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delco Starter Generators

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Hi all

I have 6 Delco Starter Generators for sale

4 x D - 188 (one parts only)

1 x D - 145

All have a plaque with various patern dates ending with Feb 15th 1916

1 x H 12430 circa 1913/14 (not Cadillac) it was suggested to me Hudson but I'm not sure?

Please email for details and photos, thanks


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RE 145 Books I have show Delco on some cars without listing the model of the units. Also it could be for other than a car ( truck, ambulance, etc.) or sold for foreign installation. For example my books do not show a special 1918 thru early 1920s distributor that was original equipment on Hisspano-Suiza.

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Hi Layton


The photo of the starter generator in my previous post only has the stamping H 12430 no plaque indicating manafacturer, I assume this is "H" serise and the 12,430rd one produced. It certinally looks circa 1913/14 (based on Cadillac starters I had) though it is definatly not not Cadillac. It apears it is designed along the Kettering lines, so I assume it would be off a car that would have move to electric starter very early, but ot necessarly a GM product as I don't think Kettering was brough under the GM umbrella till about 1918?

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Hi Russell-

I can definitely identify your unidentified DELCO starter/generator H12430 as model MG-2 as used on 1913 Hudson, 1913 Cole, etc. It is a mirror-image of the 1912 Cadillac unit (MG-1).

These units use the 6-and-24 volt electrical system.

I know a restorer in Australia, Graeme Edwards, that probably needs this for his 1913 Hudson Model 54.

If he doesn't, I do.


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