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  1. oldford

    What is this Grille off?

    The angle of the photo makes it a bit harder, but how about a 37 Ford... Frank
  2. oldford

    Car in a one-pump "town"...

    I said 26 because I could not find a photo of a 25 with the headlight bar. All the 25's I found were bar-less. Frank
  3. oldford

    Car in a one-pump "town"...

    1926 Chevrolet Frank
  4. I agree with 25 or 26 Overland. This car is from Australia, so they may have had cowl lights, just a guess... Frank
  5. oldford

    Need id

    Duh!! I should have gone out to my barn and looked a mine. I was thrown a bit by the ridges in the wheel... Frank
  6. oldford

    Need id

    Looks like Model A Ford Frank
  7. oldford

    Cal 1920

    If not triplets, the girls are definitely sisters... Frank
  8. oldford

    What is it? Another one from NZ.

    Not much to go on here... I think I see hood doors and not louvers. Solid bumper... Maybe 32 Chevrolet.. Frank
  9. oldford

    Not Packards - but what are they?

    The sign to the right might give it away... Oakland, 1924. They look to have 4 wheel brakes. Frank
  10. oldford

    1913 REO Roadster Seattle WA craigslist

    Yes, the 25 Reo was indeed the T6. This, as you say, was a 6 cylinder F head as shown above. I was not clear enough in my statement above, but only tried to highlight the fact that the F head referenced for 1925 was not the same as the 4 cylinder F head. Frank
  11. oldford

    1913 REO Roadster Seattle WA craigslist

    While REO used an F head up through 25, it was hardly the same engine. It was more conventional, in that it had a cast single block engine with a removable F head cylinder head. I'm not sure when they last used the headless jugs as in the car above, maybe another REO enthusiast can shed a little more light on this... Frank
  12. oldford

    Valve timing question

    Check your manual,, if you have one, but some gears have two marks. If the marks are one tooth apart, the corresponding mark on the crank gear would be set in the valley between the two cam marks. Frank
  13. oldford

    radial tires

    For my money, Universal's Lester tread is the softest, most comfortable ride of any bias tire. You can get 700 x 17 in black wall for $222 or the white wall for $306. They don't seem to offer a 17 inch tire in the 750 size. Fran
  14. oldford

    What year is this LaSalle? - Now Franklin

    Dave, I think I hit the submit button just a you did....
  15. oldford

    What year is this LaSalle? - Now Franklin

    I think I agree with the Franklin. If you look closely, the headlights are mounted on stantions from the frame horns. Also (and this might be a stretch) the large headlights appear to have the distinctive lens of the Ryan-Lite that the Franklins had.