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  1. Back then Paul let you know you were buying a reproduction and didnt claim many of his to be "the real thing". I was talking about buying a 13 bearcat from him back in the day and he was upfront about the car. That being said that was some time ago and in todays collector market and new people coming into the hobby and many of us "older" HCCA members, 65 years for me in the club, will no longer be around to say what ones are fake. In time they will all be "real" at million dollar prices. That goes for all the other great pre 1915 quality name and rare high dollar cars that will be real in a decade or two.
  2. the brass plaque on the back of the tank says its made by willys overland mfg. co.
  3. im looking for a hand cranked siren for my 1924 fire truck. contact durocar@aol.com
  4. Click the arrow on upper right corner of picture to view the parts.
  5. email me a picture of what they look like, and I will check
  6. here's a recent picture of my 1928 Lincoln tow truck that was converted back in the day taking off the back portion of the limo body and retaining the front of the body. Its a great runner.
  7. Thanks for bringing up the Bearcat posts again. Yes there are more 1912-1915 Bearcats now a days then Stutz ever made back then. Thats also true with the early Mercer raceabouts. Paul Freehill was a renowned and respected Stutz restorer for many decades but he made many repro Bearcat frames, running gear, bodies and everything else and flooded the hobby with phony Bearcats. Buyer beware of these that are now sold as "originals" !
  8. reposted above on my ad with new photo of the black holder that is the style of what I need. thanks
  9. The picture above is the shape I need with (4 half circles on on side) its approx 9 1/2 inchs tall .I have bought the one pictured above from him ,but he has only 1. Still need 1 more or a matched pair. thanks
  10. hi Howard, I need the early ones that have 4 half circles on one side. not the later year holders. thanks
  11. thanks Jason, I will keep my fingers crossed that you have 1 of each. I emailed you also.
  12. looking for the starter motor " I have the starter" and also need the generator both made by Grey & Davis. these were used in other year REO'S around 1913 also. contact durocar@aol.com
  13. wanted, starter motor "I have the starter" and generator both are made by Gray and Davis. fits 1913 & other years Reo and other make cars. I will buy 1 or both. contact durocar@aol.com
  14. wanted ....heres a photo of what style I need, its approx 9 1/2 inchs tall. These "stacked four top bow" holders have "4 half circles on 1 side" with a hinged bottom to fold out and a latch on top. NOTE: I have the black one in my photo and its approx 9 1/2 inchs tall and NEED 1 MORE like it or will buy a PAIR contact durocar@aol.com