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  1. hey guys... quick question....whats the equivalent to the chrysler/mopar suggested 04883077 power steering fluid?...
  2. thought I'd let you know in case anyone needs something: RED TC in Riverside. 1989 CHRYSLER TC MASERATI Store: LKQ Pick Your Part - Riverside Section: Chrysler Row: 58 Space: 4 Color: Red Available On: 1/31/2019
  3. I am really curious what numbers your updated list will show!
  4. so what is the estimate number of surviving TC's ?
  5. Hemi! Thats exactly what's in the TC right now ( Preston G-05) and after a little research, I found out that G-11 is basically the same...
  6. hello fellas was wondering, if there is anything important about equivalent coolants in terms of US/EU classifications..So far, I believe that I would need a so called G11 coolant for the TC... thoughts?
  7. yep, the heater works like never before! next thing will be to convert and reactivate the AC system....I am so glad, I got that thing out of my way...I'd rather change an engine....
  8. dang.....this should work Heatercore timelapse
  9. will have to upload again - there were problems with youtube....standby
  10. update...heater works fine, all levers work smoothly after greasing them prior to assemble ...still do not know what kind of plug this is - there was no corresponding plug to find and I cant remember separating it from a plug when I took the box out .(Yes, the Black&Green curly wire does connect to the blower motor) could that be just a plug that was used for other models in different cars?
  11. after 3 days and roughly 30 hours, I am done...good thing is, I dont have to do this for another 30 years...
  12. got the heaterbox back in...hope I used the correct side of the gasket for the ac..also...there is one plug on the heaterbox that has no corresponding match! did I miss anything? so far, I was not able to get the middle console plastic part after 2 days, I am not done yet...