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  1. Sold to...... someone in LA..... 😞
  2. Someone from LA is going there with a trailer tomorrow, the guy let me know...... 😭😭😭😭😭
  3. I contacted the seller and got some photos. Paint is a desaster but he claimed that the car is a daily driver since 3 years. Looks like the mechanicals are sorted. 😁
  4. Does anyone know this car?
  5. Really cool car. Love it! 😎
  6. Cannot tell you. When I got my 53 I had asked a company to haul it back home. The guy already sold the trailer (and the SUV). It is a German make, but 10-15 years old...... But the Roady looks gorgeous! 😊
  7. Love the 40s sedanette in silver and blue. That would be my pick! 😁😉 Fantastic collection!
  8. Totally agree. That lemon car cannot be called "easy on the eyes"...
  9. The car was bought by a French trader/restorer (American cars and parts) in Hellertown selling now for Eur 24.000 (eBay buy it now was 18.000 USD). It is amazing how important good photos are. The car looked good on Ebay, but absolutely stunning on the website now. Really beautiful car.
  10. John, the 46 and 47 dash boards are really fantastic. The design of the gauges is extremely nice!
  11. Hi there, for you guys it might be a daily experience, but for me it was not! Yesterday I saw my first 1947 Buick 4 door sedan. We visited the Techno Classica in Essen, one of the big car shows in Germany with cars from 500 Eur to a few millions. Dozens of Mercedes 300 SL gull wings, at least 100 190SL's of the 50s, Jag E types everywhere and of course 100s of vintage Porsche's and other Mercedes, already seen a hundred times, wonderful, no doubt, but out of reach anyway and often totally overrestored. The highlight for me stood on the parking lot outside - a 1947 Buick 4 door sedan. We arrived at 9 am on Sunday and it stood on the reserved parking lot for visitors with their classic cars. No other car close to it, I had a chance to watch it from literally all angles and it took really my breath away. Dark green, far away from being a show car, but nice overall. What a beautifully designed car, pure elegance with its flowing lines and sheer size. So tasteful and impressive the interior with its fantastic gauges, radio console and steering wheel. During the show I told my wife at least 10 times the best thing here is the Buick (of course 2nd best after her). But I did not even take any photo!!!!!! Need to have one..... Best, Hans
  12. Hi Carl, thanks for your very very nice comment. Really appreciate it. I know wonderful people in your country and really love it. I do not generalize from a few bad experiences, don't worry. In fact when I am going to retire in 10 years or so I might spend the winters in your country. That's one of my dreams.
  13. To say something positive, in December 2017 I bought my 52 Pontiac Catalina from a museum in Texas, Dicks Classic Car Garage, in the meantime closed due to the passing of the founder. The whole experience with the curator of the museum was just nice from a to z. We talked, I got my info, many photos and all about the deficiencies of the car and when it arrived three months later in Rotterdam, I connected the battery and the car started right up and ran super smooth. Well maintained and ready for the road. Incredible.