inventory. Owning a car doesn't always mean owning
  8. Although there are a lot of "1915" Model Ts out there, very few of them are real. This roadster/runabout looks like great original car. The price is extremely reasonable considering it is a legitimate HCCA eligible tour car. Great presentation showing all of the proper numbers, etc.
  9. So, how much is the car? It has been for sale at least once, so the price should not be a mystery.
  10. For this application, there are some sealed, gel cell batteries that will last forever. Go to a place like Batteries Plus and they have several options.
  11. What a great car. I love the sporty lines of this body design. It really screams "hot rod". In my opinion, the curved lower body or coach sill makes it look much sportier than the roadster. And its also a lot rarer. It seems that people are finally starting to realize that some of the best looking Full Classics are not necessarily the convertibles.
  12. While we are making comments…. Something I don't understand: People wait all year for Hershey. They anticipate it all year, they talk about it all year, look forward to it all year, make their travel plans a year in advance, they pay for their swap spaces, pay for gas, pay for lodging, they travel great distances with a big load of stuff to sell, and they take the time to unpack and display all the stuff that they hauled hundreds or thousands of miles. And then they set up for a few hours on one or two days, hurry up and pack and can't leave Hershey fast enough.
  13. I looked at this auction car last year. This car had the wrong engine and a tired restoration that was in need of a redo. A significantly different type of car than the roadster being offered here. History is everything on a car like this. Authentic V-16 roadsters with bonafide histories are benchmark automobiles and are rarely offered for sale.
  14. I keep looking at this 1927 Peerless V-8 boat tail that is being offered at the RM/Auctions America Auction (they keep changing their names, not sure who they are now). https://www.rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/AS18/Auburn-Spring/lots/r0113-1927-peerless-boattail-speedster/660860 The car looks like it might be a coupe that has had the top cut off. The area where the door meets the rear quarter panel just looks strange, as does the top. It just doesn't look right I have always wanted a Peerless to add to the collection. Does anyone have any insight on this car?
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