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  1. Hans1965

    1948 Buick Super Convertible - advice needed

    Would you guys mind to start a new threat for your topic? All the time I see this I get reminded of my super bad experience trying to buy a 48 convertible. 😭😭😭😭😭 Thanks a lot! Hans
  2. Hans1965

    1948 Buick Roadmaster convertible for sale

    I was following that auction too and got the feeling it is fake. Why selling a 50.000 USD car in a 3-day auction only? No interior photos, all photos with an extremely neutral background, no Vin number, no phone number of the seller, no reserve even!
  3. Hans1965


    Thank you for posting. Really nice to see this wonderful car in a movie. Hans
  4. Hans1965

    1948 Buick Super Convertible - advice needed

    Gary, what a fantastic color combination on your '49, wow! The interior color is perfect contrast to the body color. Very impressive car! Congratulations. So jealous!!!! 👍 The experience of yesterday was in fact a very disappointing one. No chance that this deal materializes again. We had an excellent conversation and a deal already, I received the bank details etc. but when I had asked the seller, in fact just a middle man in that deal, if the top frame is really complete (the car has no canvas just the top frame) I received a photo, everything looked good and I was happy and prepared for the payment. 1 hour later I got another email stating "XX & I have decided to pass on selling at this time." That was it. Replaced the name by xx, does not matter. After thinking over this deal for a few days that was really hitting me hard. Still no clue what I had done to the couple. I think when you cannot inspect a car yourself, one or the other question should be okay. Especially when it comes to missing parts that are exclusive to the model. Sleped pretty bad last night. Not because of not getting the car, at the end it is just a bloody car, but I feel badly treated. That is something I am obviously not too happy with. Enough venting. Sooner or later I will find "my" convertible.
  5. Dear all, I am looking for a 1947 or 1948 Buick two door convertible in not too bad shape. Cannot afford a fully restored car but a nice solid survivor with decent paint and chrome would be nice. Needs to be complete and mostly original, engine running. I can sort out the mechanicals and electrics. USD 25.000 at max. Thanks for your time. Best regards Hans
  6. Hans1965

    1948 Buick Super Convertible - advice needed

    Gary, that's great advice, thank you very much. The seller of the car dropped out of the sale 4 h ago after we had a deal already. Quite disappointing. Just a car.... but I was so excited already. Again thanks for posting the pictures and giving me some ideas. Highly appreciated.
  7. Dear all, I am in the stage of acquiring a wonderful 1948 Buick Super Convertible in maroon from Ohio and need a bit of advice. - While the top frame has been restored the top itself is missing. What's the best source to buy one? Is it better to let a specialist install it? - I am not sure if the top frame is complete. I think the third bow above the rear window is missing. Does anybody has pictures of how the frame should look like for comparison reasons? Highly appreciated!!!!! - The car has no main door windows, not even the frames. Are they unique to the convertible and therefore impossible to find? Any idea what I could take as substituent. Have no interchange parts book. Thank you! - Unfortunately the hydrolectric mechanism is toast. Is it easy to convert to mechanical windows/seat ? Where to get parts? - The rear bench is from a sedan and just laying in the back. Will it fit to the convertible size wise? Does anyone has a clue? Thanks so much!!!! Best, Hans
  8. Hans1965

    My "New" '51 Chieftain Deluxe Eight 4-Door

    Very nice car. Love the color!
  9. Hans1965

    WTB Starter for 1950 1951 1952 Cadillac

    Thanks, Curti!
  10. Hi there, i am in the need of above mentioned fully functional 6V starter, Delco Remy 1117969. Has anybody such a thing on shelf and wants to sell? Thanks for checking. Best, Hans
  11. Hans1965

    1950 Special sedanet 3-speed

    Hi Pete, may I ask if the car is still for sale? Thanks, Hans
  12. Hans1965

    1950 Cadillac Coupe Barn Find.

    Hi Daniel, if your engine compartment is original just a shot from right and left side of the engine and another of the two wiring connectors on top of the inner fenders plus a side view of the gas linkage at left side of carburetor would be great. 5 in total! Not today but in the weeks to come. No stress! Thanks a lot.
  13. Hans1965

    1950 Cadillac Coupe Barn Find.

    Hi Carl, thanks for the comment!!!! Exactly what I'd love to hear. I am so keen to drive it as soon as possible. The '56 is already a dream car but I really wanted to have a no power assist car too. I love so much the lines of the early hardtop cars but I was worrying it might be so much harder to drive them. You really made me even more excited and took my worries away. Thank you. - You have been so fortunate to drive such cars in your youth!!!! Please share more stories like that!!
  14. Hans1965

    1950 Cadillac Coupe Barn Find.

    Hi Daniel, thanks a lot. Good to know that there is another '50 Caddy so close. Just in case I am in the need of info, pictures etc., may I get back to you? Mine has been modified only a little though. The original regulator by a red box (not opened yet), instead of one horn relay I have seen at least three. And there is a reservoir for brake fluid attached to the firewall that is not original. The wiring is somewhat missing too. I would be happy if you could post a few pics of your engine conpartment as a reference for me. - The '56 CdV is my every day car in summer. Fantastic powerful car and so easy to drive. Star on every car show and extremely reliable. It is worth the effort restoring yours. Thanks and let us keep in touch.