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  1. I would add that you should start with a car that has a good availability of parts. Model As, Tri-Five Chevrolets, Corvairs, and Volkswagens are a few examples of cars that have good networks of NOS, reproduced, and used parts. Purchasing an obscure marque with limited parts availability will slow your project down to a crawl and will severely impact your checkbook. Like the others have said, you should start with a good rust-free driver and enjoy it while you restore it.
  2. The logos are available now at
  3. For a first class dining experience and a step back in time, I'd recommend The Hotel Hershey.
  4. Yep. The old courthouse burned in the early fifties.
  5. Attached is a postcard showing Main Street in Urbana, OH. Does anyone know what kind of car is parked in the picture?
  6. I'm sorry to hear that Knox Custom Chrome has apparently closed their doors. They did a set of bumpers for me once and I was very pleased. Many people in our club have used Atlantic Coast Plating in Athens TN and have reported good results. Here is a link to the contact information for Atlantic Coast:
  7. As far as I know they are still in business. I had not heard of their closing. Try calling them (865) 546-3144.
  8. Beautiful car, kfle, and it sounds like the car is in good hands. This car is a living piece of history as it sits. I would encourage you to enter it as an HPOF vehicle and enjoy being a part of the Auburn meet. The HPOF area is arguably the most interesting section of the show field.
  9. It sounds like you found a diamond in the rough, Christech, and the VIN proves that it is a real Spyder. The price seems right too. Go for it!
  10. A progressive tour through Michigan, from Greenfield Village to Whitefish Point would be fantastic in the summertime.
  11. The TC is a different chassis and body than any other Chrysler product. None of the body panels will interchange with the LeBaron. Some, but not all, mechanical parts come from the K-Car parts bin.
  12. The '89 TC is a fun and extremely comfortable car. I have owned two of them. As mentioned above, the Achilles Heel of the TC is the Teves anti-lock brake system. It is different from conventional brakes, so you will have to find someone who knows how to work on them. Teves brakes were used on Jaguars and Buick Reattas so they are not as rare as it may seem. There is a very active TC owner's forum on this site. Scroll down to the Chrysler section. Good luck!
  13. Lings32, Always glad to meet another Overland owner, There will be a get-together of discussion forum members in the lunch area on Friday, during the lunch break. Maybe we could meet up then.
  14. Schedule permitting, I'm in for a DF meeting.
  15. Dang. They dropped it. I was really looking forward to it. Oh well, hope to see you there.