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  1. Cannot take my eyes of this car! - But only little enthusiasm here. Anything wrong with this car?
  2. I just love this car, too. Perfect color combo. And just fantastic lines.
  3. If you have fallen in love with it, why not? If you don't do it, it will be one of the lost opportunities that we all regret sooner or later. But for a foreign make (from your point of view) don't expect to find parts anywhere close . Overseas shipping costs add up easily. Luckily the MB community stores a lot of parts and even MB has still lots of parts for their babies. But Mercedes parts are nowhere cheap. On the big swap meets here in Germany you find a lot. Only MB and VW are real collectibles with huge communities here. But parts for an Adenauer? No idea.
  4. They adjust the flow rate quite nicely so do not 'tick' all the time. Mine is in the engine compartment where the fuel line ends. Usually should be placed as close to the tank as possible. I only hear it in idle, but very gentle and a tick every few seconds. The 1776 is 6 volt for cars with more than 100 horses. Of course they carry 12 Volt pumps as well. I hesitated to buy one due to their price, but my cheap one lost gasoline (!!!!) and I decided to buy something good. I see I lost the chance to buy a nice 50 convertible. 😅😅😅
  5. I'd be happy to give you some relief from your problem with your 50 Caddy. 😁😁😁 Love that model year. Installing a Hardi electric pump (model 1776) helped my 50 Club Coupe a lot. Excellent pumps. But rather expensive.
  6. I'd love to see more of the 56 Caribbean!!! Interested but not local at all. Any more info available on this car? What does it need? Thanks, Hans
  7. Maybe it is still there in the attic!!! Waiting for you!?
  8. I know, your sign is just fantastic. Great design that inspired me to make mine. Unfortunately neon is not so easy to simulate. You will sell it quickly!
  9. Really love it. But for 10 grand I rather buy cars, not signs. 😁😂
  10. To give you an update, the neutral clutch drum was totally broken in the hydramatic. Dramatic failure!
  11. Spent the evening watching videos of people dismantling hydramatics. The horror to do that is still there but it seems to be manageable - at least the dismantling part. 😂😂😂😂 I need to see it as a free of charge (hahaha) opportunity to learn. 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Hi, no it shifted down to 3rd without me touching the lever.
  13. Hi, the linkage was good, everything tight and nice. Shifted the hand lever and it was delivered to the tranny. Just opened the pan of the tranny, nothing in the pan, looks good to me, but I do know similar to nothing about how it should look.
  14. Pan is clean, nothing that I can see.