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  1. Good point, Marty. Years ago when I made Development & Support visits to Regions / Chapters I was amazed at how many members were not aware that you did not have to own a vehicle to join. Regards, Peter J.
  2. Howard, I would post your query in the Forum Software Questions / Instructions forum. On the menu page scroll down a bit and you will see it. (With the Annual Meeting this weekend you may not hear anything until next week. Who knows...) Peter J.
  3. papafarms, I had a friend and long standing AACA member go the route MochetVelo suggests. Worked well with peace of mind. I know most buyer's do not like to disclose much about a subject vehicle to ward off anyone on this forum from buying the vehicle. However, a location would be very helpful so we could possibly see if there is an AACA Region or Chapter close to the vehicle's location of whom just might go look it over for you (I did this 3 times for people and it worked out fine). Regards, Peter J.
  4. OK. Just thought I would remind you of his name.
  5. Correct, Matt. "Novaman" (David Devine) was David's user name. I do recall that he put a lot of effort and artwork into designing the badges. This was back in the day when we met in one of the Salon rooms at the Sheraton just after they tore down the St. George's restaurant for development. Peter J.
  6. Padgett, Barrett-Jackson and other TV auction "shows" do not advertise them as selling restored or original cars only to satisfy people that belong to the AACA. That is a given and at least from anything I have noticed. So with that I see the "shows" as entertainment...nothing more, nothing less. Change the channel or do a "search" on this forum for previous years on the same subject. Nothing has changed. Regards, Peter J.
  7. Gents, Folks that put everything in the General Forum are not going to get help unless a Moderator just happens to notice it. This question has come up before and the way to get direct Moderator assistance is simply scroll down from the good 'ole General Forum to the FORUM SOFTWARE QUESTIONS / INSTRUCTIONS FORUM that is the next one after the Speedster Forum. Your post triggers a notification to the Moderators. Peter J.
  8. Then do yourself a favor and do not watch the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction this week on the Motor Trend channel. Every car on the auction block is either original or Classic. Peter J.
  9. I recall the movie "Them", too Dave. Even the commercials were pushing chain stretchers for the rear wheels. Those were the days. Peter J.
  10. PP...I would still phone HQ to speak with a "person" if you want peace of mind that all is OK. Regards, Peter J.
  11. PP...this late in the day I would just phone AACA HQ tomorrow morning 717-534-1910. I am confident something can be worked out or just use a credit card on-line today as Bob stated. Peter J.
  12. Great, Tony. Now post your query in the Ford Model T (and older) forum. You are quite welcome. Peter J.
  13. Welcome to the AACA Forum, Tony. Do you have a date of the post you saw? Might have better luck by scrolling down to the "Ford Products" forum menu page. Regards, Peter J.
  14. certainly was. I also just received the November/December issue. Call the AACA Headquarters on Monday at 717/534-1910 and hopefully they have an extra copy to mail to you. Regards, Peter J.
  15. Hi, John. Likewise I was there around 2007 or so with our old friend Ron Flory. Spent about 30 minutes then left. Nothing of interest unless you are into Chinese tools, modern electrical fittings, polishing supplies, etc. May have changed however I doubt it. Regards, Peter J.
  16. Jim, You may want to post this type of query in the Forum Software Questions / Problems topic on the forum index menu page. In the meantime I reported it to the moderators. Regards, Peter J.
  17. Mike, I suggested numerous routes for you to go last and this year with this quest of yours. You did not use any of them (only saying you did which I highly doubt). Going forward I am going to sit back and watch. Have at it and good luck. Regards, Peter J.
  18. Not being rude at all, Mike. Your wording made it sound like you missed cans behind golf carts. Why don't you start a separate thread for all your issues that way none will get lost if all jumbled into the parking issues? Hypothetically if in say 2 weeks you add another complaint about something at Hershey it will not get buried. Regards, Peter J.
  19. Mike, your original thread titled: Hershey 2017. Swap Meet or Parking Lot / Camp Grounds??? is still here and has not been removed. Only moderators can delete posts or threads and I am not one. With all the phone calls and emails you claim to have sent to the Hershey Region I would think you could at least have a few names of whom you spoke to or send copies of the emails. Trying to help you but without some facts it would be for naught. Peter J.
  20. Ditto that, John. FYI...Mike (a.k.a. 48Wodie started another thread. Why I have no idea other than taking up a lot of space on the mainframe. Regards, Peter J.
  21. Mike (a.k.a. 48Woodie)...why did you start another thread here? You now have 2 threads on the same subject. Again, you said last year and thanked me for the advice to just have a face-to-face talk with the Hershey Region people at their tent. Your answer was nonsense saying you had spoken or contacted the "hierarchy of the AACA". Well this is not the Hershey Region who hosts the meet. Appears you have a "roll around" response to the many suggestions people submitted on the original deleted thread to include not speaking face-to-face wotj the people at the Hershey Region tent. (Last suggestion: Save yourself time next year by using this year's photos. I think it would be really amusing if all these cars, trucks and camper photos will be of the vehicles when they turn 25 years old. Young people will appreciate seeing them...? ) Regards, Peter J.