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  1. Any chance this might work or be able to be modified to work for you? https://www.brattons.com/30-31-one-bulb-headlight-sockets.html
  2. After Peter Gariepy made the changes to the Buy/Sell Forum there was a link to the Buick Buy/Sell Forum in the Buick Forum. Apparently he has recently removed that link. You may want to ask him about it in the Forum Questions Forum.
  3. That is not a 1938 radio delete plate. The 1938 had 3 round plugs, a larger center one and two smaller outer ones. From the tag, I would guess it is for a 1941 Buick.
  4. I too have experienced significant delays in mail lately. Other that that, the service provided by USPS is still reliable and I appreciate the work that the postal employees do for us. In 60 years, I have had only a few times that I had a valid complaint about the USPS. Personally, I think it is unreasonable to try to claim the problems are caused by the Postmaster General or anything else that postal employees have done. The issues are caused by seasonal mail patterns plus the large number of USPS employees out due to pandemic exposures, plus the increased volumes of mail caused by the incre
  5. Personally, I think it would be more work than I would tackle. The best way to do it would probably be to buy a later (probably about 1940) Buick complete steering column, transmission, and other parts to transfer to your car. The 1939 shifter and transmission was a one year only design and is more likely to cause future problems so I would avoid that year. If you really want to do it, I would call Dave Tacheny to locate all of the necessary parts. You can best reach him by calling 763-427-3460 between 4 and 7 pm Central. If I really wanted a column shift I would probably just sell the 1938
  6. Mike, Do you have just the center piece or do you also have the two smaller knob covers?
  7. Yes Dave is still selling 1936-1941 Buick parts. You can probably buy a good 1937 engine from him cheaper than you can rebuild another one.
  8. Please explain what symptom(s) lead you to say, "there is a major problem and the engine needs to be taken at least partially apart to diagnose it". Also, If you need an engine, it would be much easier and probably cheaper to simply get the correct year engine to replace it. I suspect Dave Tacheny would have one if you need one.
  9. I would suggest that it is likely fairly easy to break the original engine free. That would probably be easier than doing the swap. The basic process would be to pull the plugs, add solvent to the cylinders and allow them to soak for several days. When you pull the plugs, also pull the valve cover and push rod cover and make sure the pushrods and valvetrain are lubricated and free. Remove the flywheel inspection cover and you can likely use a small pry bar to turn the engine by prying on the flywheel ring gear against the side of the bell housing. If you want to go a bit further, you should al
  10. Their website is not the easiest to use. Here is a link to all of their Buick products: https://catalog.remflex.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=buick It might be easier to just call their toll free number listed on the website.
  11. Watch the video on the website. It is a flexible graphite material. They are not cheap but they should be the last exhaust manifold gaskets you have to buy.
  12. My experience is with 1937 and 1938 320 engines but Remflex gaskets should solve your problem. I think this is the one you need: https://catalog.remflex.com/BUICK_Header_Exhaust_Manifold_Gasket_p/13-007.htm
  13. Here is that issue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EI4Gj9Q4f4e_6GQvdkZd1Rh4CLPbSBGk/view?usp=sharing
  14. Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. For parts from parts cars the best source is Dave Tacheny. You can best reach him by calling 763-427-3460 between 4 and 7 pm Central. I don't think anybody sells running board mats for home installation for anything but Specials. Your Century running boards are longer so you will likely need to have someone restore them. The best source for restoring the running boards is http://www.runningboardrubber.com/contact_us.html. He is good, but it is not cheap. You should also consider joining the 36-38 Buick Club. You can check out the c
  15. Thanks Brian. I found it. It is Volume XX Issue 2. I am attaching a Google Drive link to that issue below. There is a lot of good information in that issue. The article on pages 14 and 15 describes 1937 80 and 90 series dash patterns and continues on pages 16-17 with charts for all 1937 and 1938 trim and paint options. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VmQ13CQMlJEkUPnYr69F2F7SAElnyyAB/view?usp=sharing
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