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  1. There is not really much difference between the two. The secondary of the coil will be energized when the current in the primary is suddenly interrupted. The top circuit (series) will induce a current in the secondary when the points open and the bottom circuit (parallel) will induce the current when the points close... Frank
  2. I once, in a former life, owned a 1964 1/2 Mustang (yes, a real one) that had a 260 v8 with a 3 speed crunch box. It was not restored, but was quite presentable. After driving the car for a few years, almost daily, the engine started to smoke badly. So bad, it was embarrassing, even for me. I was going to have the engine rebuilt, but when done, I'd be in for $3000 and I would still have a 260. I decided to go for a very low mileage 302 HO from an 89 Mustang and I dropped a T6 kit in it too. But I chose to make it look like a 64 1/2 mustang under the hood. Generator, distributor, etc. The only way one could tell that the combo was not correct, other than the numbers, was to look at the shift handle coming up through the console. This kind of modification, I have no issue with, maybe because I did it. The other day on the Barrett Jackson auction, some guy showed up with a mid fifties Ford product, with (you guessed it) a 350 chevy. My take is that if the modification is done tastefully, no problem, but of course, it's your car.... Frank
  3. Good guess, that French roof and the tight front fenders fit Stude... The drum lights are Stude also. The five bolt hubs make it a Special Six... Frank
  4. Bill Hirsch makes a vinyl dye that is more suitable... If it doen't clean up well, try the dye. I've used it and it does not wash out... Frank
  5. There is an O2 Stromberg on ebay right now. Ebay No. 274150260639. Perhaps you should check it out... Frank
  6. Most definitely 1911. 1910 had a brass radiator, 1912 had doors... Frank
  7. I guess I mistakenly thought Hershey Region would read this forum. Foolish me....
  8. For me, vending spaces, but the blurb in the pre-registration package doesn't specify. My guess is that if the don't acknowledge for one, they won't for any... Frank
  9. While completing the pre-registration card for the October meet, I read that confirmation cards will not be mailed this year. Any reason?? With possible mail problems are all too frequent, and the fact that this meet is possibly the biggest for me all year, it seems that a simple confirmation of some sort is warranted. Since Hershey Region has the emails from vendors, can't confirmation be returned via email? When I re-upped my membership at the Hershey meet, I expected to get my membership card in the mail before December. This year, no card. I called when I got the registration package and they emailed me a copy.... simple... My point is that mistakes or oversights happen every day and a simple confirmation might be required. Frank
  10. If by flathead you mean L head, then you're right. No removable head, but jugs cast in pairs... Frank
  11. oldford

    What is it..

    1941-1946 American Lafrance Series 500 firetruck. Frank
  12. 1932 Essex I think the 33 had the griffin ornament. What confused me was the appearance of Ryan headlights on the front. I kept thinking Franklin, but I now think its a 32 Essex. Frank
  13. According to the Spotter's Guide, the Coronet had a chrome strip only half way back, stopping at the door. This might be a Royal Sedan 1955. Frank
  14. Yes, from what I can see. But it looks like someone has bent the electrical connections up at a right angle, maybe to avoid contact with the case... Frank