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  1. What does the other side look like? Might tell us a lot as to usage.
  2. Definitely a Model T Ford Chassis. Covers on the wood wheels ( see right front wheel), body, radiator and shell and I think steering wheel are all aftermarket accessory items.
  3. New for 1928 was the 2 exhaust port cylinder head. Since 1928 was the last year for the Chevrolet 4, it appears that the engine is correct for your car. Could be a replacement of the original but seems to be authentic.
  4. The hand crank extension was usually supplied with the purchase of a new radiator.
  5. This model carried 30x3 1/2 tires. That obsolete marking system starts with the outside diameter of the tire ( not the rim). The smaller number is the tire size, thus 30 minus 3 1/2 on one side and 3 1/2 on the other side leaves 23" as the rim size. In this drawing you will see that the rim size is not the outside diameter of the rim ( edge to edge) as the rim has a flanges on it to keep the tire from coming off. Modern rims are the same, the actual rim size ( inside diameter of the tire) will be about 1 1/2" less than the maximum outside diameter of the rim. A reasonably close place for you to measure the 23" would be the outside of the wood wheel felloe ( inside of the white/silver painted rim). Hope this makes sense and is helpful.
  6. 1915 Chevrolet and others as I remember.
  7. Can supply this 24" Firestone type C rim nice complete with rings $250
  8. Try: https://www.modeltford.com Note that a burner stand is made in height to match the mirror diameter, these for Model T Fords are for 6" diameter mirror. The stands are pretty much alike, the elbows vary by lamp manufacturer.
  9. Have this unidentified carb. Maybe parts for your project? $125 plus postage
  10. Advertising 28 page booklet, 5" x 7" , D-H engine. $75 domestic postage $6.
  11. As original equipment, 1915-1916 Dodge only but sold also as aftermarket replacement for magnetos on all types of applications.
  12. Small Schebler early carburetor, nice shape and appears to be complete, not worn or abused. $225 domestic postage $15. Can anyone help with application?
  13. oldford is right on the mark! A1401 is the part number for the pump case of an EMF
  14. Model T Ford, no reinforcing ribs between the bolt holes.
  15. Nice shape and nearly complete Breeze brass carburetor. SOLD THANKS TO AACA
  16. Nice nearly complete brass Breeze carburetor that may fit Model 20 Hupp, I am not the expert! SOLD THANKS TO AACA
  17. Appears there is a check valve between the carb body and the steel mounting flange. If so, this was a 2 cycle engine application. Probably marine but some automobiles such as Chase.
  18. Model T Ford, sprocket is for AC brand speedometer.
  19. They look NOS to me. The trick is going to be finding a Star owner who needs one. Not Durant, the Star was a smaller car in the Durant empire.
  20. Not an EMF as it has a transmission hanging down in the middle. EMF has a "transmission at the rear end", often mistaken for a "transaxle".
  21. The manifold leaning against the wall is interesting!
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