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  1. In my most recent delivery, about 20 items, from Bob's I had one item less than I had ordered, but I had paid for it. Around 70 USD. I send Bob's an email, got a reply in due course and we settled the issue without any problem. In the orders before I had no problem at all. My experience with them is just excellent.
  2. Cool, thrilled about the colors, the chrome, the overall looks. Seems to be a great buy for the money. If I wouldn't buy an apartment now... Who needs an apartment when you can sleep on the rear bench of this car, right? πŸ€”
  3. There is an omega shaped spring holding the handle in place. It is located at the top end of the handle. Only visible when you push back the door panel a little. This tiny spring needs to be removed and then the handle falls off. Sometimes this spring is difficult to catch. No special tool but a thin and small screw driver is required for that and lots of patience! Took me 30 sec up to 1 h to remove it.
  4. I think so, too. On my 49 Super convertible it took me a while to clean the contacts all around. For downwards it just needs to open the valve on the window cylinder and the heavy duty springs pull the windows down.
  5. This car looks really nice! Wow!! The chrome is fabulous. Interior nice, engine compartment nicely detailed. Color very appealing. And a stick shift car, manual transmission. Love it!!
  6. I am following this dealers' website for quite a while because he is buying and selling exactly the cars I love. He never changes his asking prices. He has for sale a 1946 Pontiac Streamliner that was once for sale on eBay. It did not meet the asking price at that time. I was discussing with the seller a price around 11.000 USD and then this French guy came and gave him 20.000 USD (that's the sellers statement). He repainted the car (without removing the trim) and did a few I would say minor improvements and it is for sale now for 24.000 Eur or ca USD 26000 since 4 years, I guess (this include
  7. At least a few photos for us, please!!! I guess I will never be as close to a 53 Skylark dream car. The best of the best.....
  8. Stunning car! Incredibly nice paint. Interior fantastic. RD Classics in Germany sold recently a much less nice 1941 Super convertible for a price tag of 100.000+ Eur or roughly 110.000 USD. Maybe they got a little less, but they are not known for big rebates. And this is available for "only" 60.000? Is the market so bad for these cars in the US? So few people love those nowadays? People have no taste anymore and no passion for these relicts, it looks like. We recently discussed the 48s convertibles with little following as well. I'd like to buy them all, if I could.😊
  9. This 1950 Buick Super Riviera is now in the Netherlands for sale by a trader for 14.950 Eur.
  10. Wow, incredible car! I think such a car would get a price tag of around 60.000 Eur or 66.000 USD in Europe. I went last weekend to "RD Classics" in Emmerich, they have at any time around 200 US cars for sale. There is one 49 Caddy convertible with show paint for sale for 109.000 Eur or 120.000 USD. They sold a 41 Buick Convertible recently in the same price range. Right now they have 53 Super woody for around 100.000 Eur or 110.000 USD for sale, beautiful car. Markets here and there seem to be very different. I am still very happy with my 2 49s for 15.000 USD each, but both projects with
  11. Okay, interior is a valid point, but sorting out the small issues here and there is the real fun, at least for me. It is getting your car by working on it, am I right? How many 48 convertibles in such a shape are for sale, no matter what series? There are terrible projects and restored cars, mostly older restorations, for sale, but nothing in the middle and as good as this. And the paint is incredible - at least from my sofa. 😁
  12. Not mine!!! This car is for sale on Hemmings for quite a while and now on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1948-Buick-Super-Convertible/283927366907?hash=item421b63ccfb:g:vn8AAOSwvJ9e9UsX Just wonder why this gorgeous car is still for sale. Although it still needs a little I think it is an absolute bargain. Paint and chrome done, drive train without problems, new top, many things updated etc. What do I miss? If I would not have purchased two 49s recently, I would have already pressed the ebay button. I'd be interested in your opinion. Did anybody here see the car? Tha
  13. Hi guys, Yesterday I wanted to replace the motor mounts and tranny mount/thrust pad on my 49 Super convertible. As the dynaflow of my car is leaking like crazy we pulled the rear axle and checked the torque ball. Did that for the very first time. There is apparently a part broken of that was causing monster scratches all over the surfaces. Look at the center of the torque ball, please, even there it looks bad. I had bought from Bob's the replacement thing with the rubber lip, but from what I believe the torque ball is just trash. Can you give me some advice, please? Is that saveab
  14. Thanks a lot! For the photo addicts a few more! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰Both cars are projects and were clearly advertised as this. The other car is my 53 Roadmaster Riviera after a new paint job. Needs assembly still.
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