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  1. I believe what you have is a 1927 Studebaker Dictator, second series which included bullet headlamps and double bar bumpers. Also had the Atlanta hood ornament. Nice car. Frank
  2. Yes, 28 Chevy. I found this photo on a Google search and was surprised to see 6 bolt wheels. Frank
  3. Not sure of the 1910 date. 1910 NY plates had numbers riveted to the backing plate. These are most likely 1911 or 1912 NY plates. Frank
  4. Bud, I have two Standard/Blue Streak catalogs. One covers about 1928-1948 the other covers about 1950-1975. The newer catalog is really a buyer's guide with photo of the parts and their general usage, not an application guide. From studying the two catalogs, the older one says that the parts without the X are for the 'Standard' line and the parts with the X are the 'Blue Streak' line. When going to the newer catalog, the X has been applied to all 'Standard' line parts and the XP has been applied to the 'Blue Streak' line. The older catalog has no zip codes in the address and the newer catalog
  5. Buick 28-30, Chevy 33-40, GMC 28-41, Nash 48, Packard 6 41-48, Reo 28-32,34-35 Frank
  6. It's obvious to the most casual observer that this is an example of a very rare Doane made by Acme. 😄 Frank
  7. Definitely ACME, about 1915-1916
  8. Andrew, I'm so glad your engine worked out for you. I felt so bad after you missed the first one... Frank
  9. Well, you asked for advice, now that you have it, you don't want to take it. I stopped reading the For Sale section the minute it changed. Maybe it's my eyes, but it's too confusing and too fragmented. I was one that asked you to do something about the 'Not Mine' section because I felt it cluttered up the section too much. If I want to locate a car for sale, I'll find it with Google. I sometimes think that those who post Not Mine ads just want there total of posts to go up. It's almost like "How many ways can I dick around with success before I ruin it." Just my thoughts...
  10. I bought the 1200 W from Restoration Supply in California. I filled the transmission to the proper level and just keep an eye on the differential. Been using it for 5 years... Frank
  11. If yours is similar to the transaxle in my EMF, use heavier gear lube in the thing. When I bought my EMF, the prior owner said to use 600W and that the seal between the transmission and the rear end was not good. He said to drain the differential periodically, since the 600W would pass through and fill it. I later found out that there is no seal on the shaft and that the design relied upon a small amount of oil to pass through to lubricate the shaft. I now use 1200 gear lube and the problem has gone away. The heavier oil has given me trouble free miles for the last 8 years... Fran
  12. Why take the chance? This has to be a very hard to find manifold... Frank
  13. They should be 1/8 pipe, similar to my EMF Frank
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