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  1. The last new vehicle I bought was a 1997 Chevrolet Suburban. Recently, I wanted a Crossover. I first researched Buicks and since I refuse to drive anything made in Korea or China, I passed on the Buicks. I had a particular overall length that I wanted so I could fit it where I wanted to park it in the garage, and I needed sufficient front seat hip room for my disabled wife. In my climate, I wanted light colored cloth seats and a few other particular options. (For some reason almost all of the cars at the dealerships here have black leather upholstery which is uncomfortable with our heat and hu
  2. Interesting car. I find it odd that it has no covers on the sidemount spares. I also wonder if it was originally sold without running board trim. I also notice that it has a 1937 rather than a 1938 steering wheel, although it does have a 1938 horn button on the steering wheel. Unless I were to win the lottery, I won't have to worry about those minor questionable items.
  3. If the car has been sitting a while, you should pull the brakes apart and rebuild the wheel cylinders in addition to the master cylinder. From the photos, I think you will be fine with reinstalling the same brake shoes and springs as long as you don't have any broken springs. If you find broken springs on any of the wheels, you can just replace the springs and reuse the brake shoes.
  4. I was happy to help reunite him with it. He was excited enough about it that he texted me several photos of the car before he even left your place.
  5. If you read through my 1938 restoration story on this site, you will see how to disassemble and go through the brake system. That is exactly how the Buick accelerator start system should work. If the engine is not running and the accelerator is pressed, it activates the starter system. If you don't have a factory service manual, you need to get one. It will explain how all of the systems work and how to work on them.
  6. I have driven my 1937 Century from North Carolina to a tour in Indiana and back to another tour in Ohio and back home the next year. The car is a 6 volt, bias ply tire, unrestored non-modified but well maintained 1937 Buick. The Buick engineers knew what they were doing in that era. The cars were designed to be driven. Properly maintained, they can still be driven anywhere. Lots of people seem to think you have to modify cars to make them "better" or "reliable". My personal experience tells me that they are mistaken. Fix what is wrong with it, and you will be fine. You don't need to "upgrade"
  7. I am sure that the 1939 Century brake system is as good as those on my 1937 Century and 1938 Century. The original brake system in proper condition will lock up all 4 wheels. Restore it back to original condition and you will be fine.
  8. I would check with your insurance company. Your insurance likely will cover the cost and they will certainly know where to send you for the best price. Even if you don't have insurance to cover it, your insurance agent can likely suggest where you should go to get it replaced.
  9. You need to let the moderators know this new forum user's user name. He is clearly a scammer and needs to be banned.
  10. I would try the McLaughlin Buick Club. Hopefully someone there can help you. http://www.mclaughlin-buickclub.ca/
  11. I don't recall what the original title of this discussion was, but since Peter changed it to what it is now... I will only point out that a small number of electric cars have already been on AACA Showfields. We even had an electric car on display at the Annual Convention this year. The club is ready. As more electric cars achieve an age of 25 years, more will be shown in AACA competition and will eventually find their way onto AACA tours. The club is ready. The electric cars just need to become a larger part of the car market and you will see more of them at AACA events. When the club adopted
  12. Look at the top right corner of the white text box that comprises your post. Every single post should have those three dots there. If it is your post, clicking them will bring up the edit function as an option. If it is not your post, you will find the report button in that pop up menu.
  13. The show was cancelled. There will be a show in November in Gettysburg.
  14. Earl, At the top right corner of all of your posts you should see three dots in a horizontal line. Click on those three dots and it brings up a menu that includes "edit". Click on the three dots, click on edit, and editing works just like it used to work, so you will be able to edit any of your posts that you want to edit.
  15. A competent old school machinist would probably repair it by brazing it. https://www.lucasmilhaupt.com/EN/Brazing-Academy/Brazing-vs-Welding.htm
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