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  1. I was in touch with the guy during the first ebay round and I can only say the very best about him. Very responsive, sent requested pictures more or less immediately and answered all my questions very quick and satisfactory. For me the best and most straightforward seller since years. This guy knows cars of this time period very well. No connection or relationship whatsoever. I write this here and now due to the sceptical comments above. Not the sellers fault that the eBay price went through the roof. But he is now suffering from the relisting, I guess. My 2 cents..... Hans
  2. It's on ebay at 5900 USD for now, 2 days to go....
  3. Selim, in case you do not intend to re-use the current seat covers I know someone interested in it - me! 😊 Regards, Hans
  4. I thought, too, that the asking price was very reasonable but it was also for me the absolute borderline for buying a car sight unseen. The seller was very good to talk to on the phone, which made it easier for me to press the ebay button. I was really surprised that there were no other bidders as these cars are so rare. Here at my end was a real resto project for sale recently for 22000 USD but in need of literally everything. - Did not know that they bought the whole property. The owner of the shop seemed to have made a fortune by selling guns online... Kentucky is really not around the corner for you. I was really very fortunate. Maybe the color was discouraging for other people. In real life it suits the car very well, on pictures not so much. You had an impressive list of Buicks, I have to say. Like the '39 convertible coupes a lot. With your experience on' 39-'41 Buicks and late 40s and 50s Buicks, is it a whole different driving experience? Thanks for your wishes. Appreciate that! Garage time now! 😊
  5. I hope so!!! Looking forward to spring already. But enough to be done until then. Electricals need to be sorted (no right rear turn signal, no back up light, no dash light....) and I need to go through the brakes. For our official car check which is very very tough, I need to add an emergency light flasher (bought a Roberk 800) and need to change your sealed beams against our headlights, easy stuff. I love the big Firestones 820-15 with the 4 1/2 inch white wall. Amazing tire, but unbelievably expensive here, ca 500 USD!!! Hope these tires are good to drive. The right rear one is a different one and much older. Needs to be replaced. 😂
  6. It is very interesting that you know the former owner! The title I got is probably in the name of the son. And yes, there is a Buick club badge on the car. 😊 Yes, the car has been restored some time ago and the former owner collected a lot of spare trim parts, nos brake drums, exhaust components, knee shocks etc. Fortunately the car is not smelly at all after the animal take over. That's the good thing. But needs inside total replacement. Unfortunately no seat kit available at reasonable cost. The car is far away from being perfect. But it is exactly what I wanted. The really costly things like chrome bumpers, side trim, window trim are good to very good, paint is okay for a driver and for now good enough for me, engine runs very smooth and the car is mostly complete. I need to replace the right quarter window which is cracked and the vent window is delaminated. Unfortunately the right window cylinder started leaking, but the pump works. All relatively easy things. No rust issues, doors underneath like new, rockers never touched and very good. I could not do a full resto, but to freshen up and revive a gem like this and make it a reliable car again that is huge fun for me. 😊 The former owner had two other 49s, both convertibles..... 😁
  7. Love it!!!! Must have sitten there for ages. I really need to own a yellow car some time in the future!!! How can a car be put aside just a few foot from a street and stay there for years? Obviously no Buick lovers using the street.....
  8. Joop Stolze in the Netherlands has two 1937 Dictator Coupes for sale. I know not '36. But unbelievably good design I think. Stolzeclassiccars.nl
  9. Interesting! Need to check on my 53, but I am almost sure that I have the wrong part on it. Did not know until now. 😂 - Just checked my pictures. Correct one, yeahhhh.
  10. Thank you! No, not at all. On the trailer and in my garage. Now cleaning it and checking what needs to be done. Interior is really shot. But it's mostly complete. It is interesting to compare it with my 53 Riv.
  11. Hi Scott, on my newly acquired 1949 Riviera there is a chrome part missing under the glove compartment, looks like a lever for the ventilation adjustment. Is that on your parts car and is it possibly for sale? Thanks, Hans
  12. Just realized, I have only posted my new car on Facebook but not here. Had bought this from Kentucky and picked it up on Friday in Rotterdam. Battery was dead, but with a fresh battery and a little gas in the carb it started immediately and ran smoothly. Amazing engine!!! Really happy about the car. Needs a lot of TLC, interior is mostly shot, but paint and chrome are good driver quality. Bumpers and grill are very good, window chrome, too. The chromed sweep speers are quite badly pitted, but lets see. No rust issues found so far underneath, but a little crusty. Overall a nice car to work on and improve and the engine runs so super smooth. Seats and door panels biggest issues for now. Right rear side window broken and vent window bad. Lights mostly work, besides dash lights and right rear blinker and brake light (bulb is good) and back up lights.... Lol, so maybe 50% of the lights are good. The lines of the car are just so beautiful!!!! Hans
  13. Hi there, anything still available for my 1949 Buick Roadmaster Riviera? Thanks for checking. Best, Hans
  14. Hi Pete, any chance to buy these sweep spears or anything that is left from you? The ones on my just acquired green 49 Riv are not totally bad, but pitted everywhere. Thanks for letting me know. I was quite surprised that these are chromed and not SS as on my 52 and 53. Best, Hans
  15. Hi Dan, just visited that website. Thanks a lot. I think it is reasonably priced there, although I have to say I love some patina on steering wheels. To me it is not only the color, but the whole style with the wonderful big horn emblem is fantastic.