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  1. Well, so far I have sold my 2.5L turbo intercooled 85 Laser with a Getrag 5 speed. A great running car, sold to a fellow TC owner. My 85 Voyager with a 3.0L will be next, if anyone is interested.
  2. I have 6 or more brand new ones, Not NOS, but recently made by Goodyear. Reply, Send private message.
  3. Could you take some photos of the caliper/s, with the wheels removed, from different angles so we can see what might be missing?
  4. I think 'marty14' will have what you need. He'll likely answer you tomorrow.
  5. There is a special process for bleeding the Tevis brake system, did you follow the instructions in the manual? Your yes or no answer will tell me what to say next.
  6. You are among the very few that have that opinion. We, the members of the TC America Club have owned our TCs for decades and know full well what exceptional cars they are. It is a shame that you were taken to the cleaners by someone who sold you a thrashed beater by your description of the car. We, who have owned them from the time they were new or close to it, would certainly not agree with your views. Sell it or scrap it, would be my advice. Sorry for you and your troubles, it is not the car's fault.
  7. I just looked again, it is no longer listed on either site. I guess it did not sell by your statement above. I have had mine since 1995 and have enjoyed every cross country trip I have taken in this car. They are great on the open road. Mechanically they are like any other Chrysler similarly powered of that era and having been a Chrysler Tech, they have good engines and transmissions (transaxles) Maybe you should just enjoy yours a little longer.
  8. If you have any questions, just ask with a 'PM' or through my email address. hemland@aol.com
  9. Any Power Steering Fluid container 'so marked' It is basically an amber colored hydraulic pump fluid. JUST NOT ATF of any kind.
  10. When the small odometer gear breaks, and it WILL break at some time, that is when it stops. On some cars it at very low miles, with others it could be in the hundreds of thousands. It is more dependent on time not operating which allows the grease behind the gear to harden and restrict the gear from rotating.
  11. This is not a term often, if ever, used when referring to any part on a modern automobile. May I ask, WHAT is an "oil catch can" used for? And since I have not heard of it in the 50+ years working as a Chrysler Tech, my answer would be, No, you do not need one. If you explained your meaning and use of an oil catch can, we may be able to assist you better, with an answer.
  12. This quote is what threw me, "I get to put new flares on...ugghh..." I realize you need to re-flare one line at least. Now regarding your new 24mm Master cylinder, it is for all disc brakes, RIGHT? Just making sure here. Hmm, I have 2 NEW proportioning valves lying around. Just saying.
  13. Are you asking about a 'Coolant Recovery Reservoir'?
  14. Don't put it back in, SCRAP IT, and install conventional Vacuum Booster and Master Cylinder for a 4 wheel disc brake 1989 LeBaron.