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    52 years as a Chrysler product mechanic up to Service Manager at several Dealers. 22 years as private repair shop owner and operator for repair of MOPAR products.

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  1. Hemi Dude

    Fuel door levers for sale

    Post when you have another batch, I'll get one from you.
  2. Hemi Dude

    TC tool kit

    The tool kit is located on the drivers side of the storage compartment just below the umbrella (plastic hangers) on the lid, if that is not where your umbrella is located, that is where it is supposed to be mounted.
  3. 'pesd' I would first run the engine and go back to the exhaust smoke and smell the smoke. You should be able to smell a distinct OIL or ANTIFREEZE odor. Normal exhaust smells very lightly of burnt fuel due to the catalytic converter. If indeed it smells like oil, then you can be fairly sure that it is the turbo. Therefore you cannot do any more harm to it since it will need rebuilding or replacement anyway. If you smell an antifreeze odor, you likely have a failing head gasket. The engine can still run rather normal in the beginning stages of a failing head gasket. THAT IS THE TIME TO REPAIR IT before you do any harm to the head.
  4. Hemi Dude

    TC tool kit

    How would you think that you could ever find one never squashed? The elastic strap that holds the “Sterlix” box in place has crushed every one over the 30 years they have been packaged. This ‘kit’ was removed for display from a previously sealed plastic bag acquired directly from the owner of Harbor Chrysler / Plymouth in Ventura, CA. My former employer. If you would like to see one not crushed, place a carved piece of stiff foam in the box.
  5. Hemi Dude

    TC tool kit

  6. Hemi Dude

    Cv shaft ??

    Do you remember the turbocharged Dodge and Plymouth COLT cars of the late '70s? When you drove one of them, brand new, and got on it from a standing start or at speed, there was a very definite TORQUE STEER in those cars. That is what comes to mind.
  7. Hemi Dude

    Cylinder Head

    The above statement confuses even me a little; Maybe I'm just getting old! I have built several engines for '89 2.2L 16 valve TCs using early build '89 2.2L turbo blocks. As far as the holes (may I call them all HOLES?) at the cylinder head surface, they are similar in that there are cross drilled holes in each, for added cylinder wall cooling. I might add, though superfluous I know. I have also built a 2.5L turbo engine using a 2.2L common block without balance shaft accommodations for my '85 Laser. That also works very well. You really do not need the balance shafts in a 2.5L engine. A lot less hardware spinning around that way. When you reference the RWD block, many readers may be confused here, if we don't tell them that you were referring to the early Dodge Dakota Pick-Up truck that had a similar 2.2/2.5 style 4 cylinder engine and was a rear wheel drive vehicle. It was drilled on the left (distributor side) for the left engine mount. There was also a hole that was drilled on that side for the 16V engine's detonation sensor. I won't even mention the later built 'Dodge Spirit' engine block here in this reply.
  8. Hemi Dude

    swapping engines

    Nile has many good points as well as WHAT WILL IT COST? We have all seen good cars converted to monstrous AWD contortions, and for what purpose? Just to look different? gymowner, if you plan to drive this automobile at all on the highway or just for pleasure after conversion, how much and how far? I have driven my TC over 250,000 miles. Yes, I did convert it to a five speed 555, and I did replace the ABS system with a conventional brake booster and master cylinder, but it is a car that can be fired up and driven cross country with ease AND at 30 to 34 MPG as well. So before you go to extremes, think about the end product. Will it be something great or a piece of scrap? These cars deserve some respect by their owners.
  9. Hemi Dude

    Scanning tool

    For your TC, the key on-off-0n-off-ON is the simplest. Then let us know what codes you get. Having been a Chrysler Repair Shop Operator for 22 years and a Dealer Tech since 1960, I have found that the Snap-On 2500 scanner will give you all the readings you need including live and record mode. If you can find someone with one of those, you'll have it made.
  10. Hemi Dude

    swapping engines

    Thanks Moparite
  11. Hemi Dude

    16V ALERT!

    As much clearance as there is between the top of the front tire and the fender opening, it appears to be a little light in the engine compartment.
  12. Hemi Dude

    swapping engines

    Do you have more photos of the rolling frame from various angles? We would like to see more.
  13. Hemi Dude

    swapping engines

    Well, I looked at the 2 videos. The video of the Dodge Daytona shows a car definitely well done. How close to $100,000 did that conversion cost? The video of the 1994 LeBaron reminds me of what the gear heads in Sweden build during their long cold winters. Being a Minnesota plated car, maybe a swede too. Both cars are similar to the Q body of the TC and it would be interesting to see that done with one of these bodies, especially by those who converted the Daytona. You have to ask yourself "Just how satisfying will it be to build and own either of these cars?" A lot of money invested in a vehicle that is unique, but not a practical daily driver or show car at a TC America Meet. Just saying...
  14. Hemi Dude

    swapping engines

    Do you plan or want to make your TC a rear wheel drive car? Do you plan to invest a lot of money into this project? Although this group is not quite a 'Purist' group, we still stay relatively close to Chrysler power plants be that the 4 cylinder or the V6. The dash swap is the only one of your fantasies that I can see working out as you are going to have to use Laser or Daytona digital inserts if you plan to continue having the dashboard now in the car. There may be others here who have some more exotic thinking than I. Have a look at the links associated with me.
  15. Hemi Dude

    Cylinder Head

    The Turbo engines have premium valves and the heads are drilled for cross flow of coolant between the cylinders. This is a 16V short engine but the block is the same on the 8V engine.