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  1. Not only did they neglect to strap it down; but they left it in neutral and failed to set the brake.
  2. Nice car! Is this the model that had the electric roll-down rear window?
  3. I like to plug upcoming national events in our newsletter. There are always beautiful display ads for national events in the Antique Automobile. Is it possible to make these ads available as jpgs or pngs for use in regional newsletters?
  4. Clocks mostly. I used to collect old radios until most stations discontinued local programming. It's no fun any more to pull in a station 1,000 miles away and hear the same syndicated shows that are on the local stations.
  5. I wonder why the front wheel has 10 spokes and the rear wheel has 12 spokes.
  6. Hoping to find out the year and make of the truck in the picture.
  7. New Process Radiator shop in Knoxville TN can repair, rebuild, or custom-build just about any radiator out there. They're the only ones I trust with my Corvair radiators.
  8. Just curious, what is the box for, between the radiator and the engine?
  9. Any idea what kind of car this is?
  10. No one has mentioned Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world!
  11. I may be missing something but is seems like it have been safer to deflate the tire before securing the car to the tow truck.
  12. If the sound has to be turned up in order for the people in back to hear, the sound system is inadequate. There should be enough speakers in the area to provide good music at a level that is comfortable for everyone, regardless of where they are located. I have been to too many events where the DJs don't know how to set up their system correctly; or they drive the under-powered amplifiers to distortion in order to raise the volume. Any music is offensive if the sound system is poor. If you can't afford a quality sound system at your car show, dispense with the music.
  13. Not my first date, but the first date with the girl I eventually married: I drove our family car, a 1968 Camaro six banger with a Torque Drive semi-automatic transmission.