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  1. It's your money, but from where I stand, the only thing on that car that MIGHT be Model A is the quail. Frank
  2. You need to post dimensions. The wood wheel hubcaps had the same disk, but the pins that secure it to the casting are on the sides. Frank
  3. If you want to try my spring, we can deal. If you find out it is wrong, just send it back for full refund less shipping. Frank Since your spring appears to be broken, are the mounting ears on the same side, or opposite? Mine are on the same side.
  4. I may have some, I'll check today and get back to you... Frank I just checked, all dimensions are the same, but mine spring winds clockwise, yours counter clockwise. Sorry.
  5. I found this through a Google search, City of Boston:
  6. Could be, but there may not be enough of the truck to show the differences between the two years. If you say it's a 34, then I guess it's a 34.... Frank
  7. I don't know about where you live, but here, premixed is 50% higher in cost that the straight. I can get 2 gallons of straight for about $20 and one gallon of 50/50 for $18. I can add my own water... By the way, the container actually holds 4 quarts... Frank
  8. Just a note to inform others about the new (at least to me) SuperTech antifreeze containers at Walmart. Now I don't believe Walmart makes its own antifreeze, or even its own containers, but take a look at what I discovered. These are 4 quart containers with markings on the side to delineate quart measures. I highlighted the markings with red to make it easier to see. Notice that the top most mark is 3QT (3 quarts) and the mark just below that is 3L (3 liters). Pay attention to the 1 liter mark. If you think back to your school days, everyone knows that a liter is bigger than a quart, at least it used to be... I'm not picking on the Walmart brand, just informing you if you unwittingly use the marks on the side of the container to help you make a 50/50 mixture. I placed the black marks at 1/4 intervals to show where the quart marks should have been. Frank
  9. I would get a name brand 6 volt coil like Standard/Blue Streak. Avoid the cheapest ones, probably made in China. Once you get it running, you can take the time to either repair the original ones or toss them... Frank
  10. According to Rock Auto, the Autolite 295 is the correct plug for the stock cast iron head. Frank
  11. My opinion, the lenses are worth more than the lights. Frank
  12. Truck is definitely a 1932, cat may be a bit older... Frank
  13. Intersections in New Jersey have been forcing drivers to do just that for years. Frank
  14. I have a set of five of these rims. Not sure of the brand, but they are 3 piece rims for 25 inch straight side tires. some surface rust, but otherwise are in very good condition. Can deliver to Stowe next month. $1000 Frank 518-755-0986
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