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  1. 17-22 Ford Model T open car... Frank
  2. Andrew, I ran Model T's for 35 years and they also have thermo syphon. When you hear the thumping, it means air is pounding in the system. If so, the efficiency of the thermo syphon is greatly compromised. If you test the temps in the radiator, top to bottom, there should be a significant difference, maybe 40 degrees or more from top to bottom. You will need an excellent radiator. Remember, the problem, as I see it with thermo syphon is that it normally runs just under boiling, maybe 200 degrees, which does not leave a lot of room. While some may balk at a water pump, I ran pumps on all my T's and concentrated on having fun rather than worry while watching the temperature gauge... If you can modify the T pump, do it... Frank
  3. I looks very much like a Model T Ford cap. It's remote that the threads will match, but hey, you never know... Frank
  4. The video illustrates the Roof Type A with exhaust ports on the side. The OP is a Type B with exhaust port on the top. Nice video... Frank
  5. the mating surface to the block clearly looks like Model T Ford. I think it is a Roof Overhead conversion. If I could get a photo of the exhaust ports, I could be sure. Frank It could be a Roof Model B head for a Ford T. If so, the 8 round ports on the top surface of the head are the exhaust ports. It would have had two exhaust manifolds of sorts that bolted to the top... If so, this is an EXTREMELY rare head...
  6. You did mean the car and not the bike, right?
  7. Ford T?? It's hidden by Smokey Joe's sister....
  8. If I find them, Bob, I'll give you first crack at them... Frank
  9. I replied to the thread about Ruxtons, thanks for the heads up...
  10. Not to get too picky, but Hudson is a little more than a sleepy little hamlet. It is credited with being the first CITY in the United States. It is the first city to receive a charter from the newly formed country of the United States after the formation of the new country. I think, as of the 2010 census it had a population of 6,713, the only city in Columbia County. 🤩 . As to the Ruxton rumor, I was born in this town and, except for a few years seeking fame and fortune, lived here much of my life and NEVER heard the rumor. My father was one on Holbrook's trimmers and I'm sure I would have heard the story from him if it were true. Of course, anything is possible... Frank
  11. I found it on Shorpy titled Popular Mechanics 1927. They claim it is a 1922 Stephens Salient Six. Also found this other photo of a 22 Stephens and it has the same cowl lights under the windshield post... Frank
  12. Headlights, to my knowledge were used on 1927 big sixes. I have seen some 1926 big sixes with this same headlight...