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  1. Yes, 1911, the last year for a wood firewall. (at least I think...) Frank
  2. Not sure if I'm a fan of tape or stencil, I guess it depends on the car. I'm an early car fan, so for me, it's hand striping. I bought a Bugler tool about 30 years ago in the old blue field from the blonde lady (I'm sure you all remember her). Never used it... Frank
  3. I know you guys in Australia talk funny,🙂 but what is a 'scuttle'??? Frank
  4. As soon as I get it going, pop the clutch...
  5. Water table is high this year... Frank
  6. The one in the center looks like a 32 Chevy. Nicest pre-war chevy built... Frank
  7. Dave, make sure you leave a clean spot for my AA in the next 2 weeks. It's coming over for that fender repair.... Frank
  8. As far as remembering, there was a particular year when the Gumbo was especially thick, not sure which year, but it could have been any one... I woke up one morning after a hard rain to find the roads in the Blue field were churned to goo by the late arivals. There was the rather attractive young lady wearing a white leather jacket with white leather pants and white shoes (really) inching her way through the mud. She walked up to this salty looking guy and asked, "Would you have any parts for a Jaguar?". He barked in response, "We don't mess with that sh$$%^!!" She just slowly moved on....
  9. Lincoln: 43 teeth Ford: 56 teeth Frank
  10. I know you are a better mechanic than I am, but do you need to bleed the injector lines??? Frank
  11. Not Model T from the Factory. Frank
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