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  1. But you'll risk dying of old age before they arrive.
  2. Have the notification letters been sent out yet, regarding the Master Editor and Master Webmaster awards?
  3. I began studying ham radio for the mental exercise. After a little reading and taking some practice tests online, I was ready to take the first "Technician" exam. A month later I took the next "General" exam. I'm studying now for the final "Extra" exam. It's not hard if you have a basic understanding of electricity.
  4. As a lifelong gearhead and a ham radio newbie, I am wondering how many old car folks are also amateur radio operators. I'd love to check out some car related ham nets but I haven't found any yet. Maybe some hams on this forum can point me in the right direction. 73, KQ4RKF
  5. As it turns out the photo was taken in 1930, so that poor Hupmobile must have had a rough life. What's a college student doing driving a one-year old luxury car anyway?
  6. A film archivist in Knoxville discovered this photo and is hoping to find the amateur movie that was being shot. Knowing the year, make, and model of the car might ultimately help in his search.
  7. Close, but no cigar. The picture was taken in Urbana, OH. I don't know who the teams are but it is probably a local "league" game.
  8. For original bias ply tires the correct inflation is 15psi front, 26psi rear, when cold; 18 psi and 30psi hot). For radial tires, most Corvair owners maintain a 10 psi difference between the front and rear (i.e. 35 psi rear, 25 psi front).
  9. I think you're referring to the push rod tubes. Indeed they leaked badly in the early days. Clarks Corvair Parts sells Viton o-rings for the tubes, which takes care of the problem.
  10. You've got a great little car there. I also have a '63 Spyder project that I hope to have back on the road someday. The "camber compensator" or transverse spring was only available on '64 models. Unless you plan to race in autocross events or run Tennesse's Tail of the Dragon, I wouldn't be concerned. Early model Corvairs are completely stable in normal driving conditions. Just be sure to keep your tire pressures correct. Have fun with your Spyder!
  11. My first car, at the age of 16, was a '40 Olds four-door sedan. I remembered it having suicide doors. The convertible in the picture has conventional rear doors. Was the convertible different in that regard or is my memory faulty (again)?
  12. Is there a way to determine the model year of this Model T? The picture was posted on Facebook by a friend. The writing on the back of the photo says “Touring through California in 1935."
  13. That's what I like about this forum. I learn a lot. I had never heard of the Julian so I looked it up. It looks like an amazing piece of engineering. Being from the Buckeye state, I grew up around King Midgets. Cool little cars. The Fitch Phoenix appears to have a Corvair power tain. Thanks to all for your expertise.
  14. Thanks for the identification. Unfortunately, my old car expertise is limited to American rear-engine air-cooled cars.
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