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  1. By the end of 1907 there were 1530 passenger vehicles registered in Ontario, up from 1176 the previous year. We don't know if that would include motorcycles or not, but I'd be surprised if there were 250 motorcycles either way. Automobiles were still just catching on, and Ontario's weather doesn't make it a prime spot for year round motorcycle transport. Peter
  2. The Early Cadillac Group has been saved by moving from Yahoo to, thanks to moderator Steve. You'll find it here: Peter
  3. Here is a picture of our grandpa Findlay in his 1927 International truck. He hauled fruit up and down the very steep hills of British Columbia's Okanagan region. When he got this truck he thought it was the greatest because he could carry 100 boxes of apples in a load. Then the next year they came out with front wheel brakes... Peter
  4. This 1919 Pierce Arrow Suburban Limo belongs to a friend of mine. The picture was taken when he brought it from New York to the West Coast in 1975. Other projects took priority for a few years (like 40+) but he's finally going on it now.
  5. Yes, that's it. Thanks. I'm not a Netflix guy but maybe I'll see it someday. Peter
  6. Any sign of a blue 1924 Cadillac Touring in that movie, in a farmhouse scene? I drove a friend's car on the set one day - had to show Neil McDonough how to start it and move it down the driveway.
  7. Sounds like a fine idea. When you're stripping all that extra weight off your car I have just the place to hang it. Before the drag race, we'll have to check rear sprockets. I may have the hill-climbing sprocket, for our B.C. mountains. If that's the case we'll have to add a hillclimb event to the day's activities. Fair is fair. The car isn't actually mine - I just take care of it for a friend. Her grandfather bought it (used) in 1910. Yesterday was such a mild dry day out here in British Columbia that I decided to take it out for a quick picture. Peter
  8. Ok, I'm in .... 1963 ... the family with our 1927 Auburn, two years after dad bought it from the original owner. I'm on the left. 1978 ... delivering my bride to our wedding. My siblings did likewise in the 70s. 2017 ... Taking Dad for his last ride in this car. He and the Auburn were both registered in December, 1926. 2017 ... taking my grandkids in a parade,. Same car, same jackets. 2019 ... some things don't change: same wife, same car.
  9. They may be the same jugs, but I think the valves and ports may have changed as the years passed.
  10. Our HCCA group had a "Last Chance Run" today, before the bad weather really sets in. There wasn't much colourful foliage to see but we had a great 45 mile drive. Peter, in British Columbia.
  11. Could it be the sound of a spark jumping to ground? Is it firing regularly on all cylinders?
  12. About 10 years ago I had a pair of 28" rims and rings made for my 1911 Cadillac by Coker. You could try them for rings. I still have the old rings (2) from my Cadillac. They are solid, but would require a little work to get them back to a nice circle again. I can send a picture if you like. Peter