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  1. LOL. trust me, I have a very extensive tool collection!
  2. Ha..You know up is never a question! (trained with marines at one point but not a member of that party) Still...something so easy can be so frustrating...I am sure everybody who worked on our beloved car knows that feeling.
  3. had to do this surgery today...but the 3799089 wiper bushing does NOT easily fit into the wiper arm, nor does ist "snap in" was easier to change the f#@*$& heater does not fit, it does not snap in..I will just drive around without wipers I guess
  4. Hey guys! I found this company online - they sell brand new tops for our tc with the original back window or a wider flex window ( even with a light tint)
  5. hey guys... quick question....whats the equivalent to the chrysler/mopar suggested 04883077 power steering fluid?...
  6. thought I'd let you know in case anyone needs something: RED TC in Riverside. 1989 CHRYSLER TC MASERATI Store: LKQ Pick Your Part - Riverside Section: Chrysler Row: 58 Space: 4 Color: Red Available On: 1/31/2019
  7. I am really curious what numbers your updated list will show!
  8. so what is the estimate number of surviving TC's ?
  9. Hemi! Thats exactly what's in the TC right now ( Preston G-05) and after a little research, I found out that G-11 is basically the same...
  10. hello fellas was wondering, if there is anything important about equivalent coolants in terms of US/EU classifications..So far, I believe that I would need a so called G11 coolant for the TC... thoughts?
  11. yep, the heater works like never before! next thing will be to convert and reactivate the AC system....I am so glad, I got that thing out of my way...I'd rather change an engine....
  12. dang.....this should work Heatercore timelapse
  13. will have to upload again - there were problems with youtube....standby