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  1. The heavy brown wire on the left (pos) side of the coil is the hot wire. It runs back up through the wiring loom to the switch on the dash. The orange-ish wire on the right (neg) side of the coil goes to the points (at the base of the distributor). The condenser is grounded by its mounting screw and connects across to the negative side of the coil. The centre terminal on the coil is your high tension lead which goes to the centre of the distributor cap. Peter
  2. My 1915 Russell has a Connecticut ignition system (6 cyl). The previous owner converted it to a modern style coil which works fine. Here are pictures of the original coil and the adapted coil. Peter
  3. My recently acquired 1915 Russell (Canadian built) has a 3 speed Detroit Gear & Machine Co. transmission, bolted up to a Continental 6N engine. Does anyone recognize this transmission and/or have information about it or the company? I'd be interested to know which other companies used it, and if this a typical mate for a Continental engine. Peter
  4. Here is the image Hans was trying to post. It does indeed look to be a 1927 Auburn 8 cylinder Sport Sedan. I'm also posting a picture of the ad for the 8-77 model. The car in the photo could also have been the slightly longer and more powerful 8-88. It's interesting to see the roll out window shades on this car. I have a pair of these and have thought about fitting them to my car. Thank you Hans for sending this.
  5. Thanks for trying but I just got the same link as above. If you want to email the picture to me I will post it here for you. You can send it to pfindlay@duetsoftware.ca if you wish.
  6. Hans, can you get the picture and post it again? I own a 1927 Auburn and would like to add the picture to my files.
  7. Thanks for this extra bit of information. Fortunately my 6N is complete and will run once I have gone all over it. Then I'll determine if it needs further attention. At this point I know the water pump needs attention so if there was a good one out there I'd buy it. The 7H engine has a different water pump. Peter
  8. Here are the tags for the two motors I have. The 6N is in my car and supposed to be original. (1915 Russell 30, Canadian built). Several catalogs seem to list it as 3 1/2 x 5 1/4. The reason for the confusion is that Russell advertising listed it as a 3 1/4 x 4 1/2 Continental. It's possible that the 6N was a replacement installed later, but the only other known 1915 Russell 30 also has a 6N engine number. So, I guess I will have to look inside to confirm b/s. I'll be pleased if it is larger than the advertised engine. Thanks for checking the numbers for me.
  9. In 2019 I bought a rebuilt DR-4 from Mark Maikshilo at Mark's Magnetos in Connecticut. 860-537-0376. I've dealt with him a few times and find him very knowledgeable and reliable.
  10. I believe the mag shown is a DR-4 dual, not a DU-4 dual.
  11. Thank you, Bud. I may be starting to piece this together. For the 6N, 7N, 8N ... series was one of the bore/stroke given as 3.5 x 5? This would agree with information received from another member and is probably what's in my car. Was there mention of a smaller 6N with B/S 3.25 x 4.5? Thanks, Peter
  12. Bud, Do you have any information on Continental 6N six cylinder engines, circa 1915? Thanks, Peter Findlay Burnaby, B.C. Canada
  13. Can you tell me if there are any specs for 1915-16 Continental 6N and/or 7H Overland engines? I'm trying to determine if there's any interchangeability between the two. Thank you, Peter
  14. Yes, I think you're right about that. Thanks. Peter
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