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  1. MCHinson

    How to hunt for an older car?

    Cravensvt, Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. With today's privacy laws you will find it difficult to find much information from any governmental agencies. I would suggest you post more information here. Please tell more about your history with the car and what you are attempting to do. For example, if you are trying to help your father see the car one last time, or if you are attempting to buy the car, etc. Include any photo(s) of the car that you might have as well as the serial number and any other identifying information that you have. I would also suggest you contact other clubs such as any Specific Chevrolet club(s) as well as any Camaro club(s). There is a better chance (even if still slim) that you will find it through a fellow hobbyist recognizing it and deciding to help you based on hearing your story.
  2. MCHinson

    Is this buick?

    There are some different types and I don't really know much about them. I have helped a friend with one of the "helmet" style ones on a 1937 Ford. The inner and outer caps on a 1937 Ford look like those. I can't tell enough about the distributor itself from your photo, but I think they are similar era Ford parts.
  3. MCHinson

    Is this buick?

    Looks like early Ford V8 to me.
  4. MCHinson

    1935 to 1939 buick ignition locks with keys

    The original 1937 and 1938 ones only had one hole in the face for removal of the cylinder. I assume those were made later with two different holes in the face to make them fit more years with a single part. I will send you a PM.
  5. MCHinson

    1935 to 1939 buick ignition locks with keys

    Hard to see in the second photo... Do they both have two small holes in the face, or does one just have one small hole in the face?
  6. MCHinson

    Engine Analyzer for 6 volt systems...

    I have one similar to that one that works fine. I think mine is a bit older than the one on Ebay. Look closely on Ebay and you will usually find a lot of them available and often cheaper than that one.
  7. MCHinson

    reference engine paint

    I have moved your question to the Buick Post War Forum. Hopefully you will find your answer here.
  8. You should be able to find those valves at a local auto parts store. I think this is the one that I bought for my 1937 Century.
  9. MCHinson

    Front Seat Rope Bracket 1932 Dodge Bros DL6

    Glen, Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I have moved your post to the "Parts Wanted" forum. Hopefully you will find someone here who can help you. You may also wish to scroll down a bit and check out the Specific Dodge Forums. You might find someone there who is more experienced with that era Dodge Brothers parts.
  10. Your earlier post complained about letting modified cars in the club but not letting them in "the big time shows". DPC cars have been allowed in National Meets and Tours for 18 years. I am not attempting to be condescending, I am replying to your comments that demonstrate that you don't seem to understand the 18 year history of the class in AACA. I have also previously told you that if you want to change the rules, you need to try to get elected to the board of directors. Constantly complaining about the rules here is not going to change them.
  11. You are entitled to your opinion. Your comments in this discussion tend to show that you don't know much about the class. It has been around for a long time and clearly has a lot of members who approve of it. The few specific modifications that are allowed in DPC are all easily reversed and from my casual observation, most DPC cars don't have them anyway. The most common modification in DPC cars is radial tires instead of bias ply tires. Personally, I drove my 6 volt - bias ply tire - DPC 1937 Buick from North Carolina to Indiana for an AACA meet. I suggest you learn a bit more about the class before you spend too much time objecting to the class rules and denigrating the cars in the class.
  12. So you complain about DPC cars not being eligible for National Meets - Apparently not knowing that DPC cars have been eligible for National Meets for 18 years. You also don't think that DPC cars should be able to have any of the easily reversible bolt on upgrades that have been allowed in DPC for the past 18 years. I don't understand your point at all. If you don't like anything about the Driver Participation Class, I suggest you run for the board and follow the club's procedures to change the rules, although I don't expect you to have much luck with that platform. DPC has been a very popular addition to AACA over the past 18 years.
  13. DPC has been an AACA Class for 18 years. DPC cars are eligible for National Meets and Tours. What do you mean by, "in the big time shows"? If you mean National AACA meets, they have been eligible for 18 years. I have a DPC car. It is not a viable candidate for either HPOF or Class Judging, but it is certainly not anything that anybody would typically call a "modified" car. It is a Survivor that has had too much work done to be eligible for HPOF, and it is not in the shape necessary for Class Judging. It is a Driver, which is exactly what DPC was formed for.
  14. Some of your questions can be answered by simply reading the Judging Guidelines... "CHAIRMAN - CLASS ACCEPTANCE The Chairman of the Class Acceptance Committee (CAC) is the current VP 3-5 Judging. The Chairman maintains a roster of committee members. Administers the functions of the CAC for the admittance of vehicles in Classes 1a through 5h, Class 12, and Class 39; excluding those vehicles under the SCC committee and Race car committee's jurisdiction" "4. Special Interest Vehicles (Class 39) A display only, non-judged class. All vehicles in this class must be approved by the Class Acceptance Committee. The owner of such vehicle must provide documentation and authenticity documents to the Class Acceptance Committee. Consideration will be for the following examples: a. Celebrity vehicles b. Vehicles in movies or on television c. Vehicles of historical significance d. Vehicles of innovative design that never matured This class is not for modified vehicles, i.e., hot rods, street rods, choppers and etc." The article indicated that the Studebaker was the third vehicle accepted into Class 39.
  15. MCHinson

    1939Buick Sport Coupe Emergency brake cable

    Another place that I would probably check with if you can't find a hardware store that can help you would be a garage door installer. They use similar cables.