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  1. These is a very original SSK hiding in a garage in Connecticut.
  2. We'll be in Vermont racing up Mt.Equinox, one of the oldest hill climbs in the US.
  3. I'm the treasurer of the Spar Pug Collectors of America. PM with your address and will send you a copy of our newsletter.
  4. You don't understand how the British designed these cars. They were totally immersed in designing the overdrive when "tea time" arrived. After they had their tea, they went back to the design effort and forgot where they had left off. The first engineer asked: "Did we finalize the overdrive before our tea break?" The second engineer responded: "I do believe we did." So they moved on to the next design element. That's why so many items on British cars seem to have just happened to work and are not really engineered. FYI, you're going to have fun with those carbs - they defy logic.
  5. For what it's worth, here is what I do. Drain the water from the engine. Pour in a gallon of antifreeze. Run the engine to circulate the anti-freeze and then drain. In the summer, I run water with a bottle of water wetter added to prevent rust. Anti-frezze in a Model A tends to leak out through the gaskets and make a mess of the engine.
  6. Steve: We'll be joining you in 24B on Saturday. What a wild car! Looks MG based. It's a ttypical early special - the taillights and license plate lights are both from a Bugeye Sprite.
  7. We'll be there; Space RSA 49 on the Red Field. I have some old spark plugs and sports car racing stuff for sale. The 1958 Austin Healey Race car will be in the Saturday car show; Class 24B
  8. Terry: I envy you. We,ve done the Glen many times but this year we chose to go to Stowe, VT the next weekend for the British Invasion. Be prepared for cool, rainy weather. Years ago, I was racing my formula vee at the Glen in October. I went up through the esses and at the top pf the hill it was snowing!! Snow and slicks don't do well together - guess how I know. Try to get to the International Motor Racing Hall of Fame - worth a trip. By the way, the old street circuit is the scariest thing I have ever been on, especially the down hill stretch back into town. Racers in those days were plenty brave.
  9. I highly recommed the "Last Open Road" by Burt Levy and the series of books that follow. These are novels telling the story of road racing in America in the 1950's, which is a serious interest of mine. Burt has a fabulous sense of history and place, and presents it with great humor. The book has been compared to "Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Sallinger, that's how good it is. You can obtain through Burt's website as it was privately published.
  10. I've been showing a car in Class 24B for a while. I didn't realize I'm now a rich and famous collector!!
  11. You might try a company called Quantum Mechanics in Connecticut who rerbuild transmissions for Big Healeys. I think they have a website and they used to run an ad in the magazine of the Austin Healey Club of America.
  12. I met Don Garlits a couple of times. he was just walking around. My wife was surprised and how small he is in stature - she still calls him "Little Daddy". A couple of years later we were introduced to Tommy Hinnershintz. he was a really interesting person to talk to. It doesn't count, but one year on the Monday befoe Hershey we were having breakfast at the Reading Motor Lodge and John Force, Austin Coil and the entire team cam down for breakfast. They were running at Reading due to a rainout.
  13. We set up on Tuesday and had really good sales on Tuesday and Wednesday. Found some Model A parts and a few good spark plugs. The Thursday rain put a damper on sales but at least the weather cleared for the car show.