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  1. Thanks. I like them especially because they are easy to clean.
  2. I saw 4 wheels stacked in a corner at the customer parts-counter of a Chrysler dealer, asked if they were for sale, and the rest is history. Frankly, I never paid attention to the width, just had tires mounted and put them on the car.
  3. It ALWAYS helps to tell us what engine your TC has 2.2 8 valve, 2.2 16 valve or 3.0 V6.
  4. Replacement axles are available at most Parts Retailers as well as RockAuto.com Your mechanic should be capable of the replacement.
  5. Those are great looking wheels, I have PT Cruiser wheels on my TC, much easier to keep clean too.
  6. 2 screws at the base of the setback, (THEY ARE THERE) remove them, then remove the entire panel .
  7. You got it right Reaper1, depress the spring and the knob will slide right off with little effort. I recommend a very thin knife blade in the slot of the knob. The slot is at the inner end of the knob, so you need to pull it out to turn on the headlights, then you can see the slot better and you most likely have to rotate the knob to find the tiny slot.
  8. So, you are permanently in Missouri? Hope to see you in Chesterfield in September...
  9. You see Chris [Turbo-Kane] there is someone and you didn't even know? Rick is in the TCA club and sells parts to non-club members as well as TCA members. When someone asks, I will sell to anyone if I have a part to spare, such as 2 new timing belts I sold for a 16v engine recently. But mostly I just help with information here and in the club. It's a lot of bother messing with parts and you never know, I might have to use some on my 291,000 mile TC from time to time, as I had to when my cylinder head eroded and had to be repaired. I even considered using a new head in its place, but
  10. Because when I had my shop I was not aware of AACA and the various groups that were on it. I have been a TCA member since 1995 when I bought one of these cars and had my shop from 1988-2012. This was a one 'person' operation, (just so I stay PC) My computer was for generating invoices and keeping track of inventory. It was not on-line! I didn't even have an Internet connection. Now that I am 'here', I help where I can, even provide parts and have loaned tools to some people. One thing I don't need is my ass chewed out! When I retired, I had time to browse the internet and found
  11. When I had my shop, I had a machine shop make then, then I installed the same bearing as the stock one and use to sell them to TC America members with 16V engines.
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