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  1. I may be wondering off-topic here: San Francisco cable cars have a unique braking mechanism that presses oak boards against the steel rails.
  2. As others have said, you have a fantastic car and a great story to go with it. Since you are understandably safety-conscious, I strongly advise that you replace all of the steel brake lines and the master cylinder. Steel brake lines rust from the inside out, and can fail when you apply the brakes. I also agree with the advice to replace the fuel lines and tank. I would also have the carburetor professionally rebuilt. A troublesome carburetor will frustrate your restoration efforts. Enjoy your car!
  3. How did they keep oil out of the cylinders in the bottom (upside down) engine?
  4. I have a radiator from a 1918 Model 85-4. It leaks but may be repairable. It's yours for the cost of shipping if you can use it.
  5. Thanks Steve. Please disregard my duplicate post on this topic.
  6. Has the seminar schedule been published yet, for the AACA Convention in Philly?
  7. Thanks Hemi. I located a used one and made the purchase. If it turns out not to be a good reservoir, I'll take you up on your offer.
  8. Roger Brown in Greenville TN is truly a master of automotive woodwork.
  9. My friend has an '89 TC with a coolant reservoir leak. We'd like to replace the reservoir. Does anyone have one they'd like to sell?
  10. Our region uses the web domain provided by the AACA, and we use Wordpress as our content manager. We would like to set up a "members-only section of the website in order to post our membership roster. Is this difficult to do? Does it require a plugin? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. Worst name for a motor home: Intruder
  12. American Bantam MG Midget Jordan Playboy