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  1. RockAuto.com is a good place to look, there are others as well, just search 'catalytic converter'
  2. If you have vehicle emission inspection in your state, you will not be able to pass. That is the most pressing reason, might I also suggest that it is against the law.
  3. Well, it looks like Bob and I got you covered.
  4. There is, or should be if the knob is actually for a TC, a fine slit in the knob at the dash end. You can take a thin blade of a pocket knife, or a small straight blade screwdriver and stick it into the slot and gently press against the lock tab in the direction you are pulling on the knob, to remove it. I hope this is clear enough to understand.
  5. Yes, I have one. Mine is not for sale.
  6. And apparently we just read the opinion of one.
  7. You mean in the end part of the movie. Yes, it has been said that it was a Cameron, I think this ORIGINAL movie was largely made as a commercial for and introduction to the new 1970 Dodge Challenger. It certainly was very effective in displaying the performance of the 440 6 Pack throughout the film. I believe 6 or 7 Challengers were used in making this film. I have watched the movie several times and never tire of viewing it again. How times have changed, except the image of the Challenger which lives on in the new models.
  8. If you offered this assembly with a NEW accumulator for the same price as you are asking, you MAY have a better chance of selling it. Showing that ORIGINAL factory installed accumulator which has a service life of roughly 10 years, does not enhance your prospects.
  9. Vanishing Point, one of my favorite movies with an almost ALL MOPAR cast. I picked up that 1970 B/W Plymouth police car that rolled while chasing Kowalski through that small town. All I have left now are the 2 BELVEDERE name plates from the front fenders.
  10. I have forwarded a message to TC America pres about updating 3 year old site,
  11. It would take someone like you to put this sort of propaganda up for our TC owners to read. Are you trying to get people to sell their cars cheap to your 'FRIEND'? Whatever the Liberals may write, these cars are as good as any others on the road. So, Chrysler took a bath with these cars, but those of us who happen to like them are lucky that we found ours and the supportive TC America Club.
  12. You ought to check your Private MESSAGES.
  13. But you read it in the Service manual and it is also in the owners manual which comes with the car. Do you expect that every piece of information about the car should be here on the forum? If you want to know more, become a member of TC America, the club for owners of this car.
  14. When the cars were new, 1157 tail/stop lamp bulbs were used across the board on cars and trucks, they have a brass body. The 2057 with a stainless steel body is an upgrade of the 1157 bulb. It is said that the 1157 is brighter while the 2057 is slightly dimmer but has a longer life. As for the smaller bulb CHECKMATE mentioned, I suspect as Bob referred, that the internal plastic in the tail lamp housing has partially melted due to heat from the stop lamp filament being on for long period of time which occurs when cars are in long stop-and-go lines in traffic. As for the s
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