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  1. Could be for wires to escape to the headlights... Frank
  2. I also drive my cars and have little interest in getting a plastic trophy. As such, I have installed radial tires on both my Model A roadster and my 1954 Ford Sunliner. The ride is much safer, in my opinion and does not take away from the 'feel' of driving an antique car. I draw the line at modern radials, since I think the look of the lower profile just does not go with the older cars. Instead, I chose the radials that look like bias ply tires, but that was my choice. It's like oil, I just would not run my older cars with oil of the 30's (even if I could find some). For headlights, I just installed a set of 7 " LED lamps on the 54 that I purchased from Rodtiques. These have a sealed beam body with a replaceable LED bulb. The run on 12 volt minus ground, but you can get an inverter to change the source from 6 volt plus ground. They are outstanding and draw far less current than the halogen bulbs. I think you would be more than satisfied with these replacements. Frank
  3. In my 59 National Service Data, the only violet wire I can find is for the directional lights, both front and rear. Not too much help. Try following the wire to the other end and see what it feeds... Frank
  4. #480 is a Ford wide 5 used in mid thirties. #477 with the bow tie is early 50's. #477 with the word Chevrolet is late 40's Truck. #468 wheel cover with the bow tie perimeter is 1955.
  5. His wife's name is Bibette...
  6. The slanted windshield make it after 1923 Frank
  7. The brighter filament is the brake/directional... Frank
  8. The angle of the photo makes it a bit harder, but how about a 37 Ford... Frank
  9. I said 26 because I could not find a photo of a 25 with the headlight bar. All the 25's I found were bar-less. Frank
  10. I agree with 25 or 26 Overland. This car is from Australia, so they may have had cowl lights, just a guess... Frank
  11. oldford

    Need id

    Duh!! I should have gone out to my barn and looked a mine. I was thrown a bit by the ridges in the wheel... Frank
  12. oldford

    Need id

    Looks like Model A Ford Frank
  13. oldford

    Cal 1920

    If not triplets, the girls are definitely sisters... Frank