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  1. and here are 2 89's that need a new home...as far as the owner is concerned - they are both running...( whatever that may mean in this particular case) He approached me a couple of weeks ago and said, he has 2 TC's...and if I would be interested...well, I need to sell MY 91 and that is enough trouble as is... I told him, I will put up some picks in the forum for him since he is not at all in the digital world.... His name is Roland and you can call him! ( he does not even receive texts!!!!)818-4480696..He is located in Valley Village, CA. He said he is open for offers!
  2. here we go! ( need to sell it asap!!!! meaning, in the next 8 days!) 82kmiles! the usual seat damage, otherwise, the int. leather is in great shape! little door dings here and there and some more visible but small dents - not from me! tried to repair the pulldown motor with new parts, still does not work..so thats something to figure out by the new owner..no leaks at all, shifts as it should, ac was converted but needs a refill.brandnew front tires..new fuel pressure regulator, radiator, map sensor, idle air sensor, speed sensor, .clean title in hand. come pick it up and drive it home wit
  3. just inspected the pics again...now I see even more flaws...so it has 160something kmiles...original radiator and accumulator...and the muffler also looks like it's gonna fall off by the time I arrive in CA....the white one is actually flawless and everything works....zero zero zero rust! on nothing...was always parked in a climate controlled garage... 14k for the black is a moonprice - should be more like 4.8 for the status of it...I'd prefer black...but white with black interior is something I love as well...but then again 12k....is also a chunk of money for a TC..
  4. yes, very nice....any more info? what does not work? cloth top color? AC converted? Price?
  5. with so many unknown factors...how much would you actually offer: https://www.ebay.com/itm/164222123116 from the seller: I bought the car out of Eugene Oregon with no engine or transmission. The guy I bought it from had tried to put a Spirit RT motor in it. Towed out here to Kenosha. Found a yellow 1990 16 valve with a bad repaint and bad turbo and found a red 1989 16 valve that was cut into two pieces and barely welded together. Between the 2 of them Mike Everson, who was a Chrysler trained tech, went completely through the engines and put one back together with
  6. my first one was red/tan..then white/black...now yellow/ginger....I contacted the ones that we all kept seeing for the last 2 years ( that black ones that never sell) none of them is willing to go lower than 8900...I like your black/black version! I could "live" with a white/black again...
  7. yes, I know....I am searching again....I just cannot love my yellow ginger 91 as much as I should....
  8. just in case.....you need a top https://www.topsonline.com/model/Convertible_Tops_And_Accessories/Chrysler/1987_thru_1991_Chrysler_Maserati_TC.html
  9. well, today was the day I removed the hardtop for the first time...( since I bought the car a month ago) and lookyhere....tha backwindow is gooooone... anyone has one in store ? ( damn, I had one from my old black softtop that I sold 2 years ago....)
  10. 90-91 5253566-7 R/L DOOR OPENING & A PILLAR W/STRIP
  11. have my lqrpickapart.com notifications on - as soon as a TC hits the yard, I am there!
  12. well.....I guess its stays the way it is.......
  13. hello fellas!.... any idea where I could get the rubber seal for the driver side ? ( see pic) and the trunk rubber seal that goes all around the trunk...
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