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  1. Most parking lots have cameras, did you check with Walmart? My son in laws garage was broken into and tools and mowers were taken. There is a parking lot behind his garge that belongs to the police dept. Got them on tape!
  2. Forgot to tell you we have two model 70's built in 1929. A Royal Coupe and a Brougham. Brougham is all original and the coupe is a concours show winner. We have never seen another Model 70 Brougham.
  3. I did away with the rope packing on my 1930 Chryslers. I had the part the gland nut screws on to accept a lip seal. Haven't had a leak yet! And, you can't see the seal, pump looks original. I have pictures if your interested and send me an email address. timandjuliawolfe1@roadrunner.com
  4. Do you have all the old parts for patterns? Steve Glazier in Houston, Ohio does awesome work on old Chrysler cars. gpcwsteveg@centurylink.net Glazier Pattern & Coach 3720 Loramie Washington Road Houston, Ohio 45333 937-492-7355 I know he does wood working for a few restoration shops, and his work has won many awards. Tell him Tim Wolfe sent you!
  5. Looks like the one I had for a 1930 Chrysler 70
  6. Somewhere I read about a place to order a split shell for different fan sizes and radiators. I wish my car had one but I do point shows.
  7. Restoration shop used paint stripper then diluted bleach and the wood spokes look new.
  8. If you look up the balance bead and find their web site, they will tell you how many to put in and how to do it. Had to remove the valve stem and use a bottle with a nozzle to install them. They suggested holding a dremel tool against the valve stem to help shake the beads and get them to flow. Took our car out for a drive today.
  9. You might be interested in reading about balance beads. I used them on my 1930 Chryslers and I'm pleased with the results.
  10. Can you remove the top hinge bolt and then pull it forward to remove the spring while it is under some tension? The bottom hole is slotted to remove the bottom bolt.
  11. I just talked to him a few weeks back, he's still selling parts.
  12. Not necessarily, early production model 70's had a pennon louvered hood too.
  13. Several years back I looked a Model 70 in Illinois that was built from other cars, owner was very upset when I pointed that out to him. Got a lot of hate mail from him and started calling my wife very nasty names. I filed a complaint with the post office and they stopped that.
  14. Came home from SE Asia as a S/Sgt. in 1970 and bought a 1970 Chevy Chevelle , had it a few weeks and was hit head on by a drunk in a new Impala totaled both cars. Bought a 1969 Mustang 428 SCJ, sold it when I got married. Kids are grown and gone so we now have two 1930 Chrysler Model 70s. Coupe is a show car and the Brougham is an all original driver.
  15. Gave up finding one and a local machinist is making them for me.