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  1. No, Everybody can see edit history. It has been that way since at least the previous forum software revision. It is not anything new with the latest revision.
  2. You do realize that an "Executive Order" in not binding on the next Executive, right? That means that despite it being California, that Executive Order does not mean anything. It is just smoke and mirrors.
  3. I purchased a set of rechromed bumpers for my 1938 Century project from Dave Tacheny. I don't know if he has any other rechromed ones currently but it was cheaper and faster to buy a set from him than it would have been to have a set rechromed.
  4. Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I would agree that Dave Tacheny at 763-327-3460 is the most likely source for the correct trunk handle, but I would add that you need to call him between 4 and 7 pm Central to reach him. I would also suggest you check out the 36-38 Buick Club. The website is: http://www.3638buickclub.org/. You should consider joining. If you either contact me through the contact the webmaster link on the club website, or send me your email address via private message on the forum here, I will be happy to email you a .pdf copy of a recent newsletter. The newsle
  5. Pat, Sorry for your loss. Your Dad was a great guy. He will be missed!
  6. For longer than the 3 decades that I have been in the antique car hobby, people have been lamenting that the hobby is dying and that "young people are interested in old cars". I still see young people getting into the hobby. My personal observation is that elderly antique car people tend to hang out mostly with their antique car hobby friends. They tend to think that essentially all people their age like old cars. They are wrong. Only a small percentage of their generation likes antique cars - just like in every generation. They just are not hanging out with enough young people to see that tha
  7. For the Glass, I would suggest: http://www.vendio.com/stores/bobsclassicautoglass/item/buick-glass/1939-1940-buick-4-door-touring/lid=36442608 For the gas tank, if it had non-ethanol fuel in it, it might surprise you. My 1938 Century was parked for 23 years. The inside of the gas tank was in wonderful condition. An old fashioned radiator shop can probably clean, check, and possibly repair a fuel tank if needed. There are also several suppliers of gas tanks. I doubt they have a specific 1939 Buick tank (I know they don't have 1937 or 1938 Buick tanks), but if you need a new tank the
  8. I too prefer Centurys. Here are my 1937 and 1938 Centurys.
  9. Any 1939 owners can certainly chime in with anything I have forgotten but personally, I would not bother with removing the front clip at first. I would drop the oil pan, clean it out, go through the oil pump, reinstall the pump and reinstall the pan with a new gasket. Drop the gas tank, check it and clean out as needed, clean out or change the fuel lines. Remove and rebuild the carburetor, rebuild the fuel pump, assuming there are no major obvious wiring insulation issues, drop a new battery in it, clean up or replace (with correct heavy duty cables) battery cables, and see if it will run. I
  10. Chris, Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. Where in NC are you located? I am in Wilmington. While there are some things that are specific to 1939 Buicks that I am not the best guy to help you with, there are a lot of things that you might be able to find to help you in my restoration story of my 1938 Century. You can read that here: https://forums.aaca.org/topic/297623-1938-buick-century-model-61-four-door-touring-sedan-trunk-back/ I would also suggest you may want to consider checking out the 36-38 Buick Club. Despite the name, the club welcomes all Straight 8 era Bu
  11. I would agree that it is more likely to be a condenser going bad. Quality of imported condensers seems to be a real problem these days.
  12. I reached my friend today. I forwarded photos of the 1937 Century to him and he is sure that this is the car that he restored. He did sell in in New York about 2008. He said that as he recalled, the buyer drove up from West Virginia, with a trailer, purchased the car and trailered it home. His name is Larry Howard. He now lives in NC. He would like to speak with you about the car. I will send you a Private Message with his phone number.
  13. I will have to check with him to see, but he was living in New York at the time, so possibly NY.
  14. Please confirm which model it is. It should have the model on the hood side panels. If the engine number begins with a 6 that would indicate a Century. If a 4, that would indicate a Special. If it is a Century like I think it is, running and driving, in an authentic color it should be worth somewhere around $24,850 as a number 2 condition per Old Cars Price Guide. For most buyers, you would have to subtract something for the non-authentic color. There could be a lot of difference of opinion about how much less that paint color would make. My best guess is somewhere around $21,000
  15. I hesitate to hijack the original thread but my friend who I suspect was the one that painted the car that is the subject of this discussion restored a 1937 Century in that color many years ago. He sold it. A few years ago, he was so sad about selling the first one, that he restored another one and painted it the same color. He recently sold the second one. I am 99% sure that is the Mecum car.
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