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  1. Here's a little item I found about the Hupp-Yeats ... it was advertised for sale in the HCCA Gazette in December, 1949. This would have been shortly after Victoria Jane's death. I wonder if there was no buyer, or if the Parrot's lawyer put a stop to it all? Also interesting to note that it was believed to be a 1914 model and only had 39 miles on the odometer.
  2. PFindlay

    REO hubcap

    I stand corrected. After checking some period photos it looks like they were painted, as seen here.
  3. Yes I do. Nice article. Thanks for adding those early Studebakers to the list here.
  4. PFindlay

    REO hubcap

    Yes, it looks like a 1912 REO hubcap. I don't believe it should be painted (mine aren't). Peter
  5. Very nice car, Jeff, and a rare one. Only 604 were made. Is yours a Hydramatic or standard transmission? I picked up a 1940 Olds Convertible Series 60 Coupe last fall and I've been surprised at how few Oldsmobiles are around. I don't know where they all went. There are some parts available at a few places such as these: https://collectorsautosupply.com/search-result#/ymm/Year=1941&Make=Oldsmobile/1/All https://www.oldsobsolete.com/product-category/oldsmobile-parts-for-sale/ It will help you to get familiar with Chev, Pontiac,
  6. Found these on another thread ... 1940 DeSoto Convertible Coupe 1940 Pontiac Convertible Coupe
  7. This 1940 Dodge Coupe is for sale in another thread. Nice looking car with some interesting bumper accessories.
  8. Another picture from Peter shows the Silver Brother's Garage in Burnaby with both Pierce-Arrows in front and the 1913 Peerless a little further along. Nearby Silver Street in Burnaby is named for their father, a Burnaby developer and Alderman. This was probably taken in the early 1930s, before the cars went into storage. Notice they were selling "3 star" gasoline. In 1936 Imperial oil became a sponsor of Hockey Night in Canada and began the tradition of the "Three Star Selection" after each game.
  9. Peter Trant has supplied these early pictures of the 1915 Pierce Arrow Coupe-Roadster. The first was taken during the Rogers years and was taken in front of the under-construction "Shannon" mansion at 57th & Granville in Vancouver. This home was begun in 1913 and was to be the largest home west of Toronto. It wasn't completed until 1925. B.T. Rogers had died in 1918 and the car passed on to son Blyth. In this picture the car still has its winter top. The other pictures shown here are from the years when Sid Steeves owned the car, late 1920s - 1930s. The woman is probably
  10. Gabriel is a good guess, since they're from Cleveland. Here's an ad from Motor October 1915 that may help with ID if you get a look inside. There's not much to rebuild in there. Peter
  11. Don't be so sure about that sign on the building. We may be seeing the back side of it. Here is the same photo flipped and enlarged a little. The number on the car behind the Franklin (?) looks like it starts with a 4.
  12. Here is a 1940 Oldsmobile Series 70 Business Coupe that has shown up in another thread. It looks like a solid car that will soon be on its way to rehabilitation. This model had the 230 cu. in. 6 cylinder engine, 120" WB, and sold for $865.
  13. There's a Facebook page for the Forgotten Oldsmobiles 1937 - 48 with a few 1940 owners there. You may be able to ask for body numbers to see if they are all over the place or assigned by body style. My car is a series 60 Convertible Coupe. They made 1300 of these and mine is body number 842. Out of ~190,000 1940 cars produced is it just a coincidence that mine is such a low number, or could it be that each body style, or perhaps Series, was numbered starting from 1? Maybe there's an Oldsmobile guy that knows the answer. To be safe, you could choose a number that is less than the produc
  14. That makes sense. It looks like you've got a good seat there. Lucky. I'd say it's trim #4, Bedford Cord.
  15. The passenger seat back looks like it might be Bedford Cord, but the rest of the seat looks different. Has someone replaced part of the seat? You should probably show it in the Oldsmobile Club to find someone who knows what is correct.
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