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  1. If the car still stands at normal hight, the trouble is not the springs but the struts.
  2. You're 4 days late with that one. I replied to him in a message last Thursday; Started conversation: Thursday at 02:22 PM Ahh, you don’t need a code reader to get the codes from your TC.All you need is a writing pad and a pencil. Then just sit down in the car, be ready to write and observe the lowest of the 4 red warning lamps there to the left on your instrument panel. The lamp will blink in a double number sequence such as blink-blink, then a short pause, then blink-blink-blink which would indicate 23. The blink sequence ranges from 11 to 55. Only 55, meaning end of sequence’ could be possible if there are no trouble codes in memory. To begin the sequence, turn ignition switch to ON, OFF, ON, OFF, ON in rapid succession and leave it in the ON position. Sequence begins with a LONG ON, then the code flashes, ending with blinks indicating 55, the end of the sequence. Do it a few times if you need to do it so you get the correct numbers, record the trouble code numbers then report back.
  3. It's even HOTTER in Arizona! No help available here with your AC Conversion. I use to send cars needing that to a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL AC Shop.
  4. This car & VIN# is not listed as having belonged to a TCA Club member.
  5. OK Rick, would you share the last digits after 20xxxx so we might know how old your particular TC is, production wise? Also, is there any antifreeze in the cooling system? Remove oil filler cap, with engine off, look underneath cap for signs of moisture or foam. Tell us if you see any. Your stumbling / hesitation problem would appear to come from a problem with the MAP Sensor. Do you have any warning lights on, in the left side of the instrument cluster? Do you know how to check for engine trouble codes? REPLY to each question in order, please.
  6. Well Rick, will you tell us what the smoke smells like? Anniversary present for the wife? It might be your last one !
  7. Sorry, I do not have any idea as I personally support replacing the Teves system with a normal “Power Brake system” with a Vacuum Booster and a normal Master Cylinder designed for 4 wheel Disc Brakes which is what i converted my TC to more than 10 years ago.
  8. I'm sure you mean the Hydraulic Assembly bolted to the firewall containing the major components that are the Teves ABS System. You should be ale to purchase a remanufactured system from TCParts.com
  9. I would say No, but then again I have not replaced one.
  10. Good morning jacks1312, The Teves system was a good, safe and dependable system when manufactures 30 years ago. The main problem today is not the Teves system, but the LACK OF MAINTENANCE by owners. Brake fluid absorbs moisture which over the years corrodes the Hydraulic Assembly, (Master cylinder), if not flushed and replaced with new fluid. The other is the Accumulator which MUST be replaced from time to time, at least every 10 years. Most people don't know that and never do, until there is a failure. You mention "Getting yourself a new cruiser". If you are young and like to 'tinker' with cars, and are a decent mechanic, you can have a lot of fun with a car such as this. I have had to do the maintenance and repairs on my TC, replacing the head gasket, timing belt and such 2 times while owning the car. Just remember an '89 is 33 years old. That is a long time for any car. We would be pleased to have you as a member in the TCA Owners Club and much assistance is available there.
  11. Hi Jacks, NO, NO I’m not trying to hijack your plane Jack! Yes, I have an ‘89 TC that I actually drive, it has nearly 300,000 miles on the odometer, OK, OK only 293 thousand. BUT, I have been a Chrysler product mechanic since 1959. So I can maintain and repair my TC. Also, I have made some modifications to my TC like removing the Teves ABS brake system and converted it to a 5 speed manual transaxle. Here is the most recent photo. I love driving it and my hope has been to drive it to attend the TCA Owners meet in September In MIssouri. Without getting the experimental COVID-19 “SHOT” and the apparent mandate by the government, that’s getting to be more questionable. If you are a serious buyer, be sure to buy a well maintained TC. There are many owners in the TCA Members club that can also attest to the quality of these cars.
  12. That is going to take more than one bath towel in a good rainstorm. Have you tried arizonaparts.com ?
  13. The truth ! I carry a large bath towel on a long trip whether hard top or soft top. When it rains, I stick it above the sun visors and dry it at the end of the day.
  14. Your best chance at finding this hose is ArizonaParts.com or TCParts.com . Back on July 30, 2020 your question was first brought up about the wiring used on these cars. I understand that you have a problem with these brakes and now it appears to be hydraulic. You would likely be best served by replacing your entire assembly with a Reconditioned / Remanufactured one from either one of the 2 available through the links above. I would further recommend that you have a professional, knowledgeable person or facility replace the assembly for you. You are dealing with your safety and the safety of others and mistakes here could be costly both to you and to others. I realize the cost of a replacement would be hard on your wallet, however that is the price you must pay to own this 30 year old car equipped with one of the earliest ABS brake systems. All of us who drive one of these cars will find that out sooner or later.
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