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  1. The part# is 4279941 for the rollover valve. BUT, you can remove it without damaging it! You need to do it carefully and with a wide enough tool like those tools used to remove door trim-panels. Also, use a little rubber lube, penetrating oil, or carb cleaner to get the valve to slide up, out of the retaining grommet. I have done plenty of them in my shop, back-in-the-day.
  2. Ah Yes, you Matthew have a 3.0L V6. That is a good thing for you. In that case, you CAN block off the heater hoses.. Excuse me, I always think 2.2/2.5L and forget the others are not similarly affected. Thank you Bob for the 'awakening'!
  3. Hello Matthew, if you really have an antifreeze coolant leak from your heater core, I recommend that you either correct that by replacing the heater core, OR by bypassing the heater core, by installing a by-pass between the 2 heater hoses going into the the drivers compartment. I must warn you, DO NOT PLUG EITHER OF THE HEATER HOSES, THEY MUST REMAIN FREE TO PASS COOLANT THROUGH. They are part of the engine coolant ‘BY-PASS’ system and would cause cooling system problems if not being able to continue free flow. If you want more information regarding this, refer to the COOLANT CONTROL VAL
  4. That is a mighty fine looking TC. Welcome to the group.
  5. I'll be kind by just saying this, I wouldn't do it to my TC. In time you may regret it when washing and polishing your TC, it won't be those nice long strokes across that smooth trunk lid. Marty McFly would like it if he came 'Back to the Future' and needed a tow on his skateboard. But then, I have made several major changes on my TC, so who am I to speak? The latest one, which I really like, is the black grille surround. It is powder-coated.
  6. If you look at that pink car closely, I wouldn’t even care to type it’s name, it is a beater. Whoever bought it got a fixer-upper at best.
  7. Best way is to find a hydraulic hose shop that makes lines for other refrigeration applications, and have them install new hose material on your existing lines.
  8. It certainly was NOT an option of any kind on Chrysler's TC by Maserati.
  9. Does your alternator look like the one pictured, if so it likely would be repaired by just replacing the brushes.
  10. That story, the repair part, is best told by you. I just had the experience of being somewhere in Northern Florida, lost in the dark. That was a fun night, NOT!
  11. I have to tell you all, a number of years ago while I still had my shop in Venture, Ca., I had a customer with an 89 TC. He had driven to Las Vegas one night, likely with his bright lights on a long way on I-15. He called me and told me that he saw a lot of smoke come from the dashboard in the area of the headlamp switch. He also told me that his headlights stopped working. I told him to drive down to my shop when he came back and I would look at it. YES, the car still operated normally except for the lighting. I found that the headlamp switch had burnt up and the wiring harness to the s
  12. You might just contact Daniel Stern who has written on this topic years ago, and whose information can be applied to the TC as well as all other cars and trucks. Information available by typing his name in your browser. Why and How to Upgrade Your Headlamp Circuit By Daniel Stern http://www.danielsternlighting.com/tech/relays/relays.html
  13. Anyone remember 'Psycho' the 1960 movie where Norman Bates pushes he's victims automobiles into the swamp? We need a remake with the painter of this vehicle as the victim and the same ending for 'Pinki' into the swamp.
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