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    BOD Candidates

    We all are entitled to our own opinion but I have a very different take on this portion of your post. When a majority of the voting members of the club elect an officer, and only 100 people present at a meeting join together after having been given some information that is false or misleading try to throw that member out of the club, the members of the board who voted to expel that member would be the ones whose actions would concern me. I hope that the financial secrecy will soon be a thing of the past. I hope that good candidates will run for the board and that the voting members elect candidates who will continue in the improvement and additional transparency in operation of the club. There are places for use of committees, but ultimately, the Board of Directors has to be responsible for the operation of the club.
  2. Rob, Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I have moved your post to the Buick Reatta Forum where I am sure you will find someone who can answer your question.
  3. MCHinson

    Buick PWD Website

    Jack, I certainly look forward to the BCA Board resolving this issue. You are talking about "entities" and "both sides". I don't know what you mean. There is one Pre War Division. The previous board created the "division" within the Division by not following the BCA Bylaws. Discussion of that is certainly something of interest to multiple people within the Pre War Division, and other Divisions for the reasons that I have mentioned. I don't see how discussion of this issue diminishes the value of anything to members of the Division. I guess you and I will have to agree to disagree on this particular issue, but I trust that we both look forward to it being resolved soon.
  4. MCHinson

    Buick PWD Website

    Jack, As I have expressed previously, I have not been a member of the Pre War Division. I am a member of another BCA Division. From your post, I see you have been appointed to mediate this issue, the concern that I have is that the previous BCA Board appointed an individual as the Interim Director of a Division, without any notice to the previous Director, any other officer of the Division, or the Membership of the Division. I can't find anywhere in the BCA Bylaws that allow that action. In any case, any action taken by the board impacting a division should have included advance notice to the involved members. To me, there is adequate reason to believe that the Prior BCA Board's action in this issue was improper. There is an easy way out of this. The current board needs to reverse that action and allow the membership of the Division to police themselves. If they don't meet the requirements of the BCA, then the board has every right to, after appropriate notice as required by the BCA bylaws, revoke the Divison Charter. There is no need for any mediation. The board simply needs to do the right thing and allow the Division to operate under their granted charter. My Divsion was a separate stand alone club before it decided to vote to align itself with the BCA as a Division of the BCA. If the BCA board thinks that it can simply vote to exercise total control over any of its Divisions, and install new leadership without any notice, that is of major concern to me, and probably a lot of other BCA members. I don't see anything to mediate. It is clear through forum posts and emails that I have seen that a majority of the existing membership of the Pre War Division have decided who they want as their Director. The BCA Board should simply undo the damage it has done in this case and work with the membership of the Division. Other Divisions are watching this issue with concern.
  5. MCHinson

    1940 Buick Super Restoration

    I would suggest you find a 1940 DuPont Buick Paint Chip brochure. I don't have experience with 1940 but both the 1937 and 1938 Paint Chip brochure has the information regarding interior and trim paint colors as well as the exterior paint colors.
  6. MCHinson

    Help - '90 Eldorado Teves ABS troubles

    Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I am not an expert on that system but unless I am mistaken, this is the same brake system used on the Buick Reatta. If you scroll down to the Buick Section of the Forum and do some searching in the Reatta Forum, or else post a question there, I think you will find some folks who can give you plenty of help on that system.
  7. MCHinson

    Dodge Victory Six

    Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I have moved your post from the Forum Software Questions Forum to the Dodge and Dodge Brothers Forum. Hopefully someone in this forum can better assist you with your questions about your car.
  8. MCHinson

    Are you a BCA member?

    I don't know quite how to answer your poll. Your poll does not quite capture my situation. I am a BCA Member, but it is basically just a magazine subscription and allows me to be a member of a BCA Division that I enjoy.
  9. MCHinson


    Did the scammer contact you through the Forum PM system? If so, please give me his forum user name so I can ban the scammer. If you posted your phone number or email address in your ad, anybody with internet access can see it and you are opening yourself up to any scammer in the world. I strongly urge you to remove your phone number or email address from any ads that you have posted on this site or any other internet discussion forum.
  10. MCHinson

    1957 Buick Roadmaster 2 door

    For those members who were concerned and reported Chris' post as a potential scammer, I can say that I have been able to confirm that he is in fact in a guy who I could track down at a business landline phone in Wisconsin. He has apparently collected a large collection of parts over the years and is now interested in selling. After a phone conversation, I am convinced that he is not an overseas scammer, despite his initial post being rather vague and appearing somewhat suspect. Dee's, Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. Hopefully you will be able to find buyers here for the parts that you wish to sell. I would also suggest you scroll down to the Buick section of the Forum and post in the Buick Specific buy/sell forum. You will find a few Buick guys who tend to hang out there and seldom read anything in the AACA section of the Forum.
  11. You have asked about a potential business venture in a good place to ask car related questions, but not somewhere that I would go for business advice. The folks on this forum are from all over the US and the rest of the world. Over time I have learned that there are an amazing amount of regional differences in the places that we all come from. I live in a coastal city which is known for retirement, vacations, movie making, boating as well as other things. We have an active local antique car culture here. My area sounds like exactly the right place for what you seem to be thinking of, yet I think you would lose your investment if you attempted to start any such business here. There are too many places where car guys hang out here now and all of them are free. How do you think you are going to get car guys to come and pay for something that they can already do for free in a place that they are used to doing it for at for free? About the only business that I think you might be able to find car guys willing to pay for service would be either an auto detailing shop, car wash, or mechanic shop that you market as catering to old cars. If you were to do that in my town, you would be competing against multiple established businesses. I run an engraving business. A portion of my businesss is name tags, plaques, and trophies for car clubs. My business does have that small tie in, but it is certainly not my main business. I run a business and I have a hobby. It is rare to be able to successfully combine a business and a hobby and be successful in the business.
  12. MCHinson

    BOD Candidates

    Thank you. I look forward to reading them soon.
  13. MCHinson

    cadillac transmission repair

    Last year the answer would have been yes. Unfortunately, his guy who was the Slim Jim HydraMatic expert was killed in a car crash last year. He has not been able to find anybody else with that kind of experience to replace him.
  14. MCHinson

    cadillac transmission repair

    I will ask him and let you know.
  15. MCHinson

    BOD Candidates

    I agree with Cindy. I have heard a few things about recent board activity from some individual conversations with various board members but I can't seem to find anything about recent board activity in the January Bugle. I was told that some board minutes were recently approved but they still don't seem to be on the BCA website.
  16. MCHinson

    Deduction for Flare O Flames

    The judging forum is typically used for serious questions about potentially controversial judging questions. As such, the answers in this forum are going to be serious. Humor just does not fit in this particular forum that well. You would have been more likely to have found funny replies in another forum.
  17. MCHinson

    1936 Buick gauge cluster lighting

    I am fairly certain the 1936 has the simple maplight/dashlight switch. I know my 1937 and 1938 Buicks both have that.
  18. Folks, There were a few posts that went way off topic in this discussion resulting in the discussion being reported to the moderators. I have removed quite a few posts. I have attempted to bring it back on topic, although I have left some posts that are probably still a bit off topic. I will attempt to tie in a bit of the remaining off topic posts back into the topic, but apologize in advance if I fail to do that successfully. I don't know much about Cadillacs of this era. I do know 1936-1938 Buicks. There is an active touring club for 1936-1938 (and other straight 8 era) Buicks which makes Buick sedans of that era a bit more desirable than sedans in general. While lots of people tend to prefer two door cars, the 36-38 Buick Club tends to have more sedans because it is easy to take friends along for the ride in a four door sedan. I own a 1937 Buick Century four door sedan. I am restoring a 1938 Buick Century four door Sedan currently. This car will cost much more to restore than it is worth. I bought the car for $1,000. I paid more for another car just to get a better body for the 1938 Buick project. Based on my experience, there is no way for even a home restorer to restore this Cadillac for less than the car will be worth when it is restored. It will be a labor of love. Unless there are a lot of rare parts not visible in the photos, I would not personally think it was worth $4,000, but some folks who have expressed the thought that it is worth that are folks that I am sure know more about Cadillacs of that era than I do. I would suggest that there will be a small number of serious potential buyers. As described, I get the idea that the original owner would like to see it restored. I suggest that finding someone who loves that car and wants to restore it might be more important than finding who will pay the most money for it. If a potential restorer makes an offer of any amount of cash that the owner can live with, I would suggest he sell it with the gentleman's agreement to give him a ride in it after it has been restored. If the current owner wants to hold out for the top dollar because he just can't bear to lose his investment, it is likely that his estate will sell the car after he is no longer around. At that time, it will likely sell for less rather than more that a potential restorer might offer now. In addition to my comments above, if you want to help them sell the car, it is vitally important to take good quality photos that show the car and all parts that have been removed from the car but which are included in the sale. The current photos just are not sufficient to attract the best offer or even give a fair representation of the car's condition.
  19. MCHinson

    1936 Buick gauge cluster lighting

    I have no experience in a 6 to 12 volt conversion, and would not recommend it, but since you seem to have already done that the only two ideas that I would have for why your gauge cluster bulbs are dim is a bad ground or the wrong bulbs. Perhaps you have 24 volt bulbs instead of 12 volt bulbs. They do make 24 volt bulbs in the same size as what I suspect you are using. I would think that a bad ground is a more likely problem. Assuming the 36 gauge cluster is similar to my 1937 and 1938 clusters, I would think that some corrosion could be causing your problem. It might be easier to simply run a separate ground wire from one of the screws on the back of the cluster to a known good ground somewhere else on the dash rail.
  20. MCHinson

    Need help w/looking at a car for sale.

    George, He will be happy to help. PM me your phone number and I will have him contact you.
  21. MCHinson

    Need help w/looking at a car for sale.

    George, I have a guy who is about 45 miles from the dealership who I would trust to check it out. I have sent him an email to see if he can check it out. I will let you know when I hear back from him.
  22. MCHinson

    1957 Buick Roadmaster 2 door

    Dee's, Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. Could you please post a photo or two of the parts collection? A new member who says he has a whole collection of parts is likely to arouse a lot of suspicion. Unless you can tell us a bit more about who you are and where you live and include some photos of the parts, I would think that most people would be scared that you might be attempting to scam them.
  23. MCHinson

    Need help w/looking at a car for sale.

    What type of car? I am about an hour or two from there. I have some friends who are closer. Who I would suggest look at it depends on what type of car it is.
  24. MCHinson

    SCAM Alert!!

    ...Which is why we routinely suggest you not post your contact information on this site or any other site in a wanted ad. If you required a potential seller to register and send you a private message here, it would be a bit safer for you. A scammer is likely to bring attention to themself if they post on the forum and get banned. Sending money to an unknown individual seldom ends well, especially if Western Union or a similar unsecure method is used. If someone seems to be having trouble accessing technology and can only accept payment through Western Union, I would say that makes it about a 99.99% chance they are attempting to scam you.
  25. MCHinson

    Wanted 68 430 buick heads

    Rob Maga, Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I have edited the title of your post to make it a bit more likely that more people will see what you need.