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  1. Hi Hemi, Do you have any idea where I can get the pressure switch? TC parts will only sell to a rebuilder of the entire system. They told me that some GM models used a similar switch, but did not specify which models.
  2. Guys, I recently replaced the accumulator on my brake system and bled the brakes without issue thanks to input from Hemi. There was a lot of air in the lines, especially from the rear brakes. I no longer have a "hard pedal", but something is not right. The brake pump now runs continually and does not shut off. Could it be the pressure switch? I would appreciate any suggestions.
  3. I do have the shop manual for the 1990 TC. I will take your advice on bleeding the brake system and using the screwdriver to locate the humming. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks Hemi, the accumulator came off like a charm. Once I replaced it the "hard pedal" problem went away but the red brake light is still lit and I notice there is a low humming sound after the brake pump shuts off within a few seconds. The humming sound persists until I start the engine after which I wouldn't be able to detect the humming over the engine running. The pedal is not "hard" but will occasionally have a momentary vibration feel and the brake reservoir appears to have a little more fluid in it than before the accumulator replacement. Bill
  5. Hi Guys, I am replacing my old brake accumulator with a new one. The old one appears to be frozen on the stalk and I am afraid I will end up stripping the 8mm female allen wrench socket on top of the accumulator. Does anybody have suggestions on how to proceed? Bill
  6. Hi Guys, I need some help with my engine problem. I have a 1990 TC with a 3 litre V6. Last week when starting the car the engine immediately revved up to 4500 rpms and will not return to normal idle. The fault code read 14 which would indicate the MAP sensor voltage is too low. However I checked the voltage and it read at 4.8 at the output. I went ahead and changed the MAP sensor and any vacuum hose that showed any sign of cracking. I also changed the throttle position sensor and I still have the high revving when starting the engine. Does anyone have an idea of what the problem is? I am open to any suggestion.
  7. Mine is a 1990 #206173. November 1989 build date. Light Yellow, Ginger, Tan V6
  8. Thanks Digger, I bought a 3 pound sledge and it took about 30 to 40 hits on each rotor. I used the cross-pein face on the hammer and struck the rotor between the studs. The rotors broke free and now I am happy.
  9. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to remove a frozen brake rotor. I tried the method using the bolts through the mounting bracket for the calipher, but the bolt with the nut that is supposed to apply pressure against the back of the rotor does not seat squarely on the rotor back. The position of the mounting bracket and the configuration of the rotor only allows the outer edge of the nut pressing against the rotor back.
  10. My TC is 206173 November 89 build date. 1990 lt. Yellow/Ginger/Tan SOHC.
  11. I had a new convertible top put on my 90 TC and I had the installer reuse the original headliner. The headliner has two grommets in the rear on either side of the back window. The installer wants to know what to attach the grommets to and I have no idea. Can anyone please tell me?