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  1. I have two pairs of three tier Grey & Davis 934 side lamps suitable for parts or restoration. One pair in nickel plated. $200/pair USD or best offer, plus shipping from Canada.
  2. I'm looking for a Rushmore carbide generator, if you have one of those. Peter
  3. That's a great find. It would be nice to see a few more pages, scanned a little larger so we could read them. They may provide a little more insight into the auto world at the time. Peter
  4. This was two weeks ago in British Columbia, still pretty green. Peter 1910 Russell-Knight
  5. I'm looking for a good Rushmore carbide generator. It's a tall, rectangular unit that stands on the running board. (Picture 1) I have a very nice Solar carbide generator I could trade for it. (Picture 2) Peter
  6. Great memories, thanks for sharing them. I see your Model T was the "Longest Car driven" for the 1960 tour. That must have been quite a drive in itself. Times have certainly changed.
  7. Thanks, I had already found this, but it was worth another watch. The Santee's REO which shows up in this video is now in the Lemay Museum in Tacoma, Washington. I will see if the HCCA office knows anything. Peter
  8. Craig: Thanks for the links. The book is excellent. I found it in the library and am working on getting my own copy. As far as I know there are only 2 or 3 Russell-Knights in use - mine is one of them. I had it out for a 40 mile drive on Saturday and it's a great car. Modeleh: The Wellburn Russell belongs to a friend of mine not too far away. It is not a Russell-Knight (i.e. has a traditional poppet valve engine). They made both the Russell and the Russell-Knight beginning in 1910. It will be nice to see the pair of 1910 Russells on tour together one day. Since you asked (NOT), here is a picture I took on Saturday. Peter
  9. Does anyone know if the 16mm film of the HCCA's 6th Biennial Reno Tour (1960) still exists somewhere? According to the 1960 HCCA Gazette writeup the film was made and distributed for Regional Groups to show. I love watching the old tour films in the AACA library but this film is of special interest because I have recently purchased the car that won the "Most Desirable Car" award at that tour. I'd love to see it back then. It's a 1910 Russell-Knight (Canadian car). Anyone know anything about this film? Peter
  10. This summer I got interested in, and eventually purchased, a 1910 Russell-Knight (Canadian car). While researching, the only picture I could find of any 1910 Russell-Knight was on a 1962 postcard and it was the very car I was looking at. Of course I was curious about how and why the car would be on a postcard. When I got the car home I found about 25 such postcards featuring this car or a couple of others that belonged to the owner at that time. They were Penzoil cards, common at the time, and had fallen down the crack in the door pocket sometime in the last 50+ years. Ironically, by this time I had already ordered the Russell-Knight postcard from the online seller, so it was a bit of a letdown when it arrived.
  11. This is the starter you're asking about. Peter
  12. Yes, I believe it was a Northeast starter. Here's a picture I found somewhere.
  13. Here's a link to the Phil Foster story: He was a real pioneer collector in the Pacific Northwest.
  14. I have a 1911 Cadillac Foredoor Touring which was "assembled" back in the 70s. I wouldn't say it was restored, certainly not by today's standards. But it is a complete, running, and presentable car that could be used as-is, or restored. Much mechanical work has been done. Not a brass radiator car, but has nice brass lights and trim. Located in Canada. $39000 USD pictures and video available.